Battery explosion of Self Balancing Scooter

Battery explosion of Self Balancing Scooter, a battery itself recipe, formula determines the safety of battery materials. In contrast domestic battery and battery imports, imports of batteries, instantly in the explosion, the temperature is only less than a thousand degrees, and can rise to thousands of domestic battery in the unit time, the difference is significant.

Another argument is the rigor, imported batteries standard is bound to 5C 5C even better, we certainly have to 3C domestic standard to verify. For self balancing electric scooter this large currents required battery, if the rate is insufficient, under conditions that will produce high current severe heat, if the heat rises too quickly, while PACK internal process did not do, cause a short circuit between the batteries, that there will be problems.
So many customers ask battery must ask is not 5C, is not enough to 5C? This is indeed very critical
Then there is a possibility that most people will ignore the problem, and that is consistency. Multi-cell multi-string and consistency requirements are very strict, what is consistent, that is simply require that 20 batteries (Series 2 and 10) together with the charge and discharge together. If consistency is not good, it must be high voltage sinking batteries easy touch overcharge protection
It is generally easier to have an accident while charging. Charge Where an accident? I think that is the consistency.

Simply make a graph, the situation on the left is OK, and the right is dangerous, if you do the battery factory PACK more responsible, he may have a protective plate to conduct the inspection, relatively speaking, by the issue of consistency broke out on a bit better. Because our cells are 10 strings, single highest voltage batteries is 4.2V, 10 string is 42V, and if there is an imbalance in the battery charging time, a high one low, low if 3V, that high would charge to 5.4V, and we think is not the case. But if it happens to do PACK irresponsible manufacturers, protect the plate is not tested, and is responsible for pipe 5.4V batteries Fengyun protection has failed, it became inevitable that the explosion.
So, no matter you or your friends would like to buy electric scooter, must be consider the safety factor, it is suggested that choose high reputation’s self balance scooter supplier. It is said that Most of consumer would choose “Koowheel” , which is the biggest supplier of best quality and output in Shenzhen,China. Koowheel choose the best quality Samsung batteries also the raw materials  comply with national safety production standards.
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