KOOWHEEL Hoverboard leading the personal transport industry in a healthy direction

Since listing on the market, the balance scooter is welcomed by the global peoples, also sales are climbing.In November ,it is said that KOOWHEEL’s electric scooter manufacturing capacity will be 20,000~30,000pcs with two factories in Shenzhen, that KOWHEEL why is it so hot ? That is Innovation, Quality, Certification!
KOOWHEEL balanced car as an industry leader, but also in terms of product quality and work under the foot.
Now, let us go into KOOWHEEL self balancingscooter‘s full production process, from various aspects to know how a good quality mobility scooters was made.The industry’s first “three real” product.
True innovation breakthrough

Unique aesthetic + technical knowledge, arch-shaped body of art, a symbol of wisdom and inspiration to shape, the perfect curve, the introduction of a classic sports car, streamlined design, dynamic body full of strength, near-perfect body design, like a Ferrari-like impeccable hourglass design philosophy , supporting world-class highlight the taste of dignity.

True quality no complaints

Ingenuity quality, large to the frame, small bearings, every detail almost harsh. Because we believe the process should eliminate distractions, eliminate blind spots, responsible for every detail. We will do everything we can do together on the car perfect.

Really smooth clearance certification

KOOWHEEL balance vehicle complies with the applicable safety standards, with a battery charger as well as certification UN38.3 and UL1642 certification UL6095-1, as well as CE, FCC, RoHs, UL certification, so you smooth clearance. For more information, please visit http://www.koowheel.com.


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