The fashion revolution of smart self balancing scooter

Now there has been such a very new and fashionable thing in our lives: Self balancing electric scooter.
The self balancing electric scooter looks like relatively small, so usually to bring it will feel very convenient in travel time, but  today also has a lot of very hot sale of electric scooter brand, for example, Koowheel electric scooter is a hot brand.

However, some people will be very puzzled why people will like Self Balancing Scooter such means of transport it? In fact, the reason is very simple. when you use Electric scooter, as the above-mentioned first among the mentioned, it is very small, so usually will be very convenient while carried it out, it does not give us any trouble, but other means of transport is not the same, even if we think the most compact bike in time will carry more than a inconvenience.

In addition to its electric scooter is very convenient to carry, there is a great advantage, and that is when it is in use durability is very powerful, Self balancing electric scooter in the production process in a simple structure, there will be very complex Craftsmanship. Therefore, we will find it very convenient when using an smart self balancing scooter, even as long as there is a problem of proper maintenance will be able to easily get about the problem. Therefore, we use Two Wheel Electric Scooter will feel it very strong, very trustworthy!

Electric scooter at the time of purchase price will not be expensive. Usually we purchase other means of transport when the price is several thousand less, even if you want to buy a car, do not simply open a few million does not come back. This is why many people will choose to travel means of transport Smart Self Scooter when another key reason.
Electric Smart Self Scooter can get young people like it, in fact, there are many reasons. But always one sentence: the advantages of many electric scooter worthy to people love and favor, is a very good means of transport. For more detailed information, please visit




The purchase Notes of Balanced car

Balance scooter is a green car driving tool, because of its high degree of flexibility and portability, since the hoverboard has been widely available on the public’s attention, and now the domestic electric scooter’s brands has been very much, for this new things a lot of people still do not quite understand foggy, then the balance car when the purchase should pay attention to what areas?

First, the electric hoverboard not to seek cheaper purchase price, a lot of brands in advertising their products trumpeted how cheap, in fact, the cost of technology balance of the car, the cost of production out there, can not appear too cheap products, or mass balance the car is difficult to ensure, so at the time of purchase, the price factor to consider, but should consider the quality and safety can not be too much faith in business advertising.
Second, when buy the balance car , technical parameters should be take into consideration, some seemingly the same shape as the car balance, but a far cry from the specific technical parameters, including the balance of the car’s battery capacity, maximum load, the car weight, battery life mileage, etc. are very important reference, Koowheel is quite a representative of a domestic self balancing scooter brand line, which has a model of the mileage can reach forty kilometers, which is more durable life models, so in the purchase of When, with the price of cars should also refer to the performance of the car.
Finally, the balance car matching tools which is an important reference for the selection of car balance, are very important tools like auxiliary strap, training wheels, etc. These tools are an important means of preventing the driver were injured. Moreover, the balance of the car after-sales service is very important, Koowheel self balancing scooter are one-year warranty period, which is the product of excellent quality performance, so the balance in the purchase of the car should choose well-known brand products. For more details, please visit .

Reflections on the market development of hover board(part 2)

Reflections on the market development of hover board
Third, take advantage of the convenience of the Internet era, the times.
Online platform is the world’s most universal and open channels of communication, but also the most prone to spillover effects of exchange platform.

Thus, in the publicity and promotion of the process of self balancing scooter, take advantage of on-line platform to promote the use of professional SEO optimization advocacy, mobilization, sufficiently establish influence among students, but also can influence widespread nationwide, with other channels do not have the advantage.

Fourth, the assistant branch school, enhance their soft power.
Business by recruiting students at the university practice, not only to absorb a large number of high-quality professionals for enterprises, and can contribute to their products on campus popularity, promotion, allowing students to get more recognition. Through word of mouth, to achieve self-marketing, to help businesses develop the campus market.
Students on campus culture, rich and colorful recreational activities, a variety of knowledge contests, singing contests, and so reveals the Students’ Moot style, embodies the spirit of the times. Enterprises in advocacy for college students, when the promotion of these college students may be the title of cultural projects, sponsored or co-construction, that the accumulation of cultural elements of enterprise products, establish a product image in the eyes of college students.
By a university faculty or school units direct cooperation, the school’s resources for effective integration, the use of such business interests and school needs are effectively combined, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, in order to achieve a subtle influence college students to improve their products In the minds of college students affinity and awareness.
By sponsoring education project to achieve self-brand building is also corporate social responsibility practice itself, an initiative to improve the corporate culture, it has far-reaching significance.

Five, timely blood, improve product visibility within the school

Enterprises can create and take advantage of some opportunities, the company’s products will be donated to a university, we can rely on the establishment of partnerships with universities, and enhance visibility of their students. The first products in the campus popularity of applications, will effectively generate spillover effects, followed by a range of social relations in the school districts and students produce radiation effect, expand the product’s market share.
For any enterprise, campus marketing is a particularly targeted marketing programs and must therefore be a particular focus on student property classification, hobbies and background, analysis, enables companies to build influence among students, and promote product promotion . Effective outreach program can have a good influence, and has a certain radiation effects, with half the times.

The Balance car will be able to achieve the successful development of the project, so we get a satisfactory effect on the market. We firmly believe that whether it is an international brand, “Segway”, or well-known brands, “Koowheel “, as long as understand how to grasp the market, will grow as China’s outstanding and impressive enterprises, standing in the world Lin advanced enterprises. To get more detail information, please visit

Reflections on the market development of hover board(part 1)

In China, hover board as the vehicle was still too soon accepted by the public, its development is still in the ascendant. For the balance car is a new product, it is still very broad market prospects, the market needs to be a strategic vision of the business vigorously develop.

The balance scooter as a new technology designed means of transport, has swept the world, for the public and different sectors of the common love.
Today, the balance car users in China, mainly in the youth-oriented, especially high school students, college students are a priority accept a new tool to try those. So, how to further develop the younger generation to balance the car favorite, is a pending task of thinking, in which the main campus for college students to promote, and is one of the most important.
Currently the face of the electric scooter in China marketing war is about to start, whether it is an internationally renowned brands, “Segway”, or domestic brands, “Shenzhen Koowheel” (Chinese brand), and other well-known brands in the mill rub palm fist eager, anxious want quickly won the entire domestic market, but most of these brands focus on the mass consumer market while ignoring the campus of the huge market potential, the main force of the current student population of this age should consume how marketing?
Firstly. Analysis of College Students property, introduction of personalized products
Faced with sales of college students, we must be able to meet the individual needs of contemporary youth. Personalized contemporary college students compare factors undoubtedly a priority, therefore, for the marketing of college students must also be able to meet their individual needs.
College students are one of the most creative and dynamic people, but also a group with a higher knowledge and moral qualities, and therefore, their interests are more colorful compared to other populations. Students in art lovers, sports enthusiasts, lovers, and so different research groups, add some appropriate elements for these different attributes in product design, we can bring some demand for personalized products.
At this point, meaning those who can afford the Beijing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. developed “meaning those who can afford” may have an advantage, because there are elements of international origin, in fashion, international range of aspects of the current running points higher products add in the details Some favorite fashion by university students, individual elements, functional but more advanced, so that products can adapt to college students aesthetic taste and taste, somewhat similar to when China Mobile launched the campus, “M-Zone” brand, sold fully enough student tastes, and quickly occupied the campus market.
Second, cooperation with students strong, reinforcing influence among students
College students are in the community and most dynamic population, therefore, college students will participate in various kinds of activities at the school, including campus organizations, community activities, social and charitable activities, campus entrepreneurial activities. Through this practice corporate sponsorship and support students can not only leave their impact on a very large organizations or groups, and can generate spillover effects to help build a positive image and brand influence the minds of college students. For more information, please pay attention to the next part or directly visit

Why do we remain optimistic attitude after electric scooter’s explosion event?(part 2)

From a commercial point of view
1. The importance of product quality
Blindly seeking shipping, not pay attention to quality, multiple bombings shocked the world, the Chinese manufacturer onto the cusp, almost ruined this product. Foreign government’s attitude, Amazon’s measures for the industry, people on an important lesson. So that more people realize the importance of quality standards important. For this reason, many people pay the full tuition, the future will be more cautious, more standardized everything.
Koowheel Hoverboard only use the original Samsung batteries, “Xinaoma/Hanghong motors( famous brand with best quality )”, ” Taotao Intelligent Technology ” mainboard , ABS plastic case with UV certification, Charger with UL certification., and we have a 20-30 degree climbing test, and we have the unique testing machines in Shenzhen to test the balance, the speed, the maximum load data for each scooter.
Their electric scooter support UN 38.3 (battery) and UL 60950-1/BS (charger), all of our raw materials comply with national safety production standards.

2. The importance of product profitability
Impulse sales price war, only to ultra high failure rate, completely unable to afford overseas sale, many people throw good money after bad. Vicious competition counterparts, eventually destroy themselves, cool guests. No profit companies do not last long, there is no profit product is bullying. Eventually there will be more companies realize the importance of profits, more to think about how to sell their products at high prices.
3. The importance of intellectual property
This balance board incident everyone the biggest headache is the patent issue, so that almost all enterprises in a very passive state. Many people complain that frenzied patent holders blindly, not knowing fundamental reason is that their own weak awareness of intellectual property.
It is worth about science. Before a lot of people do not know the brand of the important, but do not know the importance of intellectual property patents. Patents, not only is the intangible assets, it is the competitive tools. More importantly, it can also create profits for the company. In other countries, the annual income for the enterprise patent is an important part of corporate profits. For more information, please visit

Why do we remain optimistic attitude after electric scooter’s explosion event?(part 1)

Amazon event in December, a great shock throughout the shilly car industry, so that the industry reshuffle ahead of the start. At this point, some people choose to wait and see, someone hesitated and want to quit, some people think this is a big opportunity for the next year ,it was also worried about the survival of the industry. . .
In my opinion, balance scooter not only will not die out but will have greater development for the next year.
From a technical field analysis
First, motorized scooter although there have been more than 10 years, including the current shilly car but several techniques used are very new, brushless motors, single sine wave control system, balance algorithms. The technology also uses the drones and robots products. The future of these technologies will be applied to more products and in the field, and will continue to innovate.
Analysis from industries
In my opinion, electric scooter just one of a product among balance. Electric hoverboard involved in several different areas in the future will be as big:
1. The means of transport
Shortage of resources, environmental pollution, this series of urban congestion in front of us, a new means of transport energy is undoubtedly the next few years the trend and the trend. The balance car gradually be the short travel by more people , small-scale means of transport. For everyone concerned about the balance car right of way and safety issues will, over time, to expand the market, the government’s attention gradually been resolved, any new product will not be smooth sailing process popularity.
2. Recreation
Millet released KOOWHEEL balancing scooter, positioning it as a toy, shilly car from abroad consumer use, most of the bias entertainment purposes, which shows that the product use can be diversified. In the future there will be more balanced vehicle technology-related toys appear.
3. Robot
Some brands is defined the balance car as robot, into the concept of things to make it more intelligent, and can be applied to family, medical, military, and other fields wrecker. Various balancing scooter will appear everywhere.