Why do we remain optimistic attitude after electric scooter’s explosion event?(part 1)

Amazon event in December, a great shock throughout the shilly car industry, so that the industry reshuffle ahead of the start. At this point, some people choose to wait and see, someone hesitated and want to quit, some people think this is a big opportunity for the next year ,it was also worried about the survival of the industry. . .
In my opinion, balance scooter not only will not die out but will have greater development for the next year.
From a technical field analysis
First, motorized scooter although there have been more than 10 years, including the current shilly car but several techniques used are very new, brushless motors, single sine wave control system, balance algorithms. The technology also uses the drones and robots products. The future of these technologies will be applied to more products and in the field, and will continue to innovate.
Analysis from industries
In my opinion, electric scooter just one of a product among balance. Electric hoverboard involved in several different areas in the future will be as big:
1. The means of transport
Shortage of resources, environmental pollution, this series of urban congestion in front of us, a new means of transport energy is undoubtedly the next few years the trend and the trend. The balance car gradually be the short travel by more people , small-scale means of transport. For everyone concerned about the balance car right of way and safety issues will, over time, to expand the market, the government’s attention gradually been resolved, any new product will not be smooth sailing process popularity.
2. Recreation
Millet released KOOWHEEL balancing scooter, positioning it as a toy, shilly car from abroad consumer use, most of the bias entertainment purposes, which shows that the product use can be diversified. In the future there will be more balanced vehicle technology-related toys appear.
3. Robot
Some brands is defined the balance car as robot, into the concept of things to make it more intelligent, and can be applied to family, medical, military, and other fields wrecker. Various balancing scooter will appear everywhere.


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