Why do we remain optimistic attitude after electric scooter’s explosion event?(part 2)

From a commercial point of view
1. The importance of product quality
Blindly seeking shipping, not pay attention to quality, multiple bombings shocked the world, the Chinese manufacturer onto the cusp, almost ruined this product. Foreign government’s attitude, Amazon’s measures for the industry, people on an important lesson. So that more people realize the importance of quality standards important. For this reason, many people pay the full tuition, the future will be more cautious, more standardized everything.
Koowheel Hoverboard only use the original Samsung batteries, “Xinaoma/Hanghong motors( famous brand with best quality )”, ” Taotao Intelligent Technology ” mainboard , ABS plastic case with UV certification, Charger with UL certification., and we have a 20-30 degree climbing test, and we have the unique testing machines in Shenzhen to test the balance, the speed, the maximum load data for each scooter.
Their electric scooter support UN 38.3 (battery) and UL 60950-1/BS (charger), all of our raw materials comply with national safety production standards.

2. The importance of product profitability
Impulse sales price war, only to ultra high failure rate, completely unable to afford overseas sale, many people throw good money after bad. Vicious competition counterparts, eventually destroy themselves, cool guests. No profit companies do not last long, there is no profit product is bullying. Eventually there will be more companies realize the importance of profits, more to think about how to sell their products at high prices.
3. The importance of intellectual property
This balance board incident everyone the biggest headache is the patent issue, so that almost all enterprises in a very passive state. Many people complain that frenzied patent holders blindly, not knowing fundamental reason is that their own weak awareness of intellectual property.
It is worth about science. Before a lot of people do not know the brand of the important, but do not know the importance of intellectual property patents. Patents, not only is the intangible assets, it is the competitive tools. More importantly, it can also create profits for the company. In other countries, the annual income for the enterprise patent is an important part of corporate profits. For more information, please visit http://www.koowheel.com


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