Reflections on the market development of hover board(part 1)

In China, hover board as the vehicle was still too soon accepted by the public, its development is still in the ascendant. For the balance car is a new product, it is still very broad market prospects, the market needs to be a strategic vision of the business vigorously develop.

The balance scooter as a new technology designed means of transport, has swept the world, for the public and different sectors of the common love.
Today, the balance car users in China, mainly in the youth-oriented, especially high school students, college students are a priority accept a new tool to try those. So, how to further develop the younger generation to balance the car favorite, is a pending task of thinking, in which the main campus for college students to promote, and is one of the most important.
Currently the face of the electric scooter in China marketing war is about to start, whether it is an internationally renowned brands, “Segway”, or domestic brands, “Shenzhen Koowheel” (Chinese brand), and other well-known brands in the mill rub palm fist eager, anxious want quickly won the entire domestic market, but most of these brands focus on the mass consumer market while ignoring the campus of the huge market potential, the main force of the current student population of this age should consume how marketing?
Firstly. Analysis of College Students property, introduction of personalized products
Faced with sales of college students, we must be able to meet the individual needs of contemporary youth. Personalized contemporary college students compare factors undoubtedly a priority, therefore, for the marketing of college students must also be able to meet their individual needs.
College students are one of the most creative and dynamic people, but also a group with a higher knowledge and moral qualities, and therefore, their interests are more colorful compared to other populations. Students in art lovers, sports enthusiasts, lovers, and so different research groups, add some appropriate elements for these different attributes in product design, we can bring some demand for personalized products.
At this point, meaning those who can afford the Beijing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. developed “meaning those who can afford” may have an advantage, because there are elements of international origin, in fashion, international range of aspects of the current running points higher products add in the details Some favorite fashion by university students, individual elements, functional but more advanced, so that products can adapt to college students aesthetic taste and taste, somewhat similar to when China Mobile launched the campus, “M-Zone” brand, sold fully enough student tastes, and quickly occupied the campus market.
Second, cooperation with students strong, reinforcing influence among students
College students are in the community and most dynamic population, therefore, college students will participate in various kinds of activities at the school, including campus organizations, community activities, social and charitable activities, campus entrepreneurial activities. Through this practice corporate sponsorship and support students can not only leave their impact on a very large organizations or groups, and can generate spillover effects to help build a positive image and brand influence the minds of college students. For more information, please pay attention to the next part or directly visit


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