Reflections on the market development of hover board(part 2)

Reflections on the market development of hover board
Third, take advantage of the convenience of the Internet era, the times.
Online platform is the world’s most universal and open channels of communication, but also the most prone to spillover effects of exchange platform.

Thus, in the publicity and promotion of the process of self balancing scooter, take advantage of on-line platform to promote the use of professional SEO optimization advocacy, mobilization, sufficiently establish influence among students, but also can influence widespread nationwide, with other channels do not have the advantage.

Fourth, the assistant branch school, enhance their soft power.
Business by recruiting students at the university practice, not only to absorb a large number of high-quality professionals for enterprises, and can contribute to their products on campus popularity, promotion, allowing students to get more recognition. Through word of mouth, to achieve self-marketing, to help businesses develop the campus market.
Students on campus culture, rich and colorful recreational activities, a variety of knowledge contests, singing contests, and so reveals the Students’ Moot style, embodies the spirit of the times. Enterprises in advocacy for college students, when the promotion of these college students may be the title of cultural projects, sponsored or co-construction, that the accumulation of cultural elements of enterprise products, establish a product image in the eyes of college students.
By a university faculty or school units direct cooperation, the school’s resources for effective integration, the use of such business interests and school needs are effectively combined, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, in order to achieve a subtle influence college students to improve their products In the minds of college students affinity and awareness.
By sponsoring education project to achieve self-brand building is also corporate social responsibility practice itself, an initiative to improve the corporate culture, it has far-reaching significance.

Five, timely blood, improve product visibility within the school

Enterprises can create and take advantage of some opportunities, the company’s products will be donated to a university, we can rely on the establishment of partnerships with universities, and enhance visibility of their students. The first products in the campus popularity of applications, will effectively generate spillover effects, followed by a range of social relations in the school districts and students produce radiation effect, expand the product’s market share.
For any enterprise, campus marketing is a particularly targeted marketing programs and must therefore be a particular focus on student property classification, hobbies and background, analysis, enables companies to build influence among students, and promote product promotion . Effective outreach program can have a good influence, and has a certain radiation effects, with half the times.

The Balance car will be able to achieve the successful development of the project, so we get a satisfactory effect on the market. We firmly believe that whether it is an international brand, “Segway”, or well-known brands, “Koowheel “, as long as understand how to grasp the market, will grow as China’s outstanding and impressive enterprises, standing in the world Lin advanced enterprises. To get more detail information, please visit


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