The Principle of the two wheel scooter

Two Wheel Electric Scooter is an electric, self-balancing ability of individuals to use transport vehicle, with an urban vehicle, it is an unprecedented new vehicle. Also known as the hover board, for personal transportation, patrol work, indoor stadium, golf cart, police patrol, patrol exhibition, large venues, staff transport, tourism and entertainment and car.

Mounted and many other aspects.
Even self balancing scooter price is expensive , but in China this super consuming countries, still has a good prospect.

Self Balancing Scooter was widely used in commercial and police field, played a very good effect. In China, self balancing scooter for sale is also very good, a lot of people are fascinated by its properties, and these included a lot of star groups.

It’s principle
The main operation principle of Self Balancing Electric Scooter is the self ability of balance car itself , which is the vehicle itself automatically balance (electronic self-balancing system EC). With built-in sophisticated electronic gyroscope (Solid-StateGyroscopes) to determine which body posture state, through
After precision and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instruction, the drive motor to achieve a balanced result. Suppose we stand in the overall center of gravity of the car and the driver of the vehicle longitudinal axis as the reference line. When the forward tilt of this axis, the balance within the body of the car will have built-in electric motor power forward, on the one hand the balance between man and Previous car dumped torque generated on the one hand to make the vehicle forward acceleration, on the contrary, when the gyroscope found the driver’s center of gravity backward tilt, will produce a rearward force balance effect. Therefore, the driver simply changing the angle of his body forward or backward tilt, balance the car will tilt forward or backward based on the direction and the speed and extent of the driver’s body is proportional to the tilt. In principle, as long as the balance of the car has the correct power is turned on and can maintain sufficient operating power, the people on board would not have to worry about the possibility of falling dumping, which is generally required by the driver of his own balancing scooter and other vehicles greatly different.
1, about two electric cars, a unique balance of design.
2, set the “Embedded Industrial Design + Art + Design” product integration of innovative technologies in order to enhance the inherent intelligent embedded technology products to meet the modern digital products, intelligent trend, from the inside out to achieve innovation.
3, product information modeling, the establishment of a product that contains both shape feature, also includes user awareness Imagery psychological characteristics system, and further development the user requirements for the final product-driven generation system. For more information, please visit


Are you looking for the Best Electric Unicycle in 2016?

Are you struck between the decision on what Electric Unicycle are the best ?
With the market filled with Hoverboards of different brands; isn’t it of utmost important to know the best quality product which could give out some solid performance…
Don’t you think so?
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And today I have something that will help you take the right decision when it comes to buying a Hoverboard.
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Well I’m too a bit.. So lets begin further… shall we?

Before we start; let me mention​ that Shenzhen‘s are most loved Hoverboard under cheap budget

Shenzhen is a Chinese based company well expertized in making of howerboards and segways;Koowheel,they build cheap and top notch quality products.

Just like other segways, this is easy to learn, you can learn how to use this in less than 2 minutes. It has a built in 4400mAh large capacity li-ion battery or Samsung battery, allows you travel around 16km.
Great vehicle for outdoor, suitable for short distance office worker. In terms of design, it has a Sand Clocked Shaped Design.
The main feature which would strike your mindset, would be that this hoverboard can support upto 90kg of load bearing.
Construction of Shenzhen Self Balancing Scooter is stylish metallic finish which certainly looks like metal; The dual wheels look durable and long lasting.
Its stlyish lights gets you home even in the darkness.
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The research report of Balanced car industry

Now people become lazy, whether shopping, sightseeing or shopping, bring it with themselves , a lot of people define Self Balancing Scooter as a toy, but it can actually do a lot of things, you have to learn it properly, there will be a very high retention rates, good handsome, cute, i believe that most people know about  the comment of Koowheel Two Wheel Electric Scooter, Its security powerful system performance, largely determines the balancing scooter‘s actual experience and security, inexpensive, hundreds of thousands of balance car we can not afford, but Koowheel balanced car is acceptable, whether in performance or safety all have good performance, there is a need to consider it, it will not let you down.

Balanced car industry research report analyzes the market size of the balance of the car industry, for the balance car market demand conditions, market competition and balanced car main business situation, the balance car market, the market share of major companies, while the balance of the car industry make the future development of scientific prediction. The research Waterhouse industry with many years of research experience, summed up a complete industrial research methods, establish a sound system of industrial research, providing research coverage of the most extensive data resources, the most powerful, the most profound market research industry research report series. Reports in the company many years of research conclusions based on the development situation of China’s industry market, through the company’s senior management team to organize the analysis of various types of information on the market and relying on the authority of the state data resources and long-term monitoring of the market research database Waterhouse to conduct a comprehensive and meticulous research, the Chinese market is the most authoritative and effective research products. Balanced car industry research report can help investors analyze the market situation and reasonable industry for investors to make investment in industry outlook anticipation, mining investment value, and proposed industry investment strategy, the proposed production strategy, marketing strategy and other aspects. For more information, please visit

The routine maintenance of Balanced car

Before you do the following operation, to ensure that the Self Balancing Scooter‘s power supply and charging cable is disconnected. When the power is turned on or the battery is charging, The operation are not allowed.

1) Handling: with reasonable skills to lift up and down the vehicle.

For delivery the smart self balancing scooter, follow these steps:
Ensure that the self balancing electric scooter is not connected to the charger and has been turned off;
You can shrink the handle and folded to a minimum, the easy handling and storage;
A hand grip seated roots of the lower lever, lift the vehicle, and with the other hand the auxiliary handling; do not put plastic casing member as a force point
Arm force, will be carried to the location of the vehicle you need;

2) Maintenance wheels

Regularly check tire assembly, the tire axial direction of the tire by hand shake, shake along to observe whether the tire assembly; if shaking, check

Screw tire assembly and installation of the lock, check regularly for tire wear and seriously about whether to wear a uniform.
Through the inflation port of the pneumatic tire if the tire badly worn, please contact the sales department for a replacement.
If a flat tire or badly worn, please contact the sales department for a replacement.

3) Cleaning

 Cleaning Precautions:

Make sure the power cord and charging of the vehicle is disconnected.
Wipe the case with a soft cloth to clean the vehicle.
With a mild soap and water to clean the car appearance. Must not use high-pressure cleaning system, steam cleaning, high pressure water or high pressure air to clear
Child car wash

4) storage
 Please vehicles stored indoors, dry and temperature suitable place. If a long time do not use, do not connect the power.

5) User shall not open the Smart Scooter, or that the user of the product to maintain a waiver of the warranty rights.

For more information,please visit

The Precautions for using the electric unicycle

Although electric scooter or electric unicycle driving slower, driving an electric unicycle but also a security risk, for safety unicycle enthusiasts, driving an electric unicycle when we note the following 12 points.


1. The use of hand brought ensure driving safety can not be skilled in driving a wheelbarrow when using the hand strap can help avoid falling wheelbarrow scratches.
2. How to control the balance
1) Self-balancing scooter is carried out before and after the use of gyroscope stabilized.
2) When the body forward, perceived self-balancing unicycle will accelerate action; when the body back, self balancing unicycle will decelerate to maintain balance control driver and the vehicle body.
3. Do not drunk driving. (After all, riding on the road is a means of transportation, drunk will not consciously want to accelerate)
4. Do not run on the road covered with sand. (If the player Elementary)
5. Do not wear leggings. (Beginning to learn to wear a stocking, sock or the inside of the ankle, where plug a paper towel, or where it is easily scratched because of friction.)
6. Do not just start uphill. (This is only suitable for advanced players ah)
7. Do not drive fast. (If only for beginners, especially for beginners !! Do not envy others so drift apart, it is to undergo a period of exercise!)
8. Do not drive faster than with electric. (Now self balancing electric unicycle on the market are not enough fast than electric car!)
9. Do not open out in heavy rain. (Unless you want to change, and basically not waterproof)
10. Do not ride on the road, if you are a beginner, the road suddenly out of the car or the dog will let you off guard.
11. Do not let children under 12 years to play on the road alone.
12. Do not flatter yourself. I read a lot of self-righteous, thinking do not help, do not teach that, eventually fell Yang car turned personal. For more details, please visit their official website

The brand choice tips about Self Balancing Scooter

Self Balancing Scooter, has been a very popular fire, the sports enthusiast and fashion friends should be very keen to play a Two Wheel Electric Scooter. A few months ago, I also follow the fashion trend to bought one, I bought Koowheel as usual with a friend out to the streets to play, of course, also be used as a green short-trip means of transportation. When buying this two wheel scooter, I am also consulting and compare a lot of other brands, so I am also a little research about two-wheel smart self balancing scooter on the market.
The following of my answer might be analysis for consumer reference:

1. brand influence.
I think we want to buy something, will want to know what brand, if this brand can be trusted. A brand’s reputation and the reputation largely determines the user buying. So regarding the electric hoverboard, almost all of the brands I have already find out about it, and here I list some of my more recognized brands: Koowheel, Will Solomon, IPS, car little secret, one so on. These brands in the market is definitely the top-ranking brands and reputation are pretty good. I chose Koowheel, of course considering its high cost performance that I can accept.

2. Service.
I understand that on the above brands, other service slow, consider starting this point it affect my home products, if a problem can not be processed in time for me, it will be very affect my mood. Will Solomon, no way of knowing, skip. . . It is said that Koowheel, is one of famous brand and self balancing scooter supplier China, their customer service is very friendly, very timely deal with the problem, and they have several warehouses abroad, yet if quality issues, can be exchanged for free timely, this is I appreciate. As a user, not only is the money to buy a product, because the product is brought service, if the service can not place, then this product is imperfect.

3. Quality performance.
Cited above me several brands, quality feedback are very good. With models of life almost. I have close friends in playing these, from me personally, I have faith to Koowheel, because a few months, did not out of any problem, it gives me infinite pleasure. For more details, please visit their official website