The Precautions for using the electric unicycle

Although electric scooter or electric unicycle driving slower, driving an electric unicycle but also a security risk, for safety unicycle enthusiasts, driving an electric unicycle when we note the following 12 points.


1. The use of hand brought ensure driving safety can not be skilled in driving a wheelbarrow when using the hand strap can help avoid falling wheelbarrow scratches.
2. How to control the balance
1) Self-balancing scooter is carried out before and after the use of gyroscope stabilized.
2) When the body forward, perceived self-balancing unicycle will accelerate action; when the body back, self balancing unicycle will decelerate to maintain balance control driver and the vehicle body.
3. Do not drunk driving. (After all, riding on the road is a means of transportation, drunk will not consciously want to accelerate)
4. Do not run on the road covered with sand. (If the player Elementary)
5. Do not wear leggings. (Beginning to learn to wear a stocking, sock or the inside of the ankle, where plug a paper towel, or where it is easily scratched because of friction.)
6. Do not just start uphill. (This is only suitable for advanced players ah)
7. Do not drive fast. (If only for beginners, especially for beginners !! Do not envy others so drift apart, it is to undergo a period of exercise!)
8. Do not drive faster than with electric. (Now self balancing electric unicycle on the market are not enough fast than electric car!)
9. Do not open out in heavy rain. (Unless you want to change, and basically not waterproof)
10. Do not ride on the road, if you are a beginner, the road suddenly out of the car or the dog will let you off guard.
11. Do not let children under 12 years to play on the road alone.
12. Do not flatter yourself. I read a lot of self-righteous, thinking do not help, do not teach that, eventually fell Yang car turned personal. For more details, please visit their official website


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