The routine maintenance of Balanced car

Before you do the following operation, to ensure that the Self Balancing Scooter‘s power supply and charging cable is disconnected. When the power is turned on or the battery is charging, The operation are not allowed.

1) Handling: with reasonable skills to lift up and down the vehicle.

For delivery the smart self balancing scooter, follow these steps:
Ensure that the self balancing electric scooter is not connected to the charger and has been turned off;
You can shrink the handle and folded to a minimum, the easy handling and storage;
A hand grip seated roots of the lower lever, lift the vehicle, and with the other hand the auxiliary handling; do not put plastic casing member as a force point
Arm force, will be carried to the location of the vehicle you need;

2) Maintenance wheels

Regularly check tire assembly, the tire axial direction of the tire by hand shake, shake along to observe whether the tire assembly; if shaking, check

Screw tire assembly and installation of the lock, check regularly for tire wear and seriously about whether to wear a uniform.
Through the inflation port of the pneumatic tire if the tire badly worn, please contact the sales department for a replacement.
If a flat tire or badly worn, please contact the sales department for a replacement.

3) Cleaning

 Cleaning Precautions:

Make sure the power cord and charging of the vehicle is disconnected.
Wipe the case with a soft cloth to clean the vehicle.
With a mild soap and water to clean the car appearance. Must not use high-pressure cleaning system, steam cleaning, high pressure water or high pressure air to clear
Child car wash

4) storage
 Please vehicles stored indoors, dry and temperature suitable place. If a long time do not use, do not connect the power.

5) User shall not open the Smart Scooter, or that the user of the product to maintain a waiver of the warranty rights.

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