Are you looking for the Best Electric Unicycle in 2016?

Are you struck between the decision on what Electric Unicycle are the best ?
With the market filled with Hoverboards of different brands; isn’t it of utmost important to know the best quality product which could give out some solid performance…
Don’t you think so?
I feel the same like you do!
And today I have something that will help you take the right decision when it comes to buying a Hoverboard.
You are damn excited I see!
Well I’m too a bit.. So lets begin further… shall we?

Before we start; let me mention​ that Shenzhen‘s are most loved Hoverboard under cheap budget

Shenzhen is a Chinese based company well expertized in making of howerboards and segways;Koowheel,they build cheap and top notch quality products.

Just like other segways, this is easy to learn, you can learn how to use this in less than 2 minutes. It has a built in 4400mAh large capacity li-ion battery or Samsung battery, allows you travel around 16km.
Great vehicle for outdoor, suitable for short distance office worker. In terms of design, it has a Sand Clocked Shaped Design.
The main feature which would strike your mindset, would be that this hoverboard can support upto 90kg of load bearing.
Construction of Shenzhen Self Balancing Scooter is stylish metallic finish which certainly looks like metal; The dual wheels look durable and long lasting.
Its stlyish lights gets you home even in the darkness.
This Shenzhen Koowheel hoverboard is highly recommended to people who requires a long lasting product. For more information, please visit

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