Why is still optimistic about the Electric scooter

More and more movies, TV shows and entertainment programs are beginning to appear in one called “electric self balancing scooter” thing, many people have a question, why Chinese companies to start promoting the use of this product blurry scene.

From the principle of operation of the product, due to the car fitted with gravity sensing gyroscope, so that people can make use of the pedals stand in the center of gravity to shift control of the vehicle forward.

From the similar domestic product positioning point of view, we also chose relatively close to the point, the hoverboard scooter is entertaining means of  short-distance transport, so it was this type of product is called Self Balancing Scooter.

The market has just started, so a consensus in the industry is to let the product form in the eyes of users have the impression that the real push brand differentiation stage is actually yet to come. In terms of promoting the product to the public, the use of film and TV product placement, as well as some of the stars of the promotion effect can play effect. The main issue is whether the security clearance. For more information related to the balancing scooter, please visit http://www.koowheelmall.com.


The simple Fault analysis and solution for hover board

Currently, the players in the purchase of electric hoverboard bluetooth or self balancing scooter encountered more trouble problem is motor failure, or balance system failure, usually accompanied by “drop” long ring. Most customers thought it was the motherboard, in fact, very often there is a cable connection is bad. Today tell customers automatically detects the exclusion of non-motor problems caused by the motherboard, balanced failure fault.
Hall cable connection is bad or off, or fitting inside one or more finger contacts bad, this will lead to failure. With the alarm sound “tick” sound, and the motor does not work. Usually can be connected directly or through re-plug the Hall line interface, or to resolve the row.

Wherein an electrical power line is bad or off, the motor power but can not walk, accompanied by great friction noise. Two lines off the motor or bad, completely off the motor does not work.

Common faults are the following:

1. The electric scooter wheel is out of balance, it will uncontrolled and when you stand up.
2. One wheel doesn’t work. Red light flash.
3. The sides of the wheel does not work. Red light flash.
Now we come to look at the self balancing electric scooter brushless motor, which has two sets of cables, respectively, a group of three different colors of the bold line is the power line, a set of five different colors of thread, is a Hall line.

A 😦 battery direction) motor power line it has three different colored lines, any one poor contact or disconnect , here the motor will lose balance, or time with abnormal sound. Poor contact or disconnect any two points, the motor will not work here. Tip lights do not flash.
B 😦 battery direction) line is composed of Hall 5 different color thread constitution. Any one line is bad or disconnected, resulting in both sides of the motors are not working. Tip lamp flashes 5 times each.
C: deputy board cable line is the set of four different colored lines, poor contact or disconnection, the motor will not work on both sides, running lights can work, cue lights flashed every time.
D and F: with light cable is bad or disconnected with lamp does not work.
E: Battery warning lamp is bad or the cable is disconnected, the battery light will prompt does not work.
G: deputy board cable line is the set of four different colored lines, poor contact or disconnection, the motor will not work on both sides, running lights can work, cue lights do not flash.
H 😦 switching direction) Hall line is composed of 5 different color thread constitution. Any one line is bad or disconnected, resulting in both sides of the motors are not working. Tip 4 under lights flash every time.
I 😦 switching direction) Motor power cable with three lines in different colors, any one bad or disconnected, the motor will be out of balance here, or driving when there is abnormal sound. Poor contact or disconnect any two points, the motor will not work here. The indicator light do not flash.
J: charging port is bad or the cable is disconnected, it will not charge.
K: switch cable is bad or off, switch button will fail.
L: Indicator lamp is bad or the cable is disconnected, the warning lamp does not work.
More cable problem, simply re-plug the cable or change can be solved.
Tally Explanations: flash one time: C partial failure flashes twice: No Flash 3 times: Motor short-circuit fault flash four times: H partial failure flash 5 times: B partial failure flashes 6 times: 7 times battery failure flash: Battery direction auxiliary circuit board failure, we need to replace the circuit board flash 8 times: switching direction auxiliary circuit board failure, you need to replace the circuit board. For more information, please visit http://www.koowheelmall.com.

2016 NBA dunk contest, stepping on the smart self balancing scooter to dunk

2016 NBA slam dunk contest which may be beyond the 2000 session of the dunk contest. Sina Sports February 14 reported that in the NBA All-Star dunk contest, Zach – Lavin and Aaron – Gordon in the final play-off two (final two each button 4 times), exciting action frequent, eventually Lavin out to the end of the last action, adventure defending successfully. The competition action for two thrilling, exciting. But also appear the 2 wheel self balancing scooter on the spot.

Preliminary heats, 2 action
Gordon found a magic mascot fit. Mascot use the ball on top of the head, foot stepping 2 Wheel Electric Scooter, Gordon mascot head after crossing the ball up, legs dunking after changing hands in the air. He was succeed at the second time, the crowd burst into cheers .

Dunk Contest
In the dunk contest finals Gordon still fit and mascot. This time, the mascot use the left hand holding the ball,  then stand on the self balancing electric scooter, slowly rotating, after Gordon run-up, according to head back to the left, right after the ball in the air turning hand, one-handed dunk, once complete, got full marks .
In the dunk contest, Gordon and the mascot have three time cooperation, including  mascot’s two foot stepping on the balanced car,  at the second time, Gordon dunk the ball dunk successful when the two-wheeled electric car rotation . Because of balance Scooter in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest Finals appears, once again reflects the power performance of the balance car. Thinking car balance to the show, and went to the NBA, the glow of strong vitality.

The Self Balancing Scooter slowly into the adult toys and props market. Therefore, we continue to favor the smart self balancing scooter market balance. For more information related to the balancing scooter, please visit www.koowheelmall.com.

The new technology and toys

Nowadays, the balance scooter as the new darling of the people , because of its cool appearance, high intelligence, high tech, interactive entertainment properties have been given a new definition of “toy”.

Now more and more players give the children the Self Balancing Scooter as a birthday gifts, and be “toys” concept arose spontaneously. It is not a legalistic style which has become a new trend. It has become a fashion icon of the hottest new toy.
So visible, the 2 wheel scooter as a new type of toy is being accepted by everyone, the development of the smart self balancing scooter is not only one way, but also gave user a fresh and new experience. It is very cool to hang out with your good friends. Bring a different experience to go to the class or walk the dog.

The balance of the car as an emerging industry, science and technology into the “toy”, let us love Smart balance wheel scooter’s cool in the entertainment and play game, is a very wonderful thing.

First attention to the electric balance car is in the Bieber MV Justin, at that time because like this song, so I read the MV. I found that he has used Self Balancing Electric Scooter on the dance, the dance have been very nice and cool, the balance car dancers can be said to be the icing on the cake. Also because of this, i am interested in self balancing scooter.

For me, I love this hip-hop very much, cool also can connection bluetooth music what the song I love. This is the Bieber is dancing jumped ride on the Self Balancing Smart Scooter : What do you mean. Justin dance, very appealing, especially as Bieber Justin fans, such as myself. For more information about balance scooter, please visit http://www.koowheelmall.com

China Southern airlines banned carry balancing car or due to fire and explosion

Recently, China Southern Airlines to ensure flight safety, a total ban on passengers carrying or shipping lithium battery-powered self balancing electric scooter, specific products including, but not limited to: wheelbarrow, electric scooters, Hot Wheels cars and somatosensory and self balancing scooter. On the grounds that “the majority of the energy equipment lithium flag does not comply with such a balance due to the poor quality of lithium battery car caught fire and exploded over the spate of international events on the feedback.”

Not long ago, the British trading standards bodies remind people not to buy such products because of high security risks. National Trading Standards agency spokesman said the current government has seized more than 38,000 pieces electric scooter, of which more than 80% were identified security risk.

Trading Standards warning mechanism for some large retailers, including Amazon, we have already begun to balance the presence of hidden electric vehicle frame, and to have purchased such products consumers sent a message to inform risk.

Currently the use of electric vehicles equilibrium expanding more and more types. As the electric car lithium battery energy balance is large, and most of the energy equipment lithium flag does not comply with such a balance due to the poor quality of lithium batteries caught fire and exploded car events around the spate of international feedback.

Therefore, when consumers choose these products, be sure to consider the quality of the product, due to self balancing scooter price uneven levels, people do not covet cheap, since ancient times, said no good goods cheaper it, therefore, recommended to buy the car balance , select the famous brand self balancing scooter supplier, and in line with national security requirements, access to the security certificate of the manufacturers. According to industry sources reveal, Koowheel China is specialized in producing 2 wheel self balancing scooter, well-known brand self balancing electric unicycle manufacturers. They only use the original Samsung batteries, “Xinaoma / Hanghong motors (famous brand with best quality), Taotao Intelligent Technology” mainboard, ABS plastic case with UV certification, Charger with UL certification., and they have a 20-30 degree climbing test , and also have the unique testing machines in Shenzhen to test the balance, the speed, the maximum load data for each scooter.
Their Scooter support UN 38.3 (battery) and UL 60950-1 / BS (charger), all of our raw materials comply with national safety production standards If you would like to know more about Koowheel, please visit http://www.koowheelmall .com