2016 NBA dunk contest, stepping on the smart self balancing scooter to dunk

2016 NBA slam dunk contest which may be beyond the 2000 session of the dunk contest. Sina Sports February 14 reported that in the NBA All-Star dunk contest, Zach – Lavin and Aaron – Gordon in the final play-off two (final two each button 4 times), exciting action frequent, eventually Lavin out to the end of the last action, adventure defending successfully. The competition action for two thrilling, exciting. But also appear the 2 wheel self balancing scooter on the spot.

Preliminary heats, 2 action
Gordon found a magic mascot fit. Mascot use the ball on top of the head, foot stepping 2 Wheel Electric Scooter, Gordon mascot head after crossing the ball up, legs dunking after changing hands in the air. He was succeed at the second time, the crowd burst into cheers .

Dunk Contest
In the dunk contest finals Gordon still fit and mascot. This time, the mascot use the left hand holding the ball,  then stand on the self balancing electric scooter, slowly rotating, after Gordon run-up, according to head back to the left, right after the ball in the air turning hand, one-handed dunk, once complete, got full marks .
In the dunk contest, Gordon and the mascot have three time cooperation, including  mascot’s two foot stepping on the balanced car,  at the second time, Gordon dunk the ball dunk successful when the two-wheeled electric car rotation . Because of balance Scooter in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest Finals appears, once again reflects the power performance of the balance car. Thinking car balance to the show, and went to the NBA, the glow of strong vitality.

The Self Balancing Scooter slowly into the adult toys and props market. Therefore, we continue to favor the smart self balancing scooter market balance. For more information related to the balancing scooter, please visit www.koowheelmall.com.


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