The consumers need to be alert to balance scooter throw at cheap prices

Balance scooter in 2014, as an emerging industry, less than 100 balance car industry in China, balanced car industry has more than 1000 companies in 2005, the good and evil people mixed up the whole industry, to cut corners, the price war with each other. A very low threshold of manufacturing, blank industry standards, It brings some hidden troubles to the industry.

In the fair, Koowheel understands that many booth who those sell other products also put all kinds of public mould smart self balancing electric scooters, self balancing scooter price is very low, some price are as low as $90, even in the absence of steep price material than years ago, the vehicle shipment price dropped substantially, obviously it is not reasonable. Some insiders said many companies affected by car incidents last year, and accumulated a large number of inventory and materials, in the Canton fair price clearing inventory, at the same time, the author also found filled with a large number of cheap electric scooters on different platforms, and the price ridiculously low, the most obvious is the cheap 2 wheel hoverboard manufacturers, quality is very difficult to ensure that consumers need to polish eyes.

At the same time, after the car industry reshuffle, particularly the CPSC’s request in the United States , the market will gradually restore rational and standard, enterprise products to conform to the standards of the market, will spend a lot of money on UL certification, quality inspection, and investment improvement on research and development of new products, from the point of enterprise cost, obviously is much higher than last year, so the factory ex-factory price even if not up, can maintain at the end of the benchmark, also pretty good. Observation, the writer of this month Smart Scooter market gradually back to warming, especially some customer who those green-hand self balancing hoverboard, the smart balance scooter companies who has purchase demond need to do more homework.


How to choose a reliable self balancing scooter supplier?

With the development of modern technology, more and more people will choose economic and green short-distance transport to going out or go to work. Especially in large number of population of the city life, we are must be suffer from traffic jam during the rush hour. At that moment, we think that you really hope can fly in the air, but its impossible.

hoverboard scooters appear become a perfect life partner. It is not only a fashion and green toy but also bring more convenience in daily life. Yet, in the past year, hoverboard fire accident frequently occurred,self balancing scooter quality and safety issues directly led to a lot of consumers who worry about the quality and safety issues. Because some small electric scooter factory or manufacturer adopt low cost material production, they were generally sell hoverboard at very low price. So, in order to your familys safety, we suggest that choose famous hoverboard scooter brand, but how to choose a reliable self balancing scooter supplier?

Firstly, The raw materials is the important factor of hoverboard. So please purchase from famous self balance scooter supplier, for example Koowheel,let me tell you why choose them? First, they are the top ten self balance scooter supplier of best quality and output in China,only use Original Samsung battery meanwhile all of the raw materials comply with national safety production standards. Second, they have owned oversea warehouses in United States, Germany, Australia and United Kingdom,which can guarantee fast shipping. Third, they have set up maintenance centers in United States, with the support of free maintenance. Oversea maintenance centers in other countries will be set up gradually. Moreover,they have their own factory,all the items will be double tested before shipment. And they also support retail,wholesale, OME, dropshipping,etc.
The above information is my personal proposal, hope to be helpful to you.  
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KOOWHEEL hoverboard was recognized by foreign merchant of global market in Canton Fair

On April 15th to 19th, the 119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou, the international high-end hoverboard scooter brand Koowheel exhibited a variety of self balancing electric scooter products. Koowheel was generally recognized in European and American markets by its industry-leading technical standards, process design excellent and ,gathered exhibitors from around the world so that many foreign merchant come to experience and purchase.

On the first day, From the product design to product structure and function, Koowheel self balancing scooter debut attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen’s attention.

KOOWHEEL bluetooth self balancing scooter K3 and bluetooth 2 wheel scooter D1, both were gained great concern , while their meticulous design details, also on-site experience won the unanimous endorsement of the user. In Koowheel’s opinion, all starting from the user, without neglecting every design detail, grab what the user need, let products to bring users their attention and care from the brand itself.

For this exhibition, not only helps Koowheel further enhance the brand influence, but also promote the Asia customer cooperation relationship under international distribution and the regional exhibition market segments.

According to the information, Koowheel smart scooter brand were little expensive than other scooters , but the sales have never gone down,always rank the top in American and European market. It is reported that the America Consumer Federation rated many self balancing scooter supplier on the market, the reported show that Koowheel two wheeled scooter was rated as consumers”the best choice”.

Behind the impressive performance over years, Koowheel’s original science and technology and the ingenuity insisted: from craftsmen devote themselves to study, research and development of a number of science and technology, industry breakthrough technical problems; technological aspects, each product to achieve the perfect design, called the symbol of high-end manufacturing.

Through the Fair, Koowheel electric scooter is expected to walk into more overseas high-end consumers, by drawing the world’s first gene technology and process quality excellence, constantly solve consumer pain points, to maximize the interests of users, create best artistic life experience for global sport activists.

Some problems must be noted in using the hoverboard power adapter

In the power adapter (hereinafter referred adapter) above generally have several labels need to pay attention.

First, adapter models, such as the adapter model is the JY-420201, it tells us some information, it is the manufacturer, wattage, etc., JY beginning of the company in general is ## code, 420 201 is to explain this the adapter is 84W;

Second, the adapter INPUT (input), common in China is generally 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz, indicating adapter can work at a voltage below 100V-240V;

Third, the adapter’s OUTPUT (output), two numbers can very quickly have to figure this adapter wattage, such as the adapter, voltage 42V * Current 2A = 84W (power), indicating that the power is 84W adapter.

Most of the balance car power adapter suitable for 100 ~ 240V AC (50 / 60Hz). Basically most of the balance of the car regarded external power supply, use a power cord and connect the body, so the body can reduce the size and weight.

In the power adapter has a nameplate above marked power, input and output voltage and current amount and other indicators, with particular attention to the input voltage range, which is called “travel power adapter,” if the mains voltage is only 110V countries when this feature is very useful. Some smart scooter brand power charger is not compatible with this voltage design, or even only a single input voltage, it will use the presence of a great security risk at a low voltage in addition to the production of other countries or high voltage.

The Self balancing scooter
 power adapter is the home of the high voltage into a stable low-voltage work, so that they can work properly. The best self balancing scooter charger can be fully controlled, such Koowheel hoverboard scooter brand charger, choose high-quality raw materials, the development of high-quality production technology and processes, using a unique construction process, in strict accordance with quality and safety standards, the final product safety testing. These management and technical means can be manipulated, so that the balance of the car charger to become safer and more efficient. For more information, please visit

The applications of Balanced car charger

The choose of hoverboard charger is very important. If you choose some low quality charger, it is possibly to bring potential safety hazard. Now let us identify the different between hoverboard scooter brand charger and inferior charger.

The Self Balancing Electric Scooter charger can be said to be a more important parts of the external.

That power charger adapter, also known as external power supply (switching power adapter), which is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power transformer, it arises because in real life, the electronic device is often not directly use household electricity, because the family used a 220V power supply voltage, and universal electronic products are generally much smaller than the supply voltage required for this value. So the role of the power adapter is crucial, especially if you go to the United States and other countries, and our different voltage, it is more necessary 220V to 110V the transformer. With it, we can easily and safely use these electronic products.

Composition and Application charger

Power adapters common to all types of electronic products, generally by the shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit, its output can be divided into AC output type and DC output type; connections can be divided by the Wall and desktop. Electronic products of a large space, power adapter are generally built, but due to the general volume is not small adapter, a small volume of electronic products are external, such as balancing the car, the one in order to save space, and secondly, the replacement is also convenient, Third, using a mains adapter, the voltage is relatively high, put inside the machine is dangerous.

Role charger

In general, the role of the power adapter is a transformer and rectifier. Household AC voltage is 220V, and the charging voltage balance the car we needed much lower than the domestic power supply, it is possible to be sure the power adapter is a transformer and rectifier. Adapter is a transformer, then we should know, through a transformer 220V AC transformer through a rectifier to DC, where there is consumption, and consumption of these will be transformed into heat, so power adapter fever is normal. Is made ofsilicon steel transformer, the transformer after electricity, magnetic flux is generated, the magnetic flux will lead to action forces generated between silicon steel, resulting in a buzzing sound, this is normal. But too big sound is not normal, a lot of reasons: 1. AC voltage instability. 2. chip damage. 3. interturn short circuit. 4. component damage and so on. By the way, the role of the adapter is to convert alternating current into direct current electronic products.

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The core components for Electric scooter

  1. an acceleration sensor

The acceleration sensor can measure acceleration due to the Earth’s gravity or the movement of objects produced. Only need to measure the acceleration values in one direction, inclination can be calculated out of the bus. For example, using an acceleration signal on the X axis, the electric self balancing scooter upright, fixed acceleration in the X-axis in the horizontal direction, the output signal is zero bias voltage signal. When the car is tilted, gravitational acceleration g will form a component of acceleration in the X-axis direction, causing changes in the axis of the output signal.
But in the actual vehicle running, because the balance car itself generated by the movement acceleration will have a lot of interference signal is superimposed on the measuring signal so that the output signal can not accurately reflect the true inclination. Thus the upright attitude information required for control can not be fully obtained by the acceleration sensor. .

2 angular velocity sensors – gyroscopes

Gyroscopes for measuring rotational angular velocity of the object. The Smart balance wheel scooter equipped gyroscope can measure the vehicle tilt angular velocity, the angular velocity signal processing can be obtained by integrating the vehicle inclination. However, due to the gyroscope itself has a certain noise, if you have been integral, it would cause inclination drift. So for upright posture control the information they need, not solely by the gyroscope to get points.
The above mentioned two sensors are given separately accurate, stable stance dynamic situations, but these two are complementary sensor, an acceleration sensor that is used in the static case the effect will be better, gyroscopes used in dynamic conditions , the effect will be better. In this case, we need an algorithm to effectively integrate these two signals, in order to obtain accurate attitude information. For more information, please visit

How to control the balance car?

Now, we have to sort out what the whole process for balance car. When we stand on the balance scooter, people and the car keep it upright, at the same time, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes main job is to make the balance wheel scooter still; when people focus forward, there is a significant body of forward tilt angle of the two sensors keen to capture this change, the current and speed control algorithm to control the motor, the motor began to gradually accelerate the rotation, the wheels rolling forward, so that you begin to accelerate. Deceleration process is similar.

In short, if you hope the smart self balancing scooter ride in a safe and stable situation, the two sensors in the non-stop measurements and calculations. Then the motor drive the wheels forward or backward. Of course, all this above, but also requires a lot of programs and algorithms to precisely control, in order to ensure safe driving car.

The forward principle for self balancing electric scooter

We know the car to go, of course, is two wheel rotation to achieve. The control wheel is a technology live. Wheels via two drive motors via a gear box, by controlling the motor speed can be achieved on the wheel motion control. Motion control is achieved by controlling the motor current to the motor coil to achieve. Controlling motor current, the control of the motor output torque (force).

Who control the balance car?

Who control the balance car?

But who controls the motor in it?

Simply put, when we stood finger stick when the stick forward and down, we came forward to offset the stick down trend. But you can not run too fast, otherwise it will stick back down. This time we are seeing the reverse angle and speed stick through the eyes to control their speed and direction of running.

Also the hoverboard scooter through the “eyes” to see the status of the car, so the Self Balancing Scooter and posture angular velocity measurements become the key to control. Measuring balance vehicle attitude and rate can be achieved by an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope. They are balanced by the car’s “eyes.”. For more information, please visit