How to choose a reliable self balancing scooter supplier?

With the development of modern technology, more and more people will choose economic and green short-distance transport to going out or go to work. Especially in large number of population of the city life, we are must be suffer from traffic jam during the rush hour. At that moment, we think that you really hope can fly in the air, but its impossible.

hoverboard scooters appear become a perfect life partner. It is not only a fashion and green toy but also bring more convenience in daily life. Yet, in the past year, hoverboard fire accident frequently occurred,self balancing scooter quality and safety issues directly led to a lot of consumers who worry about the quality and safety issues. Because some small electric scooter factory or manufacturer adopt low cost material production, they were generally sell hoverboard at very low price. So, in order to your familys safety, we suggest that choose famous hoverboard scooter brand, but how to choose a reliable self balancing scooter supplier?

Firstly, The raw materials is the important factor of hoverboard. So please purchase from famous self balance scooter supplier, for example Koowheel,let me tell you why choose them? First, they are the top ten self balance scooter supplier of best quality and output in China,only use Original Samsung battery meanwhile all of the raw materials comply with national safety production standards. Second, they have owned oversea warehouses in United States, Germany, Australia and United Kingdom,which can guarantee fast shipping. Third, they have set up maintenance centers in United States, with the support of free maintenance. Oversea maintenance centers in other countries will be set up gradually. Moreover,they have their own factory,all the items will be double tested before shipment. And they also support retail,wholesale, OME, dropshipping,etc.
The above information is my personal proposal, hope to be helpful to you.  
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