Two wheel scooter evaluation: clever wind follow one’s inclinations

Koowheel electric self balancing scooter with easy riding and flexible operation etc., nowadays it become many people’s outdoor recreational equipment. Compared with the traditional roller, skateboard scooter and other recreational way, easier handling and interest sex, etc. For mini smart scooter, however, its interior is equipped with power system, balance system, security system and so on has content of higher science and technology, has a cool appearance, superior performance, moderate price of products will become the darling of the market, such as we tested the Koowheel S3604 – B for everyone, this two wheel self balancing scooter, this is a the electric unicycle which have many characteristic.

And learning unicycle, it is very difficulty for many new entry-level enthusiasts, don’t feel free to say you can play.

Today bring you a 2 wheel self balancing scooter that don’t need you own too much technology. Koowheel Dual Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter driving test will be a little different?

Koowheel electric balance scooter using corrugated packaging, packaging has the character such as environmental protection, light quality, intensity, nowhere not show its strong motivation and superior trafficability.

Because protection product USES lots of plastic foam, although the product packaging is bigger, but who doesn’t want to take it intact, packaging absolute reliable and conscience, the industry out of the can specification, power adapter, remote control keys, handbag away.

Now take off the bubble directly to the board, is the first person, full of fashion breath, science and technology feeling, no fashion appearance is how to capture your heart, beautiful is the most basic requirements.

Koowheel smart balance scooter provides more rich color and pattern choice, can meet the needs of different consumers, compared with other two car wheel balance, Koowheel self balance board is a equipped with a 10 inch large diameter wheels, is both flexibility and stability, has a better performance, split open a case can be used than support bar two balanced car convenient many, small and light body, its weight only 15 kg, go where you want to go, convenient store when not in use, out of the box went outdoors, it is not a product of the stay in the studio.

10 inch wheels is big size in the balance car field, is not only big and there are vertical and horizontal groove, the trafficability is better than general balance scooter, because more stable but also increase the comfort level.

Koowheel balanced car S3604 – B can also be used on rainy day , because install tire shield rain barrier-free trial, rainy days don’t wet shoes.

Foot is soft silicone non-slip, such benefits, one is using silica gel silica gel below contact more sensitive to reflect your feedback more quickly, the second is increased more comfortable riding experience, soft silica gel has better effect of suspension. For more information, please visit


The after -sales problem for OEM smart scooter

  The after-sales problem for two wheel electric scooter. We found that the balance scooter performance problems mainly displays in use will appear, such as: can’t charge, unable to start, flog, suddenly loses power and so on. The last two will bring a lot of potential safety problems, endangering the personal safety of the user.

  Hoverboard scooter the lack of a unified industry standard, so many small self balancing scooter supplier buy inferior, low-end parts assembled at random, and then selling “stick a card”, such products exist great potential safety hazard. In addition, the smart self balancing scooter lack way, many parts of the electric balance is banned from the road, mostly worried about traffic security problems. After more difficult to electric self balancing scooter industry, mainly is the lack of a unified industry standard, hoverboard scooter brands industry market too much less known and inferior brand. Smart hardware industry after all is difficult, mainly is the enterprise to return factory repair intelligent hardware cost is higher.

  According to statistics, overseas balanced car failure rate is about 40%. The china balance scooter failure rate more than 60%, in the face of such a high return rate suffering, how to solve the problem of foreign after-sales becomes the key to the whole industry.

  1) after-sales cost is far higher than profit

Due to high failure rate, a lot of self balancing scooter for sale by return. According to the regulation of the electric business platform, caused by failure to return to the seller the shipping label. Because balance car has light weight, no matter what logistics company, this part of the freight is very severe.

  2) communication trust issues

Sellers of fault judgment will not be accurate, think fault line just loose or interface is broken, again thrust line can solve a problem, but in fact most of the time is a problem of motherboard or motor. Due to the balance of the car manufacturers are different, use different types of specifications or motherboard maintenance need has the different channels, they will feel maintenance spare parts for freight is too high, and can’t accept it.

  3) renovation requirement is high

Return basically has serious casing scratches, if want to as a whole new product to sell again, you need to replace the shell. But the problem again, due to the aluminum shell factory and the shell is supporting the production, is not the same set of shell and aluminum screw holes will have difference, is not worthy of or have crack. So if sellers want to change the shell, then still have to replace the aluminum, lead to not only the high cost, also time-consuming.

  4) maintenance difficulties

  Factory main board on the market at present basically has two, but copy board more than 10, motor hundreds more. In theory, the main connection mode only three, but no matter how some motor wiring in practical operation, can’t work normally. Host and motor does not match, no doubt, increases the maintenance difficulty.

  To summarize, balanced car knock back by the United States? Balance of the car industry a series of problems from the source to the end. All vendors must not only see the surface of the sell like hot cakes, and do not understand the risk of these deep. In short, entrepreneurship is risky, entrants must be cautious. For more information, please click

The electric self balancing scooter lack of a unified industry standards

Electric self balancing scooter spontaneous combustion explosion was suspected to be connected with the battery. As a result, the United States of the CPSC issued notice that balancing scooter manufacturers, balance scooter importer and balance scooter distributor in the United States on the balance car of the production, import, sales car must conform to the UL2272 balance car circuit system certification, safety standards, and clear that all balance car batteries must be meet UN38.3 certification requirements.

The self balancing hoverboard market booming, many big battery maker is not fully involved in, and small production of lithium battery makers to seize opportunities and massive intervention, and small battery safety of battery makers cannot fully guarantee, so the smart balance scooter explosion combustion. In addition, the electric self balancing scooter sellers in order to seek more profit, adopt the batteries and management system by small business, another reason is why the electric balance scooter explosion. Electric balance scooter explosion mainly occurred in the evening, because will often charging for balance electric car in the evening, while charging time is too long can cause the charger fever, plus battery quality problems, eventually led to the explosion.

Europe and the United States and other places have set up a threshold for the balance car , so many small and medium manufacturing enterprises suffered heavy losses. In 2015, thousands of small businesses into balanced car market. Small workshop production, patchwork of parts, the lack of quality control and patent awareness, after banned, the factory will soon collapse.

Tell you a truth: Many of the balance car sale in the Taobao are from the manual workshop, there is no production line, five or six people can form a factory, a person can assemble 12 units a day.

Compared with the market turmoil, electric self balancing scooter industry is lack of effective supervision. In addition to a few places on the industry standard, national level haven’t supervise electric self balancing scooter industry, market access, there is no quality standard, created “a ban is dead”.

Now, of course, media coverage of all focus on the balance scooter accident, although most of the accident is caused by counterfeit products, but have you ever thought that these electric scooter accident will leave a balance car unsafe impression to consumers, the industry need to pay the consequences. So, the electric car balance need to publish relevant specification as soon as possible. For more information, please visit

Is the balance scooter a ghost killer on the road?

Survey found that, like electric bike, smart self balancing scooter with the motor drive, basic no sound in the process of driving, and the speed quickly, to pose a big security hidden danger in front of pedestrians, especially the old man and the child. “Ghost killer is not too much, every time I see from the smart balance wheel scooter whizzing around them, the heart is the mess, just like electric bike, don’t have any sound, rather abruptly leapt from behind, very scary.

Answer to the question of the intelligent balance road driving around traffic administration has issued a ban. As early as the end of 2014, Shanghai, wuhan, Beijing and other places of the traffic administration gradually show the position of the same: electric self balancing scooter is prohibited, electric scooters and other kinds of new type vehicles on the road, it is prohibited to carry on the subway. The Beijing traffic administration, said that electric scooter is a kind of new car, driven by a power plant, used for personnel take use of wheeled vehicles. From the existing laws and regulations, the car has the “road traffic safety law ” the provisions of motor vehicles characteristics. Motor vehicles must be approved by the competent authorities of the state motor vehicle license production, according to the law to permit the registration of the road before the road. Therefore, electric self balancing scooter, electric skateboard may not be on the road. Shanghai traffic administration of public reason is that according to the regulations of Shanghai non-motor vehicles management method, has no way two wheeled scooter, shall not run on road.

The balance car is also prohibited on road in Britain and Australia . Why is there such a ban?after the banning, what will be the impact of the development of the electric self balancing scooter? The reason for the ban on the road, mainly electric balance car if the occurrence of Spontaneous Combustion Accident, can cause great damage to the surrounding crowd and environment. Electric scooter is a mainstream trend in intelligent travel. After the ban, will seriously hit the enthusiasm of production of self balancing electric scooter, to continue develop, the producers will improve production technology, to ensure the safety of products, as the market scope of narrow, manufacturing enterprises or will be faced with superior inferior to shuffle again. For more detaied information, pls visit

Unlimited fashion health travel “hoverboard”– portable short-distance transport

Nowadays, the scale of motor vehicle development is rapid, the urban traffic congestion has become a top issue, car exhaust emissions, environmental pollution is serious, choice has become the present actively advocate green travel way. Convenient and environmental health movement method has become a new fashion of people’s life.
Koowheel new energy balance smart car, in April 2014, which started electric unicycle, scooters, electric scooter adults and other kind of buzz word followed, Koowheel, there are four series of 2 wheel self balancing scooter product line launched between people from the traditional transportation tools and the final destination of the last journey, including s36 series of smart scooter price is lower than 300RMB, declaring the adult electric scooter products come into the ordinary people.

It is understood that foreign brands self balancing scooter price have been high, high consumption threshold. New energy self balancing electric scooter, electric scooters with high performance/price ratio, and twisting, such as balance models, is more suitable for students and office workers, break the bottom line price, will sharply lowered the consumption threshold of balance car industry.

Talking about balanced car, a lot of friends is not particularly understanding. Balance of the car, as the name implies, is to balance alone free driving car, a two wheels, electric drive, body weight control, but won’t fall, following the body automatically means of transportation. It’s driving almost no threshold. As long as it electricity, people stand on the pedal can balance automatically, lean forward to drive it in advance. Koowheel new energy launched a series of “smart” personal vehicles, core idea is “let a person more freedom” enjoy intelligence bring people convenient.

Koowheel new energy in promoting environmental protection green travel at the same time, the intention to cover the entire people and lines, line and intelligent products chain, from portable short self balancing electric scooter, two wheeled scooter to change of intelligent lifestyle, Koowheel new energy innovation move really feel erupt, a praise. It is understood that Koowheel new energy will also be in the field of intelligent technology for global consumers to develop more products and services.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up riding your balance car to go out for a drive! With the environmental protection, the healthy and fashionable way to feel the beauty of nature. This information come from

The matters need to attention on riding the self balance scooter

The electric self balancing scooter security riding in this matter, people often say “to be careful on the road,” but a few little detail usually will be neglected, make the riding accident happen every day.
As the professional smart scooter brand manufacturers, we feel it is our responsibility that share some matters needing attention of riding safety. Now let me offer you some advice to those who like to play with smart balance scooter, as long as hold good degrees, will reduce the safety factor.

First of all, control the speed.

Don’t too fast downhill, cornering deceleration, the line of sight is bad place to slow down, look around before crossing slowing. If the battery car in front of the person turned to spit, don’t get to, be sure to slow down… Don’t play the drift, especially in the downhill.

Remember: if you are not in the game, if you are not in a professional circuit, if you have only one life, please pay attention to the speed control.

Second, keep a certain distance.

If a car stopped on roadside, stay away from bus and truck, trailer, etc

Saw the gymnastics, car, passers-by, stopped by the roadside car, bus, etc can be away from how far how far, stalls which are dead or wounded and high probability.

Remember: with the car parked at least a metre interval, although is bumped into each other’s responsibility, but the pain is you.

Third, stay focused

Under the unfamiliar road, don’t go retrograde, don’t go retrograde, if you don’t want to crash, although that I nearly hit, can only say that I am lucky.

Don’t on the lanes. On the traffic of motor vehicle road cycling, suddenly to a large truck voice roared, ok also scare off half-life!

Remember: not retrograde, not through a red light, no motor vehicles on the way!

Fourth, the right to choose equipment

Must wear a helmet, both the city and the mountains!

Don’t wear the sort of ordinary poncho, wear double-breasted coat to wear.

Fifth, don’t be cool

Some of the rider to be cool, when riding shoved his hands pockets, although that’s cool. Don’t try! Once try, ensure that fall down!

Other common sense.

Don’t go out to ride a bike when the weather is bad, because be hail hit a feeling you don’t understand. Don’t without lamp night riding, try not to move on. Front and rear lights and a reflective vest and long-distance riding in the mountains is necessary.

Especially suit also must pay attention to ah, don’t believe in front of the person, want to keep an eye to the front a car – because copycat fell a two times.

Before riding, you have to plan; Have a road, be sure to bring your headlights tools, such as pass by some rural highway no lights at night must keep attention, slowed down. For more information, please visit

How to choose and buy the high-end electric scooter

To the choose and purchase of two wheel scooter, many people don’t know how to choose, I’ve being engaged in this field for a few months, let me share my own experience to those who are planning to purchase best self balancing scooter, just for reference.

In short, it comes down to a few words: First, look. Second, asked. The last, to touch.

Firstly, look. that is to take carefully to look at the car.  See how about the packing of the Self Balancing Scooter, with bubbles and foam board have to cut corners, can very good protection of the balance car and spare parts; Look at the car of the workmanship and the shell which is the universal mould or private mould, what material who are they used, whether smooth level off; How about their aviation pedal material and size; The size of the tire is a good brand, indicate whether consistent; The power switch gap is too big; Whether the power indicator light work well; Check the parts, using the instruction manual and warranty card is all ready, whether with model corresponding to the brand, whether carried by accessories complete, charger, training wheels, assisted with whether to match neat, etc. Details to observe more carefully, you can see the problem.
Secondly, touch. Check it under the condition of the hoverboard scooter non-riding. Use hand carry the bulk of the weight of the car’s heavy enough; The car tires were observed under phase modulation on the ground a few airlines pedal down is easy or not open, check the magnet and absorption ability; Shell by hand or other hard material knock, look at what is material, you’d better find an old prototype can do the impact test and throw out the hoverboard and see the status of the smart self balancing scooter, a good car is no problem, but to do this must be the consent of the owner, or the car broke lead to disputes. Then, to knead the Tires, see how about the quality. General principle is to look beautiful and feel comfortable.

3. Ask, is to ask all sorts of details. We should be most concerned about the quality and after-sales service of the car. The hardware configuration of the electric self balancing scooter, such as the controller, gyroscope, battery, electric motor and so on from where, how much is the cost; The battery and motor parameters, such as have empty mark; Software is the independent property rights; Shell is that their own patent; What are the characteristics of different from other brands, such as waterproof performance, other applicable conditions or not, what are the unique technology; Where is the factory, the scale, has its own production workshop or other OEM, etc. For the car after-sales, we are asked to focus on, how long the warranty period, how to repair if the problems happened, if the agent can’t deal with how to do, manufacturers how to consider, how can you say the freight, etc.  A export your these questions, I think a lot of agents will feel dizzy, yes, as a small white, we want is this feeling, we be fool is not so good.

4. Riding. The feeling of riding, is yourself. What, you told me you can’t ride, that it does not matter, you can find someone to hold, to experience the feeling of riding, of course, is a natural have a little advantage. We ride mainly to Check whether the parameters are the same as the specification. We can on the line, turn, downhill, deceleration, test the handling of the car; Speed up to the police, see whether the calibration speed alarm, buzzer and become warped pedal protection tips, the smart scooter brands differ slightly; Under the small Angle turning, check the pedal or not don’t shave, accomplish know fairly well. Charged after a long ride to check battery life, and see if I can meet the mileage; Brake performance check and see when driving fast, a few meters distance can stop your car, this is the safe distance when driving, must be clear. Natural, at the time of trial run once you won’t do such a considerate, we can try it several times can be mastered. Remember, when the car don’t worry, sellers than you nasty!

As long as you do this time, I think, even a small white, you can also buy a contentment the balance of the car.

If there isn’t a store near you, then some relative problems, not the scene experience, for it is difficult to grasp the first-hand data. At this time, you need is to do more homework, much to the manufacturer’s website and BBS to recharge their scriptures, ask some more experienced riding friends, except those who sell their car business.

KOOWHEEL new design hoverboard –the best balancing scooter China

Where to get the best and newest design of self balancing scooter?

Nowadays, we know that many people, short trips or commuting, will choose an electric self balancing scooter or self balancing electric unicycle even electric bike to travel. Car owners are ready to put in the boot inside a wheelbarrow or hoverboard scooters for a rainy day, or even see a lot of leisure parks, scenic areas, some people use millet balanced car, wheelbarrow travel. Visible in the next five to ten years, there will be at least one or multiple new energy means of transport get into the public life. However, in the past year, hoverboard was very welcomed by most of urban people which as a new fashion and green short-distance transport. Actually, it also bring more convenience for many people.

In order to meet the needs of short-distance travel, Koowheel as the top ten hoverboard scooter brand and professional hoverboard manufacturer in China, the company’s products continue to develop innovative and excellent quality obtained highly praised by domestic and foreign custiomer. Recently, there is a new product under develop. It is our honor to introduce it to you. That is new design bluetooth self balancing scooter, some people called smart skateboard also called one wheeled skateboard, inluding 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 Inch Single Wheel hoverboard electric unicycle Drift Skateboard. We believe it must be very fantastic. This is hottest and best hoverboard scooter with bluetooth speaker and led light, let the music follow your footsteps meanwhile enjoy led light in the dark.
If you are interested in this product or you would like to know the self balancing scooter price, please click

Thinking about the future of the hoverboard industry on a new energy vehicle angle

Since the US CPSC news came out, saw many self balancing scooter manufacturer, the company crying, there are many people with me to discuss the future balance car, I think the boss you do not need to panic, look longer term, your biggest customers are now still child.
From the perspective of higher dimensions — Consideration of new means of transport energy the electric self balancing scooter industry:

New energy means of transport, the general trend.

Spring of this year and from the author, the biggest feeling, that is more cars! This phenomenon is not only the reaction speed of a round trip in the spring, so from home to Guangzhou it has over 400 km distance, because of traffic jams, it spend more than 15 hours to reach! However, in four-line small city, there have been traffic jams. Every big festival, daytime street crowded with private cars at night roadside parking in a private car back to the field.

Survey data show that, as of June 2015, it has 163 million car ownership in China. That means an average of almost 10 people have a car, and the number is growing. So, by the explosive growth of private cars brought congestion, pollution problems will increase.

You can see a normal phenomenon. There are also a lot people who living in the first-tier city including myself have encountered scenes, sometime you go to a few kilometers away from the work place, drive car, too blocked, but also you need to find a place to park; bus bars must to be wait, and also blocking, may not necessarily direct; subway, possibly less than that place; fight it, traffic jams, the cost is high; cycling, strenuous; more people do not want to walk.

Thus, the human exploration of these scenarios for solutions has never stopped, especially in the increasingly appear on electrically powered in our lives, such as electric scooters, two wheel electric scooter, electric wheelbarrow, electric bicycles and so on. Plus enhance people’s awareness of environmental protection, national governments, driven by consumer groups for the younger generation to pursue personalized products, demand for these products will increase.

I have found that many people, including the author himself, short trips or commuting, will choose an self balancing electric unicycle or electric bike to travel. Car owners are ready to put in the boot inside a wheelbarrow or scooters for a rainy day, or even see a lot of leisure parks, scenic areas, some people use millet balanced car, wheelbarrow travel. Visible in the next five to ten years, there will be at least one or more of the new means of transport energy into public life, ranging between cars and bicycles, to meet the needs of short-distance travel.This information please visit