How to choose and buy the high-end electric scooter

To the choose and purchase of two wheel scooter, many people don’t know how to choose, I’ve being engaged in this field for a few months, let me share my own experience to those who are planning to purchase best self balancing scooter, just for reference.

In short, it comes down to a few words: First, look. Second, asked. The last, to touch.

Firstly, look. that is to take carefully to look at the car.  See how about the packing of the Self Balancing Scooter, with bubbles and foam board have to cut corners, can very good protection of the balance car and spare parts; Look at the car of the workmanship and the shell which is the universal mould or private mould, what material who are they used, whether smooth level off; How about their aviation pedal material and size; The size of the tire is a good brand, indicate whether consistent; The power switch gap is too big; Whether the power indicator light work well; Check the parts, using the instruction manual and warranty card is all ready, whether with model corresponding to the brand, whether carried by accessories complete, charger, training wheels, assisted with whether to match neat, etc. Details to observe more carefully, you can see the problem.
Secondly, touch. Check it under the condition of the hoverboard scooter non-riding. Use hand carry the bulk of the weight of the car’s heavy enough; The car tires were observed under phase modulation on the ground a few airlines pedal down is easy or not open, check the magnet and absorption ability; Shell by hand or other hard material knock, look at what is material, you’d better find an old prototype can do the impact test and throw out the hoverboard and see the status of the smart self balancing scooter, a good car is no problem, but to do this must be the consent of the owner, or the car broke lead to disputes. Then, to knead the Tires, see how about the quality. General principle is to look beautiful and feel comfortable.

3. Ask, is to ask all sorts of details. We should be most concerned about the quality and after-sales service of the car. The hardware configuration of the electric self balancing scooter, such as the controller, gyroscope, battery, electric motor and so on from where, how much is the cost; The battery and motor parameters, such as have empty mark; Software is the independent property rights; Shell is that their own patent; What are the characteristics of different from other brands, such as waterproof performance, other applicable conditions or not, what are the unique technology; Where is the factory, the scale, has its own production workshop or other OEM, etc. For the car after-sales, we are asked to focus on, how long the warranty period, how to repair if the problems happened, if the agent can’t deal with how to do, manufacturers how to consider, how can you say the freight, etc.  A export your these questions, I think a lot of agents will feel dizzy, yes, as a small white, we want is this feeling, we be fool is not so good.

4. Riding. The feeling of riding, is yourself. What, you told me you can’t ride, that it does not matter, you can find someone to hold, to experience the feeling of riding, of course, is a natural have a little advantage. We ride mainly to Check whether the parameters are the same as the specification. We can on the line, turn, downhill, deceleration, test the handling of the car; Speed up to the police, see whether the calibration speed alarm, buzzer and become warped pedal protection tips, the smart scooter brands differ slightly; Under the small Angle turning, check the pedal or not don’t shave, accomplish know fairly well. Charged after a long ride to check battery life, and see if I can meet the mileage; Brake performance check and see when driving fast, a few meters distance can stop your car, this is the safe distance when driving, must be clear. Natural, at the time of trial run once you won’t do such a considerate, we can try it several times can be mastered. Remember, when the car don’t worry, sellers than you nasty!

As long as you do this time, I think, even a small white, you can also buy a contentment the balance of the car.

If there isn’t a store near you, then some relative problems, not the scene experience, for it is difficult to grasp the first-hand data. At this time, you need is to do more homework, much to the manufacturer’s website and BBS to recharge their scriptures, ask some more experienced riding friends, except those who sell their car business.


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