The matters need to attention on riding the self balance scooter

The electric self balancing scooter security riding in this matter, people often say “to be careful on the road,” but a few little detail usually will be neglected, make the riding accident happen every day.
As the professional smart scooter brand manufacturers, we feel it is our responsibility that share some matters needing attention of riding safety. Now let me offer you some advice to those who like to play with smart balance scooter, as long as hold good degrees, will reduce the safety factor.

First of all, control the speed.

Don’t too fast downhill, cornering deceleration, the line of sight is bad place to slow down, look around before crossing slowing. If the battery car in front of the person turned to spit, don’t get to, be sure to slow down… Don’t play the drift, especially in the downhill.

Remember: if you are not in the game, if you are not in a professional circuit, if you have only one life, please pay attention to the speed control.

Second, keep a certain distance.

If a car stopped on roadside, stay away from bus and truck, trailer, etc

Saw the gymnastics, car, passers-by, stopped by the roadside car, bus, etc can be away from how far how far, stalls which are dead or wounded and high probability.

Remember: with the car parked at least a metre interval, although is bumped into each other’s responsibility, but the pain is you.

Third, stay focused

Under the unfamiliar road, don’t go retrograde, don’t go retrograde, if you don’t want to crash, although that I nearly hit, can only say that I am lucky.

Don’t on the lanes. On the traffic of motor vehicle road cycling, suddenly to a large truck voice roared, ok also scare off half-life!

Remember: not retrograde, not through a red light, no motor vehicles on the way!

Fourth, the right to choose equipment

Must wear a helmet, both the city and the mountains!

Don’t wear the sort of ordinary poncho, wear double-breasted coat to wear.

Fifth, don’t be cool

Some of the rider to be cool, when riding shoved his hands pockets, although that’s cool. Don’t try! Once try, ensure that fall down!

Other common sense.

Don’t go out to ride a bike when the weather is bad, because be hail hit a feeling you don’t understand. Don’t without lamp night riding, try not to move on. Front and rear lights and a reflective vest and long-distance riding in the mountains is necessary.

Especially suit also must pay attention to ah, don’t believe in front of the person, want to keep an eye to the front a car – because copycat fell a two times.

Before riding, you have to plan; Have a road, be sure to bring your headlights tools, such as pass by some rural highway no lights at night must keep attention, slowed down. For more information, please visit


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