Is the balance scooter a ghost killer on the road?

Survey found that, like electric bike, smart self balancing scooter with the motor drive, basic no sound in the process of driving, and the speed quickly, to pose a big security hidden danger in front of pedestrians, especially the old man and the child. “Ghost killer is not too much, every time I see from the smart balance wheel scooter whizzing around them, the heart is the mess, just like electric bike, don’t have any sound, rather abruptly leapt from behind, very scary.

Answer to the question of the intelligent balance road driving around traffic administration has issued a ban. As early as the end of 2014, Shanghai, wuhan, Beijing and other places of the traffic administration gradually show the position of the same: electric self balancing scooter is prohibited, electric scooters and other kinds of new type vehicles on the road, it is prohibited to carry on the subway. The Beijing traffic administration, said that electric scooter is a kind of new car, driven by a power plant, used for personnel take use of wheeled vehicles. From the existing laws and regulations, the car has the “road traffic safety law ” the provisions of motor vehicles characteristics. Motor vehicles must be approved by the competent authorities of the state motor vehicle license production, according to the law to permit the registration of the road before the road. Therefore, electric self balancing scooter, electric skateboard may not be on the road. Shanghai traffic administration of public reason is that according to the regulations of Shanghai non-motor vehicles management method, has no way two wheeled scooter, shall not run on road.

The balance car is also prohibited on road in Britain and Australia . Why is there such a ban?after the banning, what will be the impact of the development of the electric self balancing scooter? The reason for the ban on the road, mainly electric balance car if the occurrence of Spontaneous Combustion Accident, can cause great damage to the surrounding crowd and environment. Electric scooter is a mainstream trend in intelligent travel. After the ban, will seriously hit the enthusiasm of production of self balancing electric scooter, to continue develop, the producers will improve production technology, to ensure the safety of products, as the market scope of narrow, manufacturing enterprises or will be faced with superior inferior to shuffle again. For more detaied information, pls visit


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