The electric self balancing scooter lack of a unified industry standards

Electric self balancing scooter spontaneous combustion explosion was suspected to be connected with the battery. As a result, the United States of the CPSC issued notice that balancing scooter manufacturers, balance scooter importer and balance scooter distributor in the United States on the balance car of the production, import, sales car must conform to the UL2272 balance car circuit system certification, safety standards, and clear that all balance car batteries must be meet UN38.3 certification requirements.

The self balancing hoverboard market booming, many big battery maker is not fully involved in, and small production of lithium battery makers to seize opportunities and massive intervention, and small battery safety of battery makers cannot fully guarantee, so the smart balance scooter explosion combustion. In addition, the electric self balancing scooter sellers in order to seek more profit, adopt the batteries and management system by small business, another reason is why the electric balance scooter explosion. Electric balance scooter explosion mainly occurred in the evening, because will often charging for balance electric car in the evening, while charging time is too long can cause the charger fever, plus battery quality problems, eventually led to the explosion.

Europe and the United States and other places have set up a threshold for the balance car , so many small and medium manufacturing enterprises suffered heavy losses. In 2015, thousands of small businesses into balanced car market. Small workshop production, patchwork of parts, the lack of quality control and patent awareness, after banned, the factory will soon collapse.

Tell you a truth: Many of the balance car sale in the Taobao are from the manual workshop, there is no production line, five or six people can form a factory, a person can assemble 12 units a day.

Compared with the market turmoil, electric self balancing scooter industry is lack of effective supervision. In addition to a few places on the industry standard, national level haven’t supervise electric self balancing scooter industry, market access, there is no quality standard, created “a ban is dead”.

Now, of course, media coverage of all focus on the balance scooter accident, although most of the accident is caused by counterfeit products, but have you ever thought that these electric scooter accident will leave a balance car unsafe impression to consumers, the industry need to pay the consequences. So, the electric car balance need to publish relevant specification as soon as possible. For more information, please visit


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