The after -sales problem for OEM smart scooter

  The after-sales problem for two wheel electric scooter. We found that the balance scooter performance problems mainly displays in use will appear, such as: can’t charge, unable to start, flog, suddenly loses power and so on. The last two will bring a lot of potential safety problems, endangering the personal safety of the user.

  Hoverboard scooter the lack of a unified industry standard, so many small self balancing scooter supplier buy inferior, low-end parts assembled at random, and then selling “stick a card”, such products exist great potential safety hazard. In addition, the smart self balancing scooter lack way, many parts of the electric balance is banned from the road, mostly worried about traffic security problems. After more difficult to electric self balancing scooter industry, mainly is the lack of a unified industry standard, hoverboard scooter brands industry market too much less known and inferior brand. Smart hardware industry after all is difficult, mainly is the enterprise to return factory repair intelligent hardware cost is higher.

  According to statistics, overseas balanced car failure rate is about 40%. The china balance scooter failure rate more than 60%, in the face of such a high return rate suffering, how to solve the problem of foreign after-sales becomes the key to the whole industry.

  1) after-sales cost is far higher than profit

Due to high failure rate, a lot of self balancing scooter for sale by return. According to the regulation of the electric business platform, caused by failure to return to the seller the shipping label. Because balance car has light weight, no matter what logistics company, this part of the freight is very severe.

  2) communication trust issues

Sellers of fault judgment will not be accurate, think fault line just loose or interface is broken, again thrust line can solve a problem, but in fact most of the time is a problem of motherboard or motor. Due to the balance of the car manufacturers are different, use different types of specifications or motherboard maintenance need has the different channels, they will feel maintenance spare parts for freight is too high, and can’t accept it.

  3) renovation requirement is high

Return basically has serious casing scratches, if want to as a whole new product to sell again, you need to replace the shell. But the problem again, due to the aluminum shell factory and the shell is supporting the production, is not the same set of shell and aluminum screw holes will have difference, is not worthy of or have crack. So if sellers want to change the shell, then still have to replace the aluminum, lead to not only the high cost, also time-consuming.

  4) maintenance difficulties

  Factory main board on the market at present basically has two, but copy board more than 10, motor hundreds more. In theory, the main connection mode only three, but no matter how some motor wiring in practical operation, can’t work normally. Host and motor does not match, no doubt, increases the maintenance difficulty.

  To summarize, balanced car knock back by the United States? Balance of the car industry a series of problems from the source to the end. All vendors must not only see the surface of the sell like hot cakes, and do not understand the risk of these deep. In short, entrepreneurship is risky, entrants must be cautious. For more information, please click


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