Pay attention to the copycatting smart self balancing scooter

According to relevant data, British confiscated 1.5 million smart self balancing scooter, UK national trade standard bureau gives the explanation is “a lot of detained for inspection of goods were found using the charger which does not comply with the related safety standards , not added in the fuse, which will increase the equipment overheating, explosion and fire risk.

Smart balance scooter accident, battery quality problems and lack of battery insurance measures is the main cause of the accident. However, the problem of balancing the supply chain of each link has an inescapable responsibility, and interests are the source of all problems.

In both domestic and international markets, most consumers would like to have the lowest price and the best quality products. Some of the balance of the car business, and foreign trade businesses to seize the psychological consumers, benefit heart mischief constantly ask balance car manufacturers, OEM factory and reduce manufacturing cost, and due to the lack of balance car industry standards, many “black heart” manufacturers choose in the consumption of electricity pool money to do the.

The person in charge of Shenzhen Koowheel company, told the reporter, most of the smart scooter brand industry OEM production, hundreds of such self balancing scooter supplier plant in Shenzhen, the production of the large number of cheap copycatting products, through a variety of channels, sold at home and abroad market. However, Koowheel has their own brand and specialized in professional manufacturing and marketing in self balancing scooter. They have a strong R & D team that guarantee the quality of all product. For more relevant information, please do not hesitate to visit


The reasons for frequent accidents of electric scooter

Self Balancing Scooter accident, battery quality problems and lack of battery insurance measures is the main cause of the accident. However, the problem of smart self balancing scooter the supply chain of each link has an inescapable responsibility, and interests are the source of all problems.

In recent years, an upsurge of electric car balance is gradually on the rise in in the bookshops, balance of the car industry in the rapid development in recent years and get wide attention. However recently in the United States, Britain, China, Hong Kong spate of the balance of the car spontaneous combustion and explosion accident, Britain and Australia has banned the electric self balancing scooter, at the beginning of December 2015, the British confiscated 1.5 million vehicles imported from China “unsafe” balance of electric cars, these things happen inevitably China’s vigorous development of the electric self balancing scooter industry to cast on the shadow.

Behind the “unsafe” the balance of the car, with the balance of good and evil people mixed up, hoverboard scooter industry and its use of lithium battery safety, some of the battery industry also involved bad circumstance.

According to the results of a multi car accident investigation shows that most of the time during the night charge, the cause of the accident and the battery has a close relationship.

Koowheel company in “Chinese business newspaper” reporter the interview said that “the balance of the car in the charge explosion, the key problem is that the battery quality problems, and the battery and charger without protection. An accurate explanation is that the battery battery is not qualified, the battery protection board is not qualified, the charger is not qualified.”

However, Koowheel company has been adhering to the “Customer Supreme, Quality Foremost“. They have been engaged in designing & producing best outstanding products for the customers. Their Self Balancing Scooter are made up of XIN AO’MA or HANG HONG brand motor(top 2 motors), SAMSUNG or LG battery,American ARM board chip and high quality solid rubber tire. They also gained the Certification of Ul2272, is your reliable hoverboard scooter brand supplier. All the materials of our items are the best in self-balancing car industry. The have fulfilled over 100 OEM orders for 50 VIPs located in 5 different countries, also owned oversea warehouses in United States,Germany,Australia and United Kingdom,which can guarantee fast shipping. At the same time, set up maintenance centers in United States,with the support of free maintenance. Oversea maintenance centers in other countries will be set up gradually.


The world’s most portable electric skateboards

In Europe and the United States and other countries, the hoverboard scooters or skateboard scooter is very popular, the kids start playing skateboard scooter at an early age. In 2016, Koowheel technology company introduced the history of the lightest Four – wheel smart scooter E – Skateboard, used for short distance walking etc. Claims to be the lightest electric vehicles, in the history of top speed of 30 km/h, battery life can be about 10 km. Electric skateboards also equipped with a handheld wireless controller to control the speed, use standard of charging interface, two hours can be fully charged.

This electric scooter board billed as the most light, the light has many advantages, easy to operate, fast speed, which means that more will be more portable. You can bring it into the classroom, laboratory, office, or bus, even on the plane.

2016 New Design self balancing scooter

To be more special &more different than others

Product Description:

1) Battery capacity: 8800mAh

2) Motor power: Dual-motor each 1800w

3) Charging time: 2hours

4) Speed: ≤30km/h

5) Range: ≤30km

8) Max. load capacity: 100kg

9)Transmission: Belt

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You need to know a few unique features of the smart self balancing scooter

At present, intelligence with the Internet become a big trend, the these traditional vehicles such as electric self balancing scooter have begun to be intelligent and Internet, more and more electric self balancing scooter has turned into an intelligent electric car. Smart self balancing scooter is a vehicle other than the intelligent transportation. Smart self balancing scooter small size, small start-up companies can control, so not in the scope of this article, this article refers to the Smart self balancing scooter for the car in addition to the intelligent transportation.

The intelligent transportation mainly include:

Smart self balancing scooter: such as the two round of the 2 wheel self balancing scooter, a wheelbarrow, self balancing electric unicycle etc..

Car ownership more and more, the city’s congestion has spread from a second tier cities to the three or four tier cities, parking is difficult for each car driver to encounter problems. This year the government to solve the problem of haze, advocate green travel, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and Hangzhou City Auto Limited licensing also let intelligent electric flat car balance with the new market demand, there will be a product demand, so smart balance of electric cars more and more popular.

The current smart scooter wholesale manufacturers are mainly two categories, one is the original traditional two round of electric self balancing scooter manufacturers; the second category is a number of start-up technology companies. The original traditional second round round balance of electric scooter manufacturers main products is to change the original electric scooter lithium, and to increase the intelligent module, generally retained their original appearance, manned loading and other basic functions also retain. Smart self balancing scooter start-up technology companies, not stick to the original way are generally small, portable, no original satisfactory appearance, such as the current market there are intelligent Two Wheel Electric Scooter, one wheel bluetooth self balancing scooter.

The intelligent electric scooters adults, intelligent hardware installed on the self balancing electric scooter and connected with Bluetooth on the mobile phone , in electric vehicles increase the function of some of the Internet, it seems, intelligent electric vehicle unique function is:

Smart tips: the current situation of the vehicle to do a comprehensive test: including power information, location information, alarm prompt, start information, etc.. When the battery is insufficient electric hoverboard bluetooth alarm information.

Bluetooth speaker, let the music follow your footstep at anytime, you can enjoy the music to bring you pleasure anywhere.

Led Light, when you driving at night, turn on the LED lights, can illuminate your footsteps.

Of course, with the development of intelligent hardware, smart electric car will also increase the balance of new features, such as the Koowheel K3 have the Bluetooth function and LED display lights, Led lights can be turned on at night time.

Smart car driving in the gradual maturity, the product is also being more and more accepted by the user, Koowheel D1 or K3, also allows you to see the future of the smart scooter market. The introduction of personalized products, but also a breakdown of the market, pulling the scale of the entire industry.

Intelligent and miniaturization is the direction of the electric car balance, the State Council has clearly support the development of lithium battery electric balance car. With more and more urban subway opened, the public urban trunk road traffic continues to improve, but regional 1-3 kilometers or people travel pain points, light weight, good design, high degree of portable small smart balance scooter bluetooth will have in the development of the jet. For more detaied information, please visit

To buy the hoverboard scooter, you need to pay attention to these points

At present, the hoverboard scooter’s market price difference is too large, the lowest smart drifting scooter price is over 500 for the balance car, the maximum of tens of thousands. Because of the technical threshold is not high, leading to complex market brands, just in a search for a business, there are 100 pages of the volume of goods, as an ordinary user, how do we choose it? Today we’ll talk about how to buy a self balancing scooter.

First, models

According to the demand and balance ability person, love of cool young people, good balance force is recommended to choose a wheelbarrow;

Balance is a bit poor, recommended to choose the two wheel electric scooter, this kind of product is easy to control, easier to use. If the self balancing electric scooter as you travel tools, recommended to choose two wheeled scooter, because more safer, stronger endurance. Also have to consider the weight of the car, the size of the actual needs, to see whether it is convenient to carry.

Two wheel electric scooter, according to size also is a small two wheel self balancing scooter and the two wheel scooter etc., according to the different distance you travel, can choose small two wheel self balancing scooter or the belt wheel balance car. Small two wheeled balancing scooter according to the size of the motor from 4.5 inch to 10 inch range, more suitable for family use, also won the children’s favorite.

Two, configuration

Set a good goal, you have to look at the most important configuration of the. Electric balancing vehicles generally by the gyroscope, control computer, body frame, batteries and other major components purchased. Market is more complex, state and no clear safety regulations, resulting in those counterfeit manufacturers take advantage of loopholes, using low configuration, which also caused some accidents.

Battery, this is very important, more than the explosion occurred, the imbalance is caused by the battery. Balance car using lithium-ion batteries or Samsung, the battery is also good, with general balance car battery protective plate prices in 4000-6000 between, car battery prices in 2000-4000, small two wheeled balancing electric vehicle battery in between 200-300, relatively self balancing scooter prices will improve.

Three, The materials

Good balance car is generally used ABS, advanced PC, nano and other high-tech nano materials, with impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and other properties, to buy, you can look at these parameters in detail.

If it is after the online shopping, can see the detailed work, how the body joint treatment, whether rough etc..

Four, brand / price

Expensive electric self balancing scooter is not necessarily good, but cheap balance scooter will certainly have some weaknesses, in the purchase of the balance of the car, whether you want to buy what the price of the balance of the car products, be sure to choose well-known brand, regular sales channels to buy. Good brand in product research and development, technical strength, after sales are guaranteed. Quality assurance, these are immeasurably copycat brands.

The author of this article service for Koowheel smart scooter brand offer all kinds of smart self balancing scooter, on the selection of the well-known power battery, equipped with protection board, electric motor, motherboard and other components to also use the domestic well-known brand, artisan spirit. Conscience is superior. For more information, please visit

What is the advantage of different smart scooters brand

Koowheel balancing scooter is superior in performance, has very good climbing ability, thanks to imported high-performance 32-bit RISC processors gyroscope, powerful surge of 500w motor power (although great but the sound is very light or even silent), the highest speed: 20 km/h range: 15 km to 20 km, the machine only 15 kg weight Koowheel the highest load balanced car reached a staggering 120 kg, the obese people those who more than 200kg , also can relaxed and free riding.

Self balancing hoverboard was equipped with a remote control key, the configuration, I’m a little surprised, it has four patterns: lock, unlock, alarm, start, function is no problem, but if you do after you lock it, regardless of the back was destined to live lonely lives, and the car might get carried away.

On the road, of course, want to be safe, Koowheel balance car is equipped with two warning light , warning light inside each equipped with two high brightness LED blue light bead, running lights up, very nice at night.

Again good, the battery will run out of, in particular, there are some self balancing scooter supplier humanized when electricity is less than 5% or less is alert, how to prepare for the user, if the distance how far back, Koowheel smart scooter brands will warning when the power remaining 15%, green to red light and a prompt, but 15% you have plenty of time how to solve the problem of low battery.

Now people become lazy, shopping, play, shopping, etc. I can take it, many people define balance car as a toy, but it can do many things, you have to learn how to correct it, there will be a very high lead, good handsome, good lovely, most people believe Koowheel smart balance scooter evaluation, Koowheel balanced car internal powerful system performance, to a great extent determine actual experience and balanced car safety, good and inexpensive, easily the balance of the tens of thousands of cars I can’t afford to play, but more than 1000 RMB Koowheel balance car could be acceptable, whether in performance or safety are doing well, have a need to consider it, it won’t let you down. This information from