What is the advantage of different smart scooters brand

Koowheel balancing scooter is superior in performance, has very good climbing ability, thanks to imported high-performance 32-bit RISC processors gyroscope, powerful surge of 500w motor power (although great but the sound is very light or even silent), the highest speed: 20 km/h range: 15 km to 20 km, the machine only 15 kg weight Koowheel the highest load balanced car reached a staggering 120 kg, the obese people those who more than 200kg , also can relaxed and free riding.

Self balancing hoverboard was equipped with a remote control key, the configuration, I’m a little surprised, it has four patterns: lock, unlock, alarm, start, function is no problem, but if you do after you lock it, regardless of the back was destined to live lonely lives, and the car might get carried away.

On the road, of course, want to be safe, Koowheel balance car is equipped with two warning light , warning light inside each equipped with two high brightness LED blue light bead, running lights up, very nice at night.

Again good, the battery will run out of, in particular, there are some self balancing scooter supplier humanized when electricity is less than 5% or less is alert, how to prepare for the user, if the distance how far back, Koowheel smart scooter brands will warning when the power remaining 15%, green to red light and a prompt, but 15% you have plenty of time how to solve the problem of low battery.

Now people become lazy, shopping, play, shopping, etc. I can take it, many people define balance car as a toy, but it can do many things, you have to learn how to correct it, there will be a very high lead, good handsome, good lovely, most people believe Koowheel smart balance scooter evaluation, Koowheel balanced car internal powerful system performance, to a great extent determine actual experience and balanced car safety, good and inexpensive, easily the balance of the tens of thousands of cars I can’t afford to play, but more than 1000 RMB Koowheel balance car could be acceptable, whether in performance or safety are doing well, have a need to consider it, it won’t let you down. This information from www.koowheelmall.com


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