To buy the hoverboard scooter, you need to pay attention to these points

At present, the hoverboard scooter’s market price difference is too large, the lowest smart drifting scooter price is over 500 for the balance car, the maximum of tens of thousands. Because of the technical threshold is not high, leading to complex market brands, just in a search for a business, there are 100 pages of the volume of goods, as an ordinary user, how do we choose it? Today we’ll talk about how to buy a self balancing scooter.

First, models

According to the demand and balance ability person, love of cool young people, good balance force is recommended to choose a wheelbarrow;

Balance is a bit poor, recommended to choose the two wheel electric scooter, this kind of product is easy to control, easier to use. If the self balancing electric scooter as you travel tools, recommended to choose two wheeled scooter, because more safer, stronger endurance. Also have to consider the weight of the car, the size of the actual needs, to see whether it is convenient to carry.

Two wheel electric scooter, according to size also is a small two wheel self balancing scooter and the two wheel scooter etc., according to the different distance you travel, can choose small two wheel self balancing scooter or the belt wheel balance car. Small two wheeled balancing scooter according to the size of the motor from 4.5 inch to 10 inch range, more suitable for family use, also won the children’s favorite.

Two, configuration

Set a good goal, you have to look at the most important configuration of the. Electric balancing vehicles generally by the gyroscope, control computer, body frame, batteries and other major components purchased. Market is more complex, state and no clear safety regulations, resulting in those counterfeit manufacturers take advantage of loopholes, using low configuration, which also caused some accidents.

Battery, this is very important, more than the explosion occurred, the imbalance is caused by the battery. Balance car using lithium-ion batteries or Samsung, the battery is also good, with general balance car battery protective plate prices in 4000-6000 between, car battery prices in 2000-4000, small two wheeled balancing electric vehicle battery in between 200-300, relatively self balancing scooter prices will improve.

Three, The materials

Good balance car is generally used ABS, advanced PC, nano and other high-tech nano materials, with impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and other properties, to buy, you can look at these parameters in detail.

If it is after the online shopping, can see the detailed work, how the body joint treatment, whether rough etc..

Four, brand / price

Expensive electric self balancing scooter is not necessarily good, but cheap balance scooter will certainly have some weaknesses, in the purchase of the balance of the car, whether you want to buy what the price of the balance of the car products, be sure to choose well-known brand, regular sales channels to buy. Good brand in product research and development, technical strength, after sales are guaranteed. Quality assurance, these are immeasurably copycat brands.

The author of this article service for Koowheel smart scooter brand offer all kinds of smart self balancing scooter, on the selection of the well-known power battery, equipped with protection board, electric motor, motherboard and other components to also use the domestic well-known brand, artisan spirit. Conscience is superior. For more information, please visit


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