Pay attention to the copycatting smart self balancing scooter

According to relevant data, British confiscated 1.5 million smart self balancing scooter, UK national trade standard bureau gives the explanation is “a lot of detained for inspection of goods were found using the charger which does not comply with the related safety standards , not added in the fuse, which will increase the equipment overheating, explosion and fire risk.

Smart balance scooter accident, battery quality problems and lack of battery insurance measures is the main cause of the accident. However, the problem of balancing the supply chain of each link has an inescapable responsibility, and interests are the source of all problems.

In both domestic and international markets, most consumers would like to have the lowest price and the best quality products. Some of the balance of the car business, and foreign trade businesses to seize the psychological consumers, benefit heart mischief constantly ask balance car manufacturers, OEM factory and reduce manufacturing cost, and due to the lack of balance car industry standards, many “black heart” manufacturers choose in the consumption of electricity pool money to do the.

The person in charge of Shenzhen Koowheel company, told the reporter, most of the smart scooter brand industry OEM production, hundreds of such self balancing scooter supplier plant in Shenzhen, the production of the large number of cheap copycatting products, through a variety of channels, sold at home and abroad market. However, Koowheel has their own brand and specialized in professional manufacturing and marketing in self balancing scooter. They have a strong R & D team that guarantee the quality of all product. For more relevant information, please do not hesitate to visit


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