Do you know this driving tips for hoverseat ?

Some driving tips for Koowheel hoverseat:

1: Power up: After installation of vehicle & after the rider sit on the seat and centralize the handles to adjust the Self Balancing Scooter to its balancing position, then power up the board &put the feet on the pedal then to control the self balancing hoverboard forward and backwards with operating handles.

2: Power off: Stop the board & find balancing of electric self balancing scooter then push the button for power off.

3: how to move forward: Push two sides of the operating handles push forwardly to move forward.

4: how to move backward: Push two sides of the operating handles push backwardly to move backward.

5: how to brake : Pull the handles to its equilibrium point to brake.

6 : how to turn: Push the left operating handle to push forward to turn right, vice versa.


1: This product belongs to recreational products and is strictly prohibited to use on the motor vehicle road.  Riders must wear safety helmet, kneecaps and other necessary protective appliances while riding .
2: Due to the product’ s particularity, it is required to check the screw fastening parts every week, please well lock the screws if there are some loosening ones to avoid unnecessary accidents in driving.

3: Design of this product can accomplish some high difficulty movements like rise up of foremost wheels. but for your safety & before not fully familiar with this product, it is strictly prohibited to sharp immediately, to drift, or to accomplish other extreme dangerous movements.

4: There are some dangers in the case if riders are not familiar with the operation of this product. Child cannot operate alone & must be under the care of the guardian when riding.


How to maintain your smart balancing scooter well

Though the smart scooter is small, but you should cherish too. After all, is your fashion travel artifact. In our daily life, the most common means of transport was diverse, such as automobile, motorcycle, bicycle. And these different types of cars have their own characteristics, for example, the bicycle is more environmentally and friendly, but the speed is slightly slower, and then for example, the car has tail gas, but the speed is fast. Like this kind of car all has the malpractice, then has a speed suitable, and the environmental protection? The emergence of smart self balancing scooter just combined with these two points. So it becomes necessary in our transport. And the development of electric vehicles (EV) is after a period of time, now electric scooters  entered a new stage of development, that is the stage of intelligent, with a variety of intelligent electric vehicles, for example electric self balancing scooter, it is a new smart self balancing scooters. Now on the market and a lot of this type of scooters, the car with ordinary electric vehicles rely on the same power generation, but it is very different compared with ordinary scooters, with the most advanced computer program, do not need too much human intervention, it can balance in their own hands. Unlike the normal self balancing hoverboard must be human to balance, otherwise they will be ready to face the rollover risk.

Electric balance scooter is equipped with a specific balance device, it is very flexible and very convenient, but, after all, is the car, with the use of their own life, improper operation will give it lead to injury, so as to shorten the time to use it, how can we let it have a longer longer time?? This needs to do its daily maintenance.

First of all, is the daily maintenance work, which for each car is very important, its maintenance work is done, can let it daily use to keep a best state, in order to does not go wrong at runtime. Especially its wheel maintenance work must be done, because the wheels are the main parts of it, can not have any problems, so when the scooter has a problem to be immediately repaired.

Besides, its self balance board usually clean up work, the car will a variety of places to go, will inevitably be sticky dust, and the dust for a long time does not clean up, will have damage to the part, so be in after each use, timely do a good job of cleaning work. The last is its storage location, do not place in direct sunlight place, as far as possible in a cool ventilated place. For more information,please visit

Travel artifact “self balancing electric scooter ” will change the life

A new type of intelligent vehicle, which is based on the principle of controlling the position of the aviation, using the fuzzy algorithm and the gyroscope system to realize the self balancing scooter, is now becoming a new toy for the young people. Whether it is in the early 20 students or office workers, are loyal fans of this smart balance scooter.

The reason why the electric self balancing scooter can be so hot, due to its several features:

Cool, energy saving and environmental protection

The smart self balancing scooter is a unified use lithium battery power, compared to motor vehicles, charging mode of transportation without any pollution to the air, zero emissions, in line with green travel, and on the balance car appearance is very fashion, riding on the streets will be attracted numerous back rate, which is a lot of young people like it.

Small and portable
Many people complain about electric cars and bicycles easily stolen,if you don’t want to drive private cars to go out in a short distance, finding a parking space time more than driving time even longer, it is not too worthwhile, so a lot of people had to squeeze the bus or walk. All these problem balancing scooter can solve for you. Average weight of the balance car is 15 kg, you can casually mention to carry away, carry convenience will not worry to be stolen.

Go with travel artifact

Don’t say the car is convenient, the dog can walk in a private car? Would you like to go to the park after dinner? These recreational activities and motor vehicles do not seem to be in a relationship. But is the bike really good? It doesn’t seem to be safe to stop the bike. The Self Balancing Smart Scooter can eliminate these problems, highly entertaining ride instead of walk artifact must come in handy, to fill between walking and long distance gap known as the balance  car is the best tool in daily short distance travel .

Brain fitness cheap

The balance car while seemingly is a new high-tech products, but the self balancing scooter price is really is not high, also is an ordinary smart drifting scooter price, if has discount, its price less than one thousand. A note of caution, don’t buy OEM balance scooter, especially those irregular manufacturers who only recruit agents, be sure to choose the regular brand, such as Koowheel.

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Ten big taboo to ride an electric scooter

Since the electric self balancing scooter as the current fashion green environmental protection means of transport, compared with other traditional means of transport, its light, small, fashion, to meet the needs of the daily white-collar workers.

Recently, most of the young people to buy this stylish transport, now let me share the following ten points neet to be attention when you riding the electric balance scooter :

1. Drunk driving was prohibited. (although the electric self balancing scooter speed is 18~25KM per hour, but after all, on the road, when you have been drunk, the unexpected things will happen)
2. You’d better not ride on the road which has too much sand. (if you are a junior player)
3. The novice must take padding. (the novice to start learning to drive, you’d better to wear stockings, otherwise easily lead to skin friction because of foot injury. )
4. The new hand should not be uphill.
5. The novice should not travel too fast.
6. Stop fooling around when you riding the self balancing hoverboard .
7. You should not use a self balancing electric scooter on a rainy day.
8. You were suggested that riding on the bicycle road or sidewalk.
9. 60 years old under 12 years of age people,please don’t play it.
10. As a beginners, you’d better find a companion to learn.
Study of smart balance scooter should not underestimate the low speed, the consequences are unimaginable.

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Why is the balance car so hot?

According to the statistics data, as of October 2015, China’s export volume of the balance scooter has more than ten million units, an increase of more than 200% in foreign sales, is probably the most popular intelligent hardware gifts for 15 years.

The Changes in the car under sharing economy. Now both limousine service or carpool ride widely sought after. Such projects as a shared positive typical representative, so that the community take advantage of idle or inadequate vehicle to maximize the role, in the tide of mobile Internet, through the mobile phone terminal make such vehicles sharing becomes very easy, thus resulting in this wave around vehicles sharing patterns of economic development.

Personal transportation, a variety of outdoor life create heat. Focus on solving the “personal transport” and outdoor living in the creation of the hard hit fever, focusing on solving urban travel and outdoor quality life. Such products have been covered in two major directions, respectively:

(1) smart bicycle, intelligent power assisted bicycle, intelligent electric bicycle

(2) Electric Unicycle, 2 wheel scooter, as the representative of the skateboard scooter.


These two kinds of products separate people from the four wheel cars, public transit, at the same time can get more comfortable, fun, cool and fashionable personal riding experience, I believe this kind of entrepreneurial projects will emerge in an endless stream, is in the ascendant.

In particular, Koowheel recently developed a new type of self balancing scooter with a wheelchair, you can sit in the car to go shopping with your friends, both stylish and enjoy!

So cool, that how much money can buy?

Self balancing smart scooter was born in the beginning of this century, the first generation of the smart scooter price more than 10000 U.S. dollars, and now the price from thousands to tens thousands of dollars, and even low-end products fell below 1000 RMB. For the above smart scooter with wheelchair, we just offer 80 US dollars. This information comes from

The best hoverboard scooter supplier-Koowheel

Koowheel is a professional enterprise with perfect design concept,excellent service and high quality products, which would be your best long-term business partner. We are committed to manufacturing the products which could bring more happiness, such as hoverboard, two wheel scooter, skateboard scooter etc. Comfort and convenience for human beings, also they could improve the quality of life. In short: Make better life for human beings.
Now let me introduce our new factory to you. In order to expand the scale of the company and provide sufficient stock for the customer from domestic and abroad. We established a new factory this year, it is located in dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our factory is over 30,000 square meters. The office environment of the factory is also very beautiful.

Besides,we have a very high-end and elegant sample room for display our stylish and cool balancing scooter.

Especially, there is a very wide runway field on the second floor for testing the smart self balancing scooter, looks very professional, the customers can go to experience and enjoy the fun of the riding in the area.

We are always strive to provide the best product and service for all the customers.
Welcome to visit our factory !

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How to check the authenticity of UL certificate

First, click to enter the UL official database:
If you want to check which self balancing scooter companies have passed UL2272 :

Please enter the fkis In Category Code and click search, then you can see the bellow:

Search result:

To judge the authenticity of the UL certificate and the corresponding company.

1. First we neet to get the certificate of PDF documents, to find the certificate number (usually E beginning).

2. Please enter the certificate number in the UL File Number, click search.( The following is our Koowheel UL certificate number.

Then you can see this certificate for the company name, if you can not find the query or the company name is not corresponding with the actual company, the certificate is likely to be forged. Need to pay more attention to. The following is the Koowheel company, another name is Shenzhen Imuse Technology.

Koowheel hoverboard has successfully passed the UL2272 certificate

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that all the Self Balancing Scooter, including hoverboard scooter manufacturers, importers, distributors, in Native American production, import and marketing of the balance car must meet the new safety standards, including UL 2272 balance scooter circuit system certification standards.

United States Consumer Products Safety Association said that all of the smart self balancing scooterare not in line with the above standards exist potential fire risks, will give consumers a serious personal injury, the threat of public life and property safety. In the past several months, CPSC received a report, a total of 24 different continents, 52 from the fire incident, resulting in more than two million US dollars in economic losses. Therefore, the CPSC heavy attack, clearly stipulates: does not comply with the above standard products will be detained in customs import process, in the domestic sales of the products in question will be asked to recall, in order to ensure related safety accidents are effectively prevented even avoided.

So, electric balance scooter was already more normalized and quality cause of certificated.

Koowheel is a very professional and reliable hoverboard or self balancing scooter manufacturer with a strong sense of responsibility for the customer from domestic and abroad, all the materials of our items are the best in self-balancing car industry. Today, on behalf of KOOWHEEL company, to tell you a good news, we have passed the UL 2272 certification. The following is our electric scooters raw materials test photos.

We all know that high quality can be ensured expected profit for both of us.

The transport is 0 risk on your side cause normalized service in our Koowheel technology.

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Lithium’s safety could be the development problem of hoverboard industry

Survey found that the current cheap electric scooters, flooding the market. Reporter view electric self balancing scooter selling in taobao , the product covers hundreds of yuan is the highest price ten thousand yuan. Search keyword “self balancing electric scooter” that shows all categories of a total of 66900 pieces of baby, the price is in 1000 yuan and the baby amount to 44500, accounting for 67% of the cars sold in balance car quantity; Price is in 2000 yuan the following baby number to 55800, 83% of the number of cars sold in balancing scooter.

In the recent Hong Kong, China and Britain in the balance car charge explosion accident, according to consumer statements, the self balancing scooter price is within 2000 yuan.

Lithium battery is the power source of the current mainstream balanced car use, “the most cheap, fake balanced car products for cost savings will use some unknown battery, this is one of the important reasons causing safety concerns.” researcher Li Hu told the China business news “reporter in an interview.

In shenzhen area, there are hundreds of balance car manufacturing not only factory, there are a lot of balance car battery production of small workshops.

China’s chemical and physical power industry association information department told the China business news reporter, balanced car market is small, use the battery quantity is too small, large battery manufacturers are not willing to step in; Balance of sell like hot cakes, and so did the car battery sell like hot cakes, to balance the car battery production operations were brought to life.

Industry, said the balance car industry chain, battery industry and balance the car industry, there is the lack of industry standards, policies, laws and regulations is not sound, these gave speculators to claim.

Information department, according to China’s chemical and physical power industry association as a result of domestic battery industry basic no regulation, battery manufacturer to purchase batteries entirely by conscience. In terms of batteries used for balance  car, poor quality of good quality batteries and battery core doubled in price difference, some defective goods price will be lower. And some balance scooter manufacturers to reduce costs, timely delivery, quality requirements for battery will ease a lot.

According to China’s chemical and physical power supply the information provided by the ministry of information industry association, a balanced car battery to use good quality batteries, such as China Koowheel, they use samsung original battery, also some people said that the products using imported advanced lithium-ion batteries.

But as the core component of balanced car batteries, generally wrapped inside the fuselage, whatever business brand, even if consumers after the purchase, is also unable to distinguish the battery quality. This information is derived from