Lithium’s safety could be the development problem of hoverboard industry

Survey found that the current cheap electric scooters, flooding the market. Reporter view electric self balancing scooter selling in taobao , the product covers hundreds of yuan is the highest price ten thousand yuan. Search keyword “self balancing electric scooter” that shows all categories of a total of 66900 pieces of baby, the price is in 1000 yuan and the baby amount to 44500, accounting for 67% of the cars sold in balance car quantity; Price is in 2000 yuan the following baby number to 55800, 83% of the number of cars sold in balancing scooter.

In the recent Hong Kong, China and Britain in the balance car charge explosion accident, according to consumer statements, the self balancing scooter price is within 2000 yuan.

Lithium battery is the power source of the current mainstream balanced car use, “the most cheap, fake balanced car products for cost savings will use some unknown battery, this is one of the important reasons causing safety concerns.” researcher Li Hu told the China business news “reporter in an interview.

In shenzhen area, there are hundreds of balance car manufacturing not only factory, there are a lot of balance car battery production of small workshops.

China’s chemical and physical power industry association information department told the China business news reporter, balanced car market is small, use the battery quantity is too small, large battery manufacturers are not willing to step in; Balance of sell like hot cakes, and so did the car battery sell like hot cakes, to balance the car battery production operations were brought to life.

Industry, said the balance car industry chain, battery industry and balance the car industry, there is the lack of industry standards, policies, laws and regulations is not sound, these gave speculators to claim.

Information department, according to China’s chemical and physical power industry association as a result of domestic battery industry basic no regulation, battery manufacturer to purchase batteries entirely by conscience. In terms of batteries used for balance  car, poor quality of good quality batteries and battery core doubled in price difference, some defective goods price will be lower. And some balance scooter manufacturers to reduce costs, timely delivery, quality requirements for battery will ease a lot.

According to China’s chemical and physical power supply the information provided by the ministry of information industry association, a balanced car battery to use good quality batteries, such as China Koowheel, they use samsung original battery, also some people said that the products using imported advanced lithium-ion batteries.

But as the core component of balanced car batteries, generally wrapped inside the fuselage, whatever business brand, even if consumers after the purchase, is also unable to distinguish the battery quality. This information is derived from


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