How to check the authenticity of UL certificate

First, click to enter the UL official database:
If you want to check which self balancing scooter companies have passed UL2272 :

Please enter the fkis In Category Code and click search, then you can see the bellow:

Search result:

To judge the authenticity of the UL certificate and the corresponding company.

1. First we neet to get the certificate of PDF documents, to find the certificate number (usually E beginning).

2. Please enter the certificate number in the UL File Number, click search.( The following is our Koowheel UL certificate number.

Then you can see this certificate for the company name, if you can not find the query or the company name is not corresponding with the actual company, the certificate is likely to be forged. Need to pay more attention to. The following is the Koowheel company, another name is Shenzhen Imuse Technology.


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