The best hoverboard scooter supplier-Koowheel

Koowheel is a professional enterprise with perfect design concept,excellent service and high quality products, which would be your best long-term business partner. We are committed to manufacturing the products which could bring more happiness, such as hoverboard, two wheel scooter, skateboard scooter etc. Comfort and convenience for human beings, also they could improve the quality of life. In short: Make better life for human beings.
Now let me introduce our new factory to you. In order to expand the scale of the company and provide sufficient stock for the customer from domestic and abroad. We established a new factory this year, it is located in dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our factory is over 30,000 square meters. The office environment of the factory is also very beautiful.

Besides,we have a very high-end and elegant sample room for display our stylish and cool balancing scooter.

Especially, there is a very wide runway field on the second floor for testing the smart self balancing scooter, looks very professional, the customers can go to experience and enjoy the fun of the riding in the area.

We are always strive to provide the best product and service for all the customers.
Welcome to visit our factory !

For more detailed information,please visit


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