Why is the balance car so hot?

According to the statistics data, as of October 2015, China’s export volume of the balance scooter has more than ten million units, an increase of more than 200% in foreign sales, is probably the most popular intelligent hardware gifts for 15 years.

The Changes in the car under sharing economy. Now both limousine service or carpool ride widely sought after. Such projects as a shared positive typical representative, so that the community take advantage of idle or inadequate vehicle to maximize the role, in the tide of mobile Internet, through the mobile phone terminal make such vehicles sharing becomes very easy, thus resulting in this wave around vehicles sharing patterns of economic development.

Personal transportation, a variety of outdoor life create heat. Focus on solving the “personal transport” and outdoor living in the creation of the hard hit fever, focusing on solving urban travel and outdoor quality life. Such products have been covered in two major directions, respectively:

(1) smart bicycle, intelligent power assisted bicycle, intelligent electric bicycle

(2) Electric Unicycle, 2 wheel scooter, as the representative of the skateboard scooter.


These two kinds of products separate people from the four wheel cars, public transit, at the same time can get more comfortable, fun, cool and fashionable personal riding experience, I believe this kind of entrepreneurial projects will emerge in an endless stream, is in the ascendant.

In particular, Koowheel recently developed a new type of self balancing scooter with a wheelchair, you can sit in the car to go shopping with your friends, both stylish and enjoy!

So cool, that how much money can buy?

Self balancing smart scooter was born in the beginning of this century, the first generation of the smart scooter price more than 10000 U.S. dollars, and now the price from thousands to tens thousands of dollars, and even low-end products fell below 1000 RMB. For the above smart scooter with wheelchair, we just offer 80 US dollars. This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com


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