Ten big taboo to ride an electric scooter

Since the electric self balancing scooter as the current fashion green environmental protection means of transport, compared with other traditional means of transport, its light, small, fashion, to meet the needs of the daily white-collar workers.

Recently, most of the young people to buy this stylish transport, now let me share the following ten points neet to be attention when you riding the electric balance scooter :

1. Drunk driving was prohibited. (although the electric self balancing scooter speed is 18~25KM per hour, but after all, on the road, when you have been drunk, the unexpected things will happen)
2. You’d better not ride on the road which has too much sand. (if you are a junior player)
3. The novice must take padding. (the novice to start learning to drive, you’d better to wear stockings, otherwise easily lead to skin friction because of foot injury. )
4. The new hand should not be uphill.
5. The novice should not travel too fast.
6. Stop fooling around when you riding the self balancing hoverboard .
7. You should not use a self balancing electric scooter on a rainy day.
8. You were suggested that riding on the bicycle road or sidewalk.
9. 60 years old under 12 years of age people,please don’t play it.
10. As a beginners, you’d better find a companion to learn.
Study of smart balance scooter should not underestimate the low speed, the consequences are unimaginable.

This information comes from www.koowheel.com


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