Do you know this driving tips for hoverseat ?

Some driving tips for Koowheel hoverseat:

1: Power up: After installation of vehicle & after the rider sit on the seat and centralize the handles to adjust the Self Balancing Scooter to its balancing position, then power up the board &put the feet on the pedal then to control the self balancing hoverboard forward and backwards with operating handles.

2: Power off: Stop the board & find balancing of electric self balancing scooter then push the button for power off.

3: how to move forward: Push two sides of the operating handles push forwardly to move forward.

4: how to move backward: Push two sides of the operating handles push backwardly to move backward.

5: how to brake : Pull the handles to its equilibrium point to brake.

6 : how to turn: Push the left operating handle to push forward to turn right, vice versa.


1: This product belongs to recreational products and is strictly prohibited to use on the motor vehicle road.  Riders must wear safety helmet, kneecaps and other necessary protective appliances while riding .
2: Due to the product’ s particularity, it is required to check the screw fastening parts every week, please well lock the screws if there are some loosening ones to avoid unnecessary accidents in driving.

3: Design of this product can accomplish some high difficulty movements like rise up of foremost wheels. but for your safety & before not fully familiar with this product, it is strictly prohibited to sharp immediately, to drift, or to accomplish other extreme dangerous movements.

4: There are some dangers in the case if riders are not familiar with the operation of this product. Child cannot operate alone & must be under the care of the guardian when riding.


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