What concerns you most before you buy Self balancing scooter ?

In twenty-first Century, the development of science and technology is very fast, now have many choices to travel to work. The Self Balancing Scooter is one of the more practical portable transport of. However, consumers must pay attention when purchase the balance car, do not buy a bad balance car. What you need to pay attention to before you buy Self balancing scooter ? Now the sale manager of Koowheel introduce for you.

1. Don’t try to choose a less known and inferior brand

The technical level of balance car on the body is relatively high, generally no name manufacturers do not have good production technology and solutions, the balance car might cut corners, so that users in the safety of some hidden dangers.

2. Parameters

The Balance wheel scooter has several important parameters.
First is the waterproof level, transport tool for outdoor use can easily meet surface water or rainy days, waterproof level is very important, because it will make you use in certain scenarios not;
Second is the endurance mileage, according to your travel distance to pick the product;
Third is the highest speed, different product speed is not the same. Speed may be more important for some people who want to save time.
The last is the charging time, some products when charging a longer time, to pay attention to when buying.

3. After sales, to understand clearly

This is also very important, to buy any one of the goods is to value after sales and warranty. To put aside the balance scooter‘s quality control does not say, after sales is very important, it directly affects your experience in the use of. Koowheel has set up maintenance centers in United States,with the support of free maintenance so very convenience for overseas customers.
Recently, they also developed a new product, that is E-skateboard, if interested,please visit http://www.koowheel.com


How to pick a good smart self balancing scooter?

With the rapid development of science and technology, a new type of short distance transport – the smart self balancing scooter into the people’s vision, a new era of choice for young people. But the balance scooters types on the market range, as consumers, how should we judge whether it is good or bad? Here you don’t  worry about this, Koowheel as one of the leading smart scooter brand, has been committed to the smart balance scooter product development of hardware and software, is a leading R & D, production, sales and service in one of the intelligent transport equipment suppliers, which has a deep understanding, below I will introduce how to pick a good smart balance scooter:

1. motor power
Motor power shortage will make us feel very difficult in the process of riding. In addition, the current electric balance scooter is basically adopt latest magnetic levitation motor, it should be no noise in the process of riding. Noisy products, generally not very good.

2. endurance
Life is our primary concern parameters, here need to beware of false bad business, so it can be in accordance with each 10wh can travel 1 km from line conversion.

3. chip motherboard
A chip motherboard is good or bad is related to security, security is not the size of the tire, but rather the control board of the smart system settings, the more intelligent system is relatively safe.
4. material conditions
Look at what the quality of materials used. Look at its shell materials, the surface luminance, edge touch test, wheel, surface material is good or bad is that can see.

How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?

How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?

The Battery of Self balancing scooter is the most important component need to pay attention upon. Well-maintained battery may still in good performance during use 2 ~ 3 million kilometers; and bad-maintained battery may appear shortage of capacity or damaged after a use of few months.  Please do your best to extend your battery life to have regular inspection and maintenance according to the following tips.

1. Please put the battery in a dry environment with 0 to 40 DEG room temperature. High temperature and low temperature will affect the battery life. Please do not use or store the battery in the environment less than -20 DEG or higher than 50 DEG;

2. Please store the battery in a dry, cool environment. In extreme moist environment, the internal battery may cause condensation or have storage of water which is likely to lead to rapid cell damages;

3. During daily use, please avoid recharging the battery when it is completely depleted. If the power display shows only 1 ~ 2 grid, please charge it as soon as possible. Please make sure the battery is fully-charged once finishing riding. Frequent charging won’t damage the battery well the battery life will be seriously affected during long-term under nearly exhausted state.

4. If the battery is installed but without long-term use which will continue to consume battery power, so please follow below tips:

a) Short term (less than 30 days), no need to remove the battery, Store battery while it is fully-charged;
b) Long term (more than 30 days), when not in use, please first fully charged the  battery then remove the battery and store in a cool dry place.
c) Extreme long term (more than 180 days), need to store battery separately. Please fully-charged battery each 3 to 4 months in order to maintain the battery capacity and life.

5. The vehicle uses a safe lithium-ion battery core coupled with multiple protection function s upon the circuit board, so during normal use or even the impact of the crash will not cause fire or explosion;

6. Typically, the fully charged battery installed vehicle would run out the power after 50 to 70 days’ stand-by; For nearly exhausted batteries installed, the power would run out after about 10 ~ 20 days standby . So if not charge timely then soon it will lead to excessive discharge damage the battery. This damage is beyond retrieve also not within our  warranty scope.


It’s forbidden to pierce the battery with sharp objects.
It’s forbidden to smash the battery with heavy objects.
It’s prohibited to put the battery into the fire or into the natural water areas to avoid causing danger or environmental pollution.

Daily maintenance of two wheel self balancing scooter k5

Two wheel self-balancing hoverboard’s main operation principle is based on “dynamic stability”, ie the vehicle itself would find it balance automatically. To Sense the posture of the vehicle via built-in precision solid-state gyroscope and to calculate appropriate instructions through sophisticated and high-speed CPU in order to drive the motor to achieve a balanced effect. The two axis control each side to keep a relative balanced status during riding also can enhance riding stability.

Daily maintenance 

Cleaning and storage

● Please clean your vehicle timely after use to maintain the best performance;

● You can clean the main body using a soft cloth dipped with a little bit of water;

● It’s advised to clean tires and vehicle bottom using household shower or garden sprinkler (water pressure is lower than 1Mpa, or 145PSI). Once done, please dry the vehicle as soon as possible and place it in a dry and ventilated place so as to avoid steel rust;

● For the hard-clean stains on plastic surface, its advised to brush the places with toothpaste then scrub repeatedly and then to clean up by wet cloth. This method can also be used to remove surface scratches;

● When not in use, please place the vehicle in a dry and shady place and try to avoid long time storage outdoor. Exposure under sun and hot / cold outdoor environment will accelerate the aging of its appearance.


When cleaning the hoverboard, please ensure the vehicle is turned off and the charger is unplugged also charger’s rubber cover is tightly buckled! Otherwise it may cause shocks or serious faults.

It’s highly prohibited to wash the vehicle by high-pressure water jet which is used for car-washing and to immerse the whole vehicle into water since it may lead to inflow of water vapor or water which causes fault severity that cannot be repaired.

It’s highly prohibited to clean the vehicle using chemical solvents like gasoline, kerosene, acetone or other corrosive, volatile ones. These substances will damage the vehicle’s outter appearance and internal structure. This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com

KOOWHEEL Hoverboard K5 gives you a different experience

The riding is not over pedal domination, and the traditional motorcycle and Electric vehicle are appear. As a personal transport, speed is there, but the pollution problem has become the center of conflict. KOOWHEEL Hoverboard scooter K5 bring people to a new vision, energy saving and low carbon, to make an example on green travel.

Travel tools experience the thousands of years evolution, people’s way of life had a huge impact. Although now the four wheels car has become the dominant Road, personal riding tools are still in the effective direction development. In addition to play skills in a particular line, innovation consciousness gradually into the design. Elwe, early on personal travel conducted a thorough analysis and discussion, the balance scooter K5 aim at carbon-free behavior, load into the advanced intelligent technology, not just to ride to the destination of the way, has become the pursuit of life fun and outdoor media.

The smart scooter K5 completely subvert the people’s understanding of the traditional means of transport, it has the following characteristics:

1. It is with three parts structure design which keeps balance by itself and wont fall. the most important point is that we have got our own patent of this model
2. Removable battery
3. There is grip on the board, then you can carry it freely.
4. With display screen.
5. Dual Speaker
6. Induction lights, will light up in a dark place
7. Will get UL2272 soon.

Koowheel is sure to the power of the Balance scooter  and gives you a different experience, to make a reasonable optimization for some obvious technical defects.

Compared to the balance car riding need to have the basic balance of the balance car, smart scooter K5 is more like a pragmatic law-abiding. There are structural features of Smart balance scooter already, just to play by walking, KOOWHEEL‘s contribution to its own level of the comprehensive grasp of product. K5 has a solid base support and a suitable speed configuration, showing a convenient and smooth ride experience. Standing on the KOOWHEEL, considering the human comfort factors, that does not increase the storage space, and standing more in line with the people’s daily habits.

Two wheel electric scooter
 K5 to be innovative in the attitude to flexible characteristics of the product, to convey the unique thinking on security issues, provide a sensible solution; on the basis of saving time and labor and increase the pleasure to the awareness of environmental protection.This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com/company/KOOWHEEL-Hoverboard-K5-gives-you-a-different-experience-25_66.html

Koowheel Electric Skateboard daily maintenance

First of all, wheels are extremely necessary for E-skateboard. Therefore regular checking and maintenance are required for wheels. Especially wheel components should be sensed by hands for its firmness regularly. Way to do it is to shaking wheel along the axis of the wheel, if components shakes then it is considered as loose phenomenon. In order to ensure the safety of riding, we should continue to check the wheel screws’ tightening and only under screw’s fully tightness and the whole assembly’s firmness then we are able to achieve its full operation. Surely the attrition rate should be strictly controlled for a convenient joyful riding experience.

Secondly,please put the electric skateboard in dry and ventilated place and do not put under moist and unventilated places when not in use. Long time placed in damp places will cause damped of PCB boards and battery then lead to some troubles.

The last, there are always customized needs for Eskateboard, but please do not change chargers arbitrarily when not sure if it’s okay. Changing other chargers would lower E skateboard’s safety also reduce battery life. Don’t put the battery in places with temperature above 60 degrees and charging the battery every 2-3 month for long-time use to keep the battery saturation. Please fully charge the battery before first use. Due to transport which causes a long time no use of battery so the battery will shows a slow discharge. Please keep a clean and dry charging environment. Charging port when wet. Please do not charge when the charging port us damp. Please charge and store the vehicle based on requirements otherwise it will damage the battery and affect the battery life.
1. Only use the original parts for the board to avoid safety problems.
2. Get familiar with the conditions of the brake and make sure it with perfect braking performance.
3. Oil the bearings regularly
4. Beginners should ride the board with caution in a smooth surface road.
5. Avoid wet and over-bumpy road. This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com

Don’t make these mistakes before you buy a hoverboard

Whether you are a green hand that want to purchase a smart self balancing scooter or novice, want the old driver, in the face of many models, many brands, are in need of some misunderstanding alert when Car Buying, so as not to buy satisfactory car. Below, by the KOOWHEEL company’s suggestion.

Don’t buy it at a glance
No matter which brand you are loyal to, before you buy a new smart scooter you need to make a comparision with other models or brands,to determine which one is more suitable for you, rather than simply staring at a single brand, or with the flow. Often you just need to spend some time,  to understand the various smart scooter brands, under the various models, and finally will be able to get a good result. At the same time, this is also able to let you in the face of business advertising bombing, customer service staff, such as the enthusiasm of multiple bombing, to maintain their own subjective ability to judge, and a comprehensive understanding of the models of the real selling point and disadvantage.

Don’t buy because it is cheaper
In general, before the purchase of smart balance scooter, everyone will have a psychological budget their psychological, when the budget will not be sufficient to buy a electric scooter board when you love best, do not blindly buy a special offer or low-priced products, if you don’t love it, then riding for a long time in the future, you will be more satisfied, or do not have to endure a comfortable ride. If the budget a little bit, can try to relax; if a lot more, then we must consider what is expected if the configuration is entirely their own needs, which can be used as a secondary consideration to compromise, and then slowly to lock the target, did not think clearly before it is best not to do a buy on the spot car.

Don’t focus on the pursuit of simple configuration
Don’t configure high, higher and higher,    you need to understand what must configuration before buying electric scooter board, then such a standard as a reference to select suitable models. After all, if you choose a city riding off-road vehicle, may mean that you spend more money or vehicle is not light and so on, and this will seriously affect the future use experience, this is not a bad electric skateboard, but it is not suitable for you.

Don’t refuse the sales staff
Although you can find a lot of information about smart scooter products on the network, but that does not mean you can not communicate with the sales staff fully on direct orders. In many cases, you can know that the product performance, configuration and further validation from the sales staff, and can consult the customer service well, what kind of problems can get what the product customer service. Through their questions, you can learn more about which the product you want to start, and through the attitude of the sales staff to determine whether the brand or store is trustworthy. This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com