The Advantages of riding a hoverboard

Hoverboards are very popular today and it has become a trend for kids,teenagers and aults to take a short trip with the best self balancing scooter.If you want to buy the hands free hoverboard for children, friends or yourself,you can get many informations from internet concerning the two wheels hoverboard. Also if you don’t know which is the most cost effective or the best quality suitable for you, you can read a lot of reviews to see advantages and disadvantages of using different 2 wheel self balancing scooter.


Most Smart balance wheels offer a similar experience with different size and magnificence. But before a journey, rider is required with lots of exercise and familiar with the hoverboard speeding up, move backwards,turning around, then he can go on the highway, to avoid any accidents.


However, after you riding your hoverboard for a while,you will find out the advantages of using the hoverboard:

1.Ideal for doing exercise and short trip- people living in urban area may not very easy to find a place for doing exercise in the morning , a hoverboard can helps you moving to parks nearby for sports or leisure. Besides, riding a hoverboard can also help to reduce weight and enhance balance ability.


2.Easy for carry- it is very convenient for carry because of its cute size and light weight,with an optional carry bag, you can easily carry it onto the bus, metro,railway, up and down elevators.

3.Easy for maintenance- It is extremely considerably easy to do daily maintenance for your hoverboard. You can wipe the hoverboard rubber pad,shell, wheels with a wet  dishcloth, you don’t need to worry about rusting or water penetration problem. While your hoverboard is lack of power , simply connect the hoverboard to the ac power with an original adapter, you don’t need to pay too much attention while charging as when the hoverboard battery is full, the adapter will automatic shut off ( however, we still suggest you to take off the adapter when you found the adapter charging indicator is green )

  • Easy for storage- it is easy to put away your hoverboard in the shelf or perhaps in cargo area too, without paying too much attention to temperature,humidity around.

Why did the electric scooter or skateboard so welcomed on the market?

Enter the new year, the electric balance scooter field competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Major manufacturers have launched their new products, continue to consolidate and expand its influence and status in the consumer. The author has always considered that one of the most important conditions for the development and expansion of the balance car is its easy to learn. It is the user’s learning cost, which directly determines the user purchase behavior.

Easy to learn the product

Koowheel smart balance scooter 7inch wheels K5 with dual bluetooth and smart led lights

The first is the product itself, the balance  car and electric scooters have to learn good. But this type of electric scooter products is long-standing, many people are already familiar with, you can easily get started riding. No. nine in millet after the injection, the acquisition of balance Segway, and achieved numerous balance wheels patent. Some time ago by the public, WeChat said, has been open to airwheel etc. the car manufacturers filed a patent lawsuit.

I think this is the reason for IPS, music and other manufacturers has not launched the double wheel vehicle. S series of the airwheel the patent has been suffering from the problems in the future nine, constantly under pressure, believe that the day is certainly not. In this case, electric scooter is a good way to avoid the above problems. At the same time taking into account the easy to learn, but also to avoid a patent lawsuit. Thus airwheel and music such as domestic manufacturers in this area have also begun to launched a new product each. The wheelbarrow is not easy to popularize, but the car was under the control of the No. nine tight force, electric scooter is a reasonable choice. So we will see a series of airwheel in electric scooter on the micro innovation, and I believe it should be just the beginning.

User groups

Followed by starting from the user, the author mentioned in the previous paper directly determine the most important condition of the purchase behavior of the user is the car’s easy to learn. Good quality, high technology content of the car, if the user can not learn how to ride a short period of time, it will give up the idea of buying. So this is why the balance of car manufacturers than other electronic technology products, more need to experience the next line shop.

We try to analyze the electric balance scoter users will find that it is mainly divided into three kinds: outdoor riding players, ordinary workers and white-collar workers.


Firstly ,outdoor players are mostly the pursuit of extreme speed and fancy riding, so for these two points, they generally choose the limit speed can reach E skateboard 42KM/H. The game player will organize collective action similar to our outdoor, so Electric skateboard can also be a good fit for the users.

Secondly, for kinds of ordinary workers, their scenarios are mostly used in the work or out of the subway, which belongs to the electric car balance tool for short distance travel in their eyes. They do not stress the car’s limit speed and fancy riding, only the car is safe and stable, quick to get started. Starting from this demand, it is not difficult to see that this group of users will be more inclined to choose an electric car balance, which is what we can often see in the street to balance the car’s sake.

Thirdly, most of the white-collar crowd will choose two wheeled scooter, as a result of this type of mature product prices are more expensive, you can highlight the rich status symbol. It can be installed in the car trunk, remove the use of in car travel when necessary. The perfect solution to the balance car wheel portability problems.

From the balance scooter began to enter the market, more and more manufacturers were given such a concept of transport.

With sales of our physical store, many people reported a strong interest to buy, but because the moment cannot learn to give up buying the wheelbarrow. The scooter and double wheel vehicle would be much better. Because consumers get started, a short period of time will be able to ride their own ride, but it will greatly aroused the curiosity of the consumer, which led to the purchase behavior. If you have the same idea of walking, then the preferred scooter is. Secondly, if you want to earn some novelty, or turn some heads in the street, then add some proper budget, buy two wheel balancing scooter is a reasonable choice. Finally also reminded that if you want to buy that holds a single wheel balance car idea, or want to buy before going to the store experience riding around the factory test time, and make a decision. If you learn it easily, it is definitely worth buying cool degree. Anyway, then, still do not buy back home for good.

Finally, from the technical point of the self balance scooter and the relevant national policy, in China, the definition of the electric car is not very clear, all around the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions. This leads to some provinces and cities is prohibited by the balance of electric cars traveling in the vehicle lane, and some provinces are very vague or not related to specific instructions.

Let the smart balance scooter accompany with you at Christmas.

  Merry Christmas

Due to the every year’s Christmas nearly, Christmas familiar to China Spring Festival, on this day, most of people can do what their want to do and buy their most favorite gifts in a very affordable price. You cannot wait it to try? In the fast pace of modern life, most white-collar go to and leave work every day with a happy mood, under the increasing traffic jam situation, no matter in what kind of transportation will have inconvenience, while walking or riding a bicycle is a waste of time, you need an intelligent vehicle to balance change your life, you need to make it to upgrade your feelings of happiness.

  Here, I will recommend a good gift for you— Koowheel Smart Balance scooter.


  Patent 7 inch wheels Koowheel dual Bluetooth and smart LED lights K5.

Koowheel patent hoverboard 7inch wheels K5 with dual bluetooth and smart led lights

  You Can riding by stand or sitting posture, sitting riding easy to holding the balance car, so it is easy to learn, master, standing riding will also have no difficulty, for those people who interested in the balance car but afraid to difficult.

    Key features:

    Removable battery

    Samsung battery

    Bluetooth technology: play music and be entertained during your ride with 4.0 bluetooth speakers.

    Speed & Range: Travel at speeds of up to 12 mph fora range of 10 miles per charge.

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Why sometimes the remote controller is out of order while riding the skateboard?

In the fast pace of modern life, most of white-collar want to go to and leave work every day with a happy mood, under the increasing traffic jam situation, no matter in what kind of transportation will be inconvenience, while walking or riding a bicycle waste a of time, so you need an smart scooter to change your life, it can upgrade your feelings of happiness. Here, I will recommend a good gift for you— Koowheel Electric skateboard .

The electric scooter can make you feel the advantages of convenience, you want to travel at any time, then choose it can be. Because it has a super lithium battery, can be charged at any time, at any time to travel, and induction parking, you can stop at any time, convenient stacking can make you work, work when using it at any time, even if do not have to worry about out travel. It will give you a qualitative leap, so that you can feel more convenience in the daily life. However, any good products will inevitably appear some small problems in the use of the process.

Recently, when we keep testing our electric skateboard and receiving several feedback about the signal-loss problem in the first batch products.

After research, there are two main reasons( ) :

1. The signal wire in the motherboard which interfered the signal.

2. The problem of remote chip. Now it had been solved by the signal wire position changed to the inside board. The remote chip also was upgraded. We promise the coming products won’t have this problem. We focus on this product project for more than one year to research and resolve countless detail problems, and we will keep fighting.


Hope you guys enjoy the ride.