Have you got a essential tool of tourism—Balance Scooter?

Two wheeled balancing car to take you to the spring outing

If winter is gone, can spring be far? In the spring we want to stay away for a spring outing. Wild flowers bloom in the spring, when people see the colorful and fragrant flowers, will naturally stop, take a look at. The study found that the flowers can eliminate nervous tension and visual fatigue, in addition to flowers and regulate the central nervous system, improve the various functions of the body. However, the flowers of the park is too big, we need to prepare in addition to eat, drink and other food, also need a balance car! In a spring outing to relax, it will be too tired. The electric balance scooter, also called the somatosensory car, thinking the car, a car camera, general stand driving, no throttle and brake control, but through the center of gravity of the body and control rod body is running, leaning forward, back to back, stand straight body tilt or swing brake, control rod or steering turn around, can be 360 degrees in situ U-turn, speed and body is proportional to the tilt angle. Some of them can be used to match the foot control rod with the calf to control the operation of the body, free hands.

Do you have an essential item for travel – balance car

The balance car is green, fashion, intelligence, flexible, to bring you a new driving experience. It is an edge tool and mobile weapon shooting ideal carrier for you play cool, entertainment fitness, leisure travel, advertising, ritual ceremonies and security patrols. The common market, there are self balancing unicycle, two wheels scooter, hoverboards(also called smart drifting scooter) and several other scooters. Today we mainly talk about the outing, so more inclined to recommend you to buy the Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter. The reasons are as follows.

When spring will be more people, a balancing scooter is easier to handle, and strong endurance, can bring us more ornamental beauty.

Koowheel K3 mainstream design

2 wheel self balancing scooter is a new self balancing scooter. The future, it will become the mainstream models, if you are lazy, this car is indeed very good.


KOOWHEEL Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker K3, Personal Transporter For Adults Electric Hoverboard


It has the Features as below:

1. It is two wheel self balanced E-Scooter

2. This scooter uses gyroscope sensors to enable self-balancing. The inner workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, a 350Watt motor and a set of rechargeable Samsung Lithium-ion batteres

3. Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate , break or others, by leaning forward or leaning backwards

4. With a full charge it has a range of roughly 35km and a highest speed at 10km/hr

5. This scooter is a green product helpful tool in commuting. It can be easily carried around on bus or subway. Also it is a funny entertainment tool as well as skateboard.

6. Certification: CE, UL, FCC,RoHS,SGS

Max speed With a full charge it has a range of roughly 25-30km and a highest speed at 15km/hr.


The Relationship Between UL 2272 Certification & Hoverboard

Hoverboard also called self-balancing scooters, due to previous years’ hoverboard fire incident, The US Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC) has announced that all self-balancing scooter or Hoverboard manufacturers, importers and distributors of counterbalanced vehicles must comply with the latest safety standards for their production, import and sale in the United States, including UL2272 Balanced Scooter circuit system certification standards. They only can  sells products with UL related batteries and UL Chargers. This UL2272 certification is the highest safety standard within the industry, Self Balancing Scooters, mini segways, or any other name someone has coined for these products. To prove this,our KOOWHEEL HOVERBOARD manufacturers UL 2272 file number is E482806, and you can verify this at the UL Official Website.


Koowheel Electric Skateboard Quick Start Guide


    Remote lights tips:

1.Charge  indicator will be on when charging
2.Battery light and Direction indicator on means it’s connected
3.BLUE means battery is high RED means battery low
4.Direction indicator turn RED when reversed


    Get Ready

1. Install the battery correctly, and twist screws
2.Turn on the Remote first and then turn on the board to connect.
3. Push Forward for acceleration, Pull Back for braking.
4. Skateboard battery indicators, 4 lights on means 100%,
3. Lights on means 75%, 2 lights means 50%, 1 light means 20% left.



Your Koowheel board has a lot of power. Follow these tips to ensure a safe riding experience:

  1. Move the button in small increments.
  2. Keep a wide stance on the board,
  3. Keep a low center of gravity.
  4. Lean forward when accelerating.
  5. Lean backwards when braking.


  • Find an open, flat area with clean
  • Pavement for your first ride.
  • Read the warnings on the skateboard and at the beginning of this manual.


Charge the Board and Change Battery pack
Light on charger will be RED when charging,turn to GREEN after fully charged. Change the battery pack if you ordered extra one.
Always remember to tighten the screws.
Note: If battery placed a long time, need to be fully charged, and then replenished once a month.

Daily Maintenance

1. Check the condition of wheels to make sure it rotates freely before each ride Check the trucks and wheels to make sure all components are firmly tightened.

Do not ride the board if you hear any abnormal noise from wheel or motor bearings

2. Always store your board in dry and ventilated locations.

Keep away from damp occasions to avoid damage to PCB boards and battery.

3. Only use a Koowheel Charger. Other uncertified chargers may cause safety issues.

Battery should always keep in places where temperature under 60Celsius degrees.
Charge the battery every 2-3 months when left unused for a long time to avoid permanent damage.

Fully charge the battery for the first-time use.

Keep the charging environment dry and clean, make sure the charging port is dry before each charge.

Never leave board unattended while charging

1. Only use the original parts for the board to avoid safety problems.
2. Get familiar with the conditions of the brake and make sure it with perfect braking performance.
3. Oil the bearings regularly
4. Beginners should ride the board with caution in a smooth surface road.
5. Avoid wet and over-bumpy road.

    Packaging list

Electric skateboard *1 Battery *1
User manual *1 Charger *1
AC power cord *1


Koowheel electric skateboard is covered by one year manufacturer’s warranty in USA, two years manufacturer’s warranty in Europe that covers defects in workmanship and material. This does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, or riding in water. Battery warranty is six months.


Please keep your shipping box. The warranty does not include damage from shipping in insufficient packaging.


Whenever you ride a Koowheel board, you risk death or serious injury from loss of control, collision, and falls.  To ride safely,you must read and follow all warnings and instructions in the manual .

Always wear a helmet when riding.  Avoid water, wet  surfaces, slippery/uneven surfaces, steep hills, traffic, cracks, tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that could cause a loss of traction and cause a fall.  Avoid night riding, areas with  poor visibility, and small spaces.

WARNING: Do not ride Koowheel board in environments, on inclines, or at speeds where you would not be safely in control of an  unpowered longboard.  In the event of wireless interferenceor battery fault, you may need to rely on skating techniques like footbraking or sliding to stop.

Your Koowheel board is not water proof. Elec- tronics, bearings, and other components can be damaged. Water damage is not covered under the warranty.

Keep fingers, hair, and clothing away from belts, motors , wheels, and all moving parts

Do not open or tamper with electronics housings, which also voids the warranty.

YOU ARE KOOWHEEL: Please ride responsibly and respect those around you, both for your safety and to help promote  our new sport and mode of transportation.