What’s the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated notably by the Chinese peoples. As Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival, its legends are usually related to the moon. The festival is held on Aug 15th(in the lunar calendar ) with full moon at night, corresponding to late September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with a full moon at night.

Due to ancient China’s cultural influence, the Mid-Autumn Festival has spread to other parts of East, Southeast, and South Asia. However, the way in which different countries celebrate it varies. Mooncakes, which are traditionally eaten during this festival, have also appeared in western countries as an exotic sweet.

Mid-autumn festival0

The festival celebrates three fundamental concepts that are closely connected:

Gathering, such as family and friends coming together, or harvesting crops for the festival. It’s said the moon is the brightest and roundest on this day which means family reunion. And this is the main reason why people think mid-autumn is important;

Thanksgiving, to give thanks for the harvest.

Praying (asking for conceptual or material satisfaction), such as for babies, a spouse, beauty, longevity, or for a good future.

Koowheel hover shoe

If you want to prepare to buy a longboard electric skateboard or hovershoes as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift for friends or family, please place order as soon as possible. Due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Koowheel company will have a holiday(on Sep 22nd to 24th). During these days, we may not be able to deal with your orders in timely, but you don’t have to worry, we will handle it once we see it. Thanks for supporting from all the new and old customers.


Can Electric Skateboards Go Up Hills?

Many of the folks that purchase electrical skateboards have a crucial question: will electric skateboards go up hills?

Some individuals really do use their electric skateboards to urge around city for the sake of travel or running some minor errands, and lots of individuals sleep in area unitas that are mountainous enough to be anxious regarding whether or not or not electric skateboards will build it up steep terrains.

Ultimately, it depends upon the electric skateboards. However, individuals typically do have bother going uphill on their skateboards.

Can Electric Skateboards Go Up Hills?

Electric skateboards and Hills

For some individuals, whether or not or not an electric skateboards goes to travel uphill may well be a perform of weight. Lighter individuals area unit reaching to have a neater time obtaining their electrical hoverboards uphill.

The weight and size of the scooter itself is additionally an element. Still, lots of individuals area unit reaching to find yourself walking their electrical skateboards uphill once the time is correct for that purpose.

This shouldn’t be that uncommon for folks that area unit accustomed riding bikes. Some hills area unit simply too difficult for individuals to tackle on the premise of their muscle power alone, and having the ability to travel uphill on their bikes by walking the bikes uphill goes to be the sole viable choice for them. However, the folks that area unit accustomed having the ability to coast on their electrical skateboards can be thwarted within the incontrovertible fact that electrical skateboards have this one intrinsical flaw.

The folks that area unit able to build it uphill on their electrical skateboards can still notice that skateboards don’t handle the hills alright. However, Koowheel can handle this problem very well, it is also a fastest electric longboard.

They’re reaching to move a lot of slowly, and their stability are going to be compromised.

Going uphill on an longboard electric skateboard can nearly always need individuals to urge up and walk the skateboard, though it’s in theory potential to let the board do all of the work.

The Definition of Hill

At now, many folks area unit reaching to wish to grasp whether or not it’s potential to travel up a hill that doesn’t have a really steep incline. Even the definition of a hill may well be fuzzy underneath these circumstances.

Overall, individuals ought to simply use the rule that the vessel hill is, the less probably it’s that they’re reaching to be able to build it up hill on their electrical skateboards.

Hills that area unit solely a bit bit steep which manifest themselves as terribly slight inclines can be o.k. from the stand of the folks that try to urge around city on their skateboards. These area unit the hills that individuals area unit reaching to encounter the foremost typically, that is sweet news for the folks that area unit hoping on their electrical scooters in a technique or another.

The steepest hills area unit the matter, and lots of oldsters sleep in areas that don’t have plenty of hills like this within the 1st place. Electric skateboards typically don’t go up hills, however this may not be a lot of of a haul for folks that sleep in sure areas.

How A lot Do Electric Hoverboard Price?

Your greatest wager in regards to safety is to opt for a model made by a reputable producer, comparable to IO Hawk, Hovertrax, PhunkeeDunk, Ninebot, and Koowheel. The board meets safety regulations of overheating or quick circuiting. Large smart balance two wheel self balancing scooter that comes with an LG. Select the Electric Scooter which is in the range of your budget but has all of the essential features in it. Not solely does it take solely 2 hours to cost (which is considerably less than all of its competitors) but it’s abler to endure almost 20 miles of vary. With a full cost it has a variety of roughly 15km and a highest pace ta 15 km/hr. Moving onto the battery, you’ll be completely satisfied to know it may final up to 9 miles on a single charge. Both cost around the same amount but single wheels are more durable to search out and possibly rather less stable. Little question you will discover skateboards of high quality at low worth but you want to differentiate the great brand from the unhealthy ones. Most say that it is easy to be taught.

How about the worth? These portable electric scooters for adults are made from durable plastic and might weather rough dealing with. Because the bottom clearance could be very restricted, the electric carts cannot go over lawns easily with out getting caught on the grass and rocks. The electric motor on the Cobra is more efficient that many different brands in that it runs for approximately 2000 cycles while others are usually at 800 cycles. Your motor will be managed by a pace management box. The Koowheel however, has a a lot decrease prime velocity (only around 13 MPH) but has a a lot better vary (as much as 18 miles). Now, another piece of timber has to be positioned at the decrease proper angle edge and it has to be nailed into place. Your youngsters may love them, however that fails to completely make certain they are great gifts. Koowheel K7 off road hoverboard smart balance scooter can be significantly true in case you are considering a relative you’ll be not the parent or main caregiver.

In fact, user critiques are a great supply of information. All of them are excellent for final mile of your journey. When speaking of the size, nearly all of scooters supplied by Koowheel are very compact and lightweight. However, it’s additionally some of the expensive scooters. This means that for those who discovered a smallish horse (say, 75% the energy of a typical one), and started a tug-of-warfare using this new board, you possibly can really win. One factor to take into consideration when mounting issues on to the bottom of the board is the flex of the fibreglass board, particularly when somebody is standing on it. With low-quality batteries, bumping into issues with a scooter may become significantly extra harmful.

Unless they have the time to supervise their youngsters with the correct use of the mini Harley chopper scooter, then parents can get this bike without worrying unnecessarily. If you just have to trip your board to the subway or wherever, you possibly can try this after which just strap to your backpack or hold it in your hands with none problem.

We’re not solely product vendor, but also service provider. Whereas the Monolith skateboard does offer that, it also needs to be higher and offer the genuine really feel of a standard non-powered skateboard. I ought to mention that it’s been sometime between drinks for those of us placing the Koowheel board by way of its paces. It’s true a dependable and certified hoverboard brings joy and fun feeling. If the performance is vital to you, positively go for a higher high quality truck and wheel. Guantee that the weight capacity of the board will hold you, your bag, and every other objects you usually carry.

Why do you need an Electric Skateboard?

You needn’t be associate in Nursing adrenaline-addicted speed fiend to understand the attractiveness of  longboard electrical skateboards. As modes of transportation go, they’re extremely sensible. These boards simply fly on on their own, no kicking needed. They’re as intuitive to regulate as a Segway, however you look a great deal cooler riding one.

Even if you never used skateboard, riding an electrical model is easy. You steer it as you’d imagine: to show right, simply lean your weight to the correct. not like ancient skateboards, these items have brakes. to alter your speed, change a wheel, slider or lever on a wireless hand-held remote (similar to the type accustomed throttle a slot car). Besides, you also can  diy electric skateboard according to your personal preference. For example, you can paste your favorite sandpaper pattern.

Electric skateboards are fairly original contraptions—and per se aren’t technically legal everyplace nevertheless. You’ll de jure ride them in an exceedingly few states, as well as Alabama, Pennsylvania and Virginia. California, within the method of legalizing the boards, is anticipated to reverse a 1977 ban supposed to stay droning, stinky, gas-powered skateboards off the streets. Today’s electrical models are light-weight years prior to those. Due to higher-capacity batteries and economical, brushless motors, they’re as quiet as bicycles and turn out no emissions.


Hop on an remote control skateboard to induce to and from work, and suddenly your commute is way less of a grind. Not like with a motorcycle, you won’t have hassle compressing your board on a subway or train at rush hour; simply tuck it between your legs. And once you attain the workplace, you won’t be all sweating from Associate in Nursing uphill climb. For mens riders, skateboards are a selected boon: we are able to ride well.

Balance scooter Lets children to put down their phones

A few days ago, The 3rd China Self balancing scooter Sports Performance Competition was held in Baoding, Hebei Provinc. On the court, the players performed well and the unique moments left on the field showed the unique charm of self balancing electric scooter.

But unlike the past, these players will play well after only four days of rigorous training.

The 3rd China Self balancing scooter Sports Performance Competition

The difficulty of getting started with a twisted car is lower than that of a unicycle. However, it takes four days to complete the competition, and the skill requirements of the players are quite high. Many attendees and parents said that it was the first time to see such a national balance car race, which was very fresh and very shocking.

However, interviews were also conducted with some of the live audiences as well as the contestants and parents. What do they think of the new entertainment tools of the hoverboard smart balance scooter? What do they think about the balance car contest? Do they think that balancing cars is a dangerous sport?


In the interview, we found that most of the contestants are about ten years old, and some of them have only one or two days of training time before the competition, which is not easy.


Most of the contestants’ parents think that it is not only a kind of entertainment for children to play smart self balancing scooter, but more importantly, through such a sport, children can enjoy outdoor activities. In their spare time, children can go out to go to work. Instead of just staying at home and playing mobile phones to watch TV, this is very helpful for the development of physical and mental health.

Not only the parents of the contestants, but also the audience who came to watch the game, they also agreed to the balance car, and they thought that the balance car is a sport that is very suitable for children to play.

However, so far, there are still many people who are not aware of the balance car, and think that balancing the car is a dangerous sport.

On this issue, Koowheel also conducted an interview on the spot.

One of the women said that she believes that playing balance car is also a good exercise for her own balance ability. When the balance ability is still lacking, the balance car can exercise balance. As long as the safety measures are taken, they can Control is not dangerous. She expressed her support for such activities. Since the children are still young, if there is an opportunity in the future, they will definitely encourage their children to participate in such activities.

Through this competition, many people on the scene have a deeper understanding of the balance car, and we also hope to see more parents in the future can encourage children to actively participate in such events.

Many parents have a supportive attitude towards children playing balance cars. They believe that the hoverboard smart balance scooter movement is also enriching the children’s outdoor activities while cultivating the children’s interests, which can also be to some extent Overcome the reliance on mobile phones.

Meet the Next Future Trend ——Hovershoes

Enthusiast of self-balancing personal transporters have bulk product to decide on from: electrical skateboards, hoverboards, e-scooters and bikes. However all of those devices tether the feet and limit two-footed quality. However that is not the case with the Hovershoes.

From the team at Koowheel (creators of e-scooters, e-bikes, electrical longboards and hoverboards) come back the Hovershoes – 2 separate self-balancing hoverboards with intrinsic gravity sensors on every foot that provide users the liberty of quality no different rideable will.

They are very easy to drive anyone, adult or kid, will learn to ride them in five minutes with none previous expertise due to the exactitude sensors every shoe is constructed with. simply tread on, lean the feet forward to accelerate, tip to bog down and aim the feet in a very direction to start moving. in comparison to ancient roller skates the Hovershoes enable users to succeed in prime speeds and may simply be stepped off of just in case of adverse parcel of land.

Weighing solely three.3kg every (~7lbs) they’ll be carried simply and while not trouble and area unit even safe to fly with. they do not need remote controls like electrical longboards and are not as significant as e-scooters or hoverboards.

Koowheel will reach speeds of twelve Km/H and canopy a distance of one0KM on one 1.5H charge.

Aside from the fun maneuvers doable because of having freedom between the feet, riders will not run into problems wherever one foot is dominant and dictates the movement of the opposite.

And they area unit even giving native support within the USA and European country, and can be extending it to several different nations terribly before long.

Chinese Valentine Days —Special love for special person

The last “Valentine’s Day” in 2018 is last Friday, and it is also the Chinese traditional Valentine’s festival “Qi Xi Festival(Every year on July 7th in lunar calendar)”. It is said that Cowherd and the Weaver Girl will meet at the Bridge, which is decorated with love and is very romantic. I am so excited when I think about it. We don’t know which handsome guy is going to give a gift to a beautiful girl. “Qi Xi Festival” is different from the Valentine’s Day of West: the origin of Valentine’s Day in the West lies more in commemoration, showing fiery lust, mainly highlighting the word “lover”, conforming to the expression and expression of natural emotions and desires, paying attention to giving gifts Things. “Qi Xi Festival” is based on the folklore of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, and the theme of love is a fascinating story. The “Qi Xi Festival” expresses the great love of “loyalty and unyielding”, and the Chinese traditional “Qi Xi Festival” is also sent. Gifts, but different from Western Valentine’s Day, “Qi Xi Festival” presents a kind of sentimental expression, but it is a trace of a par, a painting, pay attention to the sewing, embroidering, making To represent a testimony of love.

Chinese Valentine's Day

Meet, Cherish, Fall in love.

It is said that companionship is the most long-lasting confession. Every year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, every day and night reincarnation is depicting the bit by bit of love. Became a family, with children, began to grind love into family for the children’s clothing, food, shelter, and growth. Every day and night, the children are around, and only hope that the children will have a good life, and the parents will be at ease. But what’s the love? What’s sweet condiments? Have you agreed to love the old vows together? As time flies a little bit, it may be exhausted, perhaps just for a lifetime, maybe tearing off the fake facet divorce…

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

For three days in life, the secret of keeping sweet is never a verbal promise, but a true intention that falls to the palm of your hand. Children are just the crystallization of sweet love, love is the essence of maintaining a home, a person, a heart. Cherish your lover and protect your family. In this special day, give ta heart, rekindle the heart of love, and enjoy the beautiful rhythm of love together! Here, Koowheel launches the latest and coolest unique Valentine’s Day gift—Hover shoes. In this special festival, bring your loved ones, including children, to discover the fun, the heart to move, free to play all kinds of acrobatics, to stand out from the crowd.

Which kind of transportation tool is more fashion & stable?


Recently, one of my friends met her new friend, very handsome and enthusiastic boy. They discussed what kind of transportation tool is more comfortable and fashionable. They tested a large number of short-term transportation tool, and finally picked out the best and fashionable one which is more suitable for modern young people—Hover shoes. This not only a tricks play toy but a short-term transportation tool.

Hovershoes will soon be the favorite toy of young girl & boy.

So they spent a weekend time to try to ride the latest Koowheel hovershoes X1 & Segway W1 for us. Now Let’s take a look at how this new HOVERHOES brings us a wonderful experience.



First, it looks like more cooler and technological sense on appearance. But we can see it’s a Plastic material out covering.

Weak point: This will greatly increase the cost of later use and maintenance.

Second, it is leather belt handle.

Shortcoming: Vulnerable

Third, In terms of pedals, in order to pursue the appearance design, the four sides are curved, the length is not enough, and the feet are not attached.

Forth, smaller motor size, fast speed, low torque, but small load.


The last but the most important, because the center of gravity is high, the wheels have a curvature, it is not very stable on outdoor riding, it needs to be stabilized by both feet, lack of security, so it is very tired to ride.


First, although looks like ordinary on appearance, however we can see it’s a mental material out covering.

Strong point: more durable.

Second, it is a mental handle, will be more strong and durable.

Third, the pedal length is suitable, and the plate surface has a concave design, which fits the feet, is more stable and easier to operate, especially turning and drifting.

Forth, large motor size, Large size, high torque, large load and stable.

The last but the most important,low center of gravity, large wheels and large size, more stable outdoor riding, easier and more secure.

Koowheel Hoverschuhe: selbstbalancierende „Rollschuhe“ für 431,64€

E-Mobilität wird ein immer größeres Thema, zumindest sehen wir in Ländern wie der USA und Frankreich verschiedenste Elektroroller und E-Bikes. Kürzlich hat das FIIDO D1 E-Bike für Staunen gesorgt, der Xiaomi M365 E-Roller ist schon länger fester Bestandteil unseres Büros. Einen etwas anderen Weg gehen die Koowheel Hoverschuhe. Die balancieren sich selbst und fahren bis zu 12 km/h. Ein ähnliches Modell hat neulich auch Segway vorgestellt. Wer ist die Zielgruppe eines solchen Gadgets? Sieht das nicht ein bisschen unsicher aus?

Koowheel Hoverschuhe LED

Technische Daten

Modell Koowheel Hovershoes
Maximale Geschwindigkeit 12 km/h
Reichweite 10 km
Motorleistung 250 W pro Schuh
Steigung 9 Grad
Maximale Last 130 kg
Batterie 2000 mAh
Ladezeit 2 Stunden
Größe 227 x 155 x 113 mm
Gewicht 3,3 kg pro Schuh
Farbe schwarz, rot

Rollschuhe 2018

Grundsätzlich ist es fair zu behaupten, dass es sich bei den Hovershoes um eine Art Rollschuhe handelt. Das Konzept gleicht sich grundsätzlich, aber die Hoverschuhe sind eine moderne Interpretation. Allerdings handelt es sich streng genommen nicht um Schuhe, schließlich stellt man sich auf die breite Trittfläche und zieht die Koowheel nicht an. Die Trittfläche ist gemustert und scheint einen relativ guten Grip zu bieten. Dabei sind beide Koowheel optisch nicht voneinander zu unterscheiden und können wohl je als linker oder rechter Hoverschuh fungieren.

Ebenfalls anders ist die Anordnung der Rollen. Anstatt wie bei Inline-Skates hintereinander, befinden sich die Rollen der Koowheel Hoverschuhe nebeneinander. Insgesamt sind hier drei Rollen auf jeder Seite, die ein relativ breites Profil bieten. Dazu ist noch auffällig, dass die elektrischen Rollschuhe sogar LEDs besitzen, um gerade bei wenig Licht noch für andere Leute sichtbar zu sein.

Koowheel Hoverschuhe Maße

Auf den Bildern sehen die Koowheel relativ robust aus, was nicht zuletzt an ihrem Gewicht von 3,3 kg pro Schuh liegt, also 6,6 kg Gesamtgewicht. Zum Vergleich: das Xiaomi ACTON E-Skateboard wiegt nur 5 kg. Dafür darf man selbst 130 kg wiegen, um die selbstbalancierenden Rollschuhe zu benutzen. Die Hoverschuhe sind zudem mit einem IP65-Rating ausgestattet, so dass sie gegen Spritz- und Strahlwasser geschützt sind.

Fortbewegungsmittel oder ein neues Hobby?

Sind die Koowheel Hovershoes ein tatsächliches Fortbewegungsmittel oder nur eine Spielerei? Schwer zu sagen. Erst einmal zu den hard facts: in jedem Schuh sitzt ein 250W Motor. Der soll die Schuhe auf eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 12 km/h bringen, die maximale Steigung beträgt dabei lediglich 9°. Die Akkukapazität beträgt 2000 mAh und kann innerhalb 2 Stunden aufgeladen werden. Dabei werden natürlich beide Schuhe einzeln aufgeladen, allerdings mit einem Ladegerät, welches über zwei Ladestecker verfügt. Insgesamt resultiert das in einer Reichweite von 10 km.

Koowheel Hoverschuhe Handstand
Ähm ja – Wer will, kann auch seine Hände benutzen, geht aber auch mit den Füßen, keine Sorge!

Damit sind sie rein leistungstechnisch einem Ninebot ES01 E-Roller zwar unterlegen, der eigentliche Vorteil liegt aber hier in der Flexibilität. Erst einmal liegt ein Vorteil darin, dass die Schuhe sich selbst ausbalancieren, ähnlich wie bei einem Segway. So kann man sich durch Neigen in eine Richtung vor- oder zurückbewegen. Der Hersteller selbst gibt natürlich an, dass das sehr intuitiv ist und man das Fahren binnen fünf Minuten lernt.

Klar kann man sie auch als einfaches Fortbewegungsmittel nutzen, allerdings auch richtig kreativ werden. So wird das Fahren mit den Koowheel Hovershoes schon fast zum Extremsport bzw. zum Tanzsport. Das Werbevideo soll genau diesen Zweck bestätigen:

Youtube Video Preview

Hovershoes im Straßenverkehr

Ähnlich wie die Hoverboards, dessen Trend spätestens in diesem Jahr sein jähes Ende gefunden hat, sind auch die Hoverschuhe leider nicht im deutschen Straßenverkehr zugelassen. Schließlich fahren sie schneller als 6 km/h und kommen leider ohne Bremsen aus. Dazu kann die Beleuchtung ein Problem sein. Auch hier gilt also: nur auf Privatgelände benutzen!

Einschätzung: Koowheel Hoverschuhe kaufen?

Neue Arten der Fortbewegung? Immer gerne! Die Koowheel Hoverschuhe für fast 500€? Nicht unbedingt. In Sachen Fortbewegung sind die Hovershoes einem Ninebot ES01 oder sogar dem Xiaomi ACTON E-Skateboard deutlich unterlegen. Dafür kann man richtig kreativ werden und darin sogar vielleicht ein neues Hobby finden. Da kann man mit den Freeline Drift Skates erst einmal wesentlich günstiger davon kommen, die balancieren sich aber natürlich nicht selbst.

Würdet ihr euch solche Hoverschuhe unter die Schuhe klemmen oder kriegen euch keine zehn Pferde auf solche Dinger?

Koowheel Hovershoes X1 and Segway W1, which do you prefer to choose?


With the world’s two major self balancing scooter hoverboard brands have launched their new products— Electric Roller Skate Hovershoes.

Self balancing hovershoes is simpler and more funny! The move forwards, backwards, turn and stop functions are controlled by gentle and balanced movements on the footboards. Because of their design are very novel and fashion, so more and more people are focus on them.


Let’s take a look at them, what kind of riding experience will bring to people?

The following are the two best hovershoes over around the world, that is Koowheel Hovershoes X1 and Segway W1.

 1. Appearance

Koowheel Hovershoes X1 more Popularization

Segway W1 made a plastic cover on it, looks like more cooler and technological sense.


2. Outer shell

Koowheel X1: Metal material, more duarable;

Segway W1: Plastic material, fragile, high maintenance costs;

So, Koowheel X1 very strong and solid, feel more like USA product,

3. Handle

Koowheel X1: Mental material, stronger and durable

Segway W1: leather belt, fragile

20180727161809 QQ图片20180727161832

4. Riding experiences

Segway W1 seems pretty cool and the pedal is bigger than Koowheel X1, but when we actually ride W1 to go outside, you will find it’s not that stable as what we expect. You can feel it wobble left and right when passing some little potholes even some little gaps, and you don’t feel very secure with that.



From the above, we can see that the Koowheel Hovershoes X1 has more advantages than Segway W1. So, which do you prefer to choose?