What kind of experience Electric longboard D3M will bring?

Long Electric skateboard‘s high-profile appearance and full of technology have attracted the attention of many consumers and technology media. Some people think that it is a tool for future generation; some people think it is a high-powered entertainment toy. So, as an intelligent upgrade of traditional skateboards, what kind of experience will Koowheel Electric Longboard bring to users?


More easy to get started than traditional skateboarding

In general, because the wheels are not easily controlled, it takes a while for the novice to stand on a traditional skateboard. In particular, the wheels of traditional skateboards generally have very small frictional forces. If the center of gravity is not well controlled, it will be easy to skid. I used to practice traditional skateboards and fell scars. But on the Koowheel electric motor skateboard, this problem is solved. After the power is turned on, the motor has a certain friction force under the condition of current control. Even if the novice station is up, it will not cause the center of gravity to be unbalanced and slip. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended that novices wear safety gear.

In the handling experience, Koowhel electronic skateboard also performs well, giving users a unique sliding experience. It allows people to control acceleration and turning through the human heart and mind posture like a balancing car. This free-wheeling experience reduces the barriers to entry and allows more people to get started quickly.

Collision between fashion elements and technological elements

Many young people like skateboarding and don’t want to practice super high skills, and not every skateboarder is covered with scars. They are more like skateboarding culture, just like many people like to wear VANS shoes, but he is not a professional player. In addition to professional players, there is a broader market for fashionistas who like skateboarding. Their purpose is not to show off their skills or participate in extreme sports, but to have a pleasant experience and a way of life.


Safety are electric skateboard firms asking the best questions?

With regard to the construct of the skateboard, you might have to contemplate some facets of its development. If you like the idea of an electric skateboard, but you love your present setup, you need to take a look at eon: the primary modular electric powertrain. In a quick paced world like ours, pace and price efficiency are the important thing elements in terms of transportation. That’s it. But like a automobile, velocity and vary are additionally important, because you cannot just stop midway and charge up in the midst of the road. Additionally, if you fall to the bottom, roll until you stop to keep away from skidding. It’s geared up with a handheld distant that lets you begin it, stop it and alter the velocity, and it has two modes to accommodate new or skilled customers. It’s easy to see why these aspects tremendously affect the aptitude and performance. It’s an excellent companion for off-road adventures, however it’s too clunky an inconvenient for common usage.

Explore the world with e skateboard

So what’s so great a few electric skateboard? You can also discover out a remote management together with your skateboard run by the electricity. The Inboard was a bit of on the heavy side but has an apparently formed distant that was actually fairly snug to hold, for essentially the most part. After spending near 200 hours researching the perfect brands and models on the market, we bought the top 10 boards available on the market right this moment and tested them facet-by-side to find out which e-skateboard actually rules all of them! We’ve done many electric skateboard evaluations to find out which boards are the very best electric skateboards. An electric skateboard differs from a typical skateboard by having a motorized ingredient that makes using a skateboard a whole heck of rather a lot simpler for a new rider and provides an actual kick to an experienced rider. Value – As a basic rule of thumb, with electric skateboards you get what you pay for.

Positively. In fact, electric skateboards are one of the best alternate options for Last Mile transportation. Koowheel know-how firm introduced the history of the Four wheel Electric Skateboard with twin motor, used for brief distance strolling and so on. Within the history of normal velocity of 30km/h, battery life might be about 20 to 25km. You’ll be able to read the full Dynacraft electric skateboard overview here. Whether you’re wanting to pick up a new pastime or just look cool browsing the pavement, the coolest electric skateboards are here for you to check out. To summarize – in order for you a quick, reliable and above all extremely comfortable electric skateboard, then the koowheel 2 generation kooboard is what you’re searching for! An essential feature that the model you buy mustn’t skimp on is the selection of pre-set riding modes. These transportation devices are portable and are powered by a rechargeable battery which can both be used as your main type of transportation or can be utilized to get to and from the public transport. This full longboard uses a lithium-ion battery to deliver further zip for your longboarding enjoyable, hitting speeds up to 26 mph (42kph) of steady use.

These electric skateboards are simple to cost and use. The primary electric skateboards had been originally designed to experience on the same surfaces as bikes and cars. There are such a lot of electric skateboards out available on the market right now, that it is rather troublesome to check board to board even on a narrow dimension such as only the pace and vary. Electric skateboards supply enormous life-style advantages to riders and might flip every day commuting into an exciting experience. Essentially the most development in technology has prepared these electric skateboards. Six miles could be enough range for early adopters and fans, or individuals with comparatively short commutes. I am keen to compromise on having much less speed and range for something that’s actually portable.

Where do you want to go travel in this spring?

Spring is coming, would you like to go on a trip at any time? Or want to go out and explore different worlds? Do you want to give yourself or family an impressive and perfect holiday?

If the answer is Yes, please choose a sunny day to go out, then you will catch unexpected scenery at the end of your journey.

2 gen kooboard electric longboard

However, there is a question, which kind of transportation do you prefer to choose, plane or train? Whatever you choose, when you arrived a place at the end of a journey, you need an excellent short-distance transport. But which short-distance travel tool is the best?

Air travel Approved electric skateboard

Nowadays, the Electric skateboards are very popular by most young girls and boys. It is not only a good commute tool but also really can attract people’s eyes. China Koowheel 2 generation electric longboard (Dual brushless hub-motors) has replaceable battery pack, 2pcs battery packs can last 60km, go longer. Its normal speed is 30km/h, the top speed 42km/h, go faster. (depending on body weight and road condition) Besides, this is an electric skateboard approved for Air travel, you do not have to worry about the boarding problem at all.

If you are a fashion girl or boy, bring  the electric skateboard is your best choice. You can start explore this world at any time and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Wish you have a pleasant and different trip in this spring.

Electric skateboards may change your commuting

As people‘s living standard continues to rise, more and more people prefer to pursuit more fashionable and convenient life. Especially youngers, they desire to explore more new and exciting things. So, they have a higher demand for short-distance travel tools. On the one hand, they can enjoy convenience which life bring them, On the other hand, can challenge fun of life and enhance confidence.


Recently, one of very cool short-distance travel tool was welcomed by domestic and foreign friends. It was developed by Koowheel technology. That is second generation Electric skateboard Kooboard in China. Now let us take a look why it is so interested by those younger people and what is the characteristics?

  1. High Power Brushless DC Motor,97MM Motors/Wheels, New 350W x 2 Motors with Replaceable PU wheels;
  2. Smart chip to avoid sudden acceleration or sudden brake, safe;
  3. Replaceable battery pack, 2pcs battery packs can last 60km, go longer;
  4. Normal speed 30km/h, top speed 45km/h, go faster;
  5. Real-time monitoring the motor temperature, protect the motors intelligently;
  6. Wireless Remote Structure, Smoother Acceleration & Braking
  7. UL2272 and ASTM certificates.

Greatest Holiday Trip Tool—Kooboard cool life

Koowheel New 2nd generation Electric skateboard Kooboard with replaceable wheels

The “E-board” at the moment available on the market solely mimic the movements of the popular,

fictional boards. Now we can see that more and more people are fall in love this  travel tool.

Recently, one of China top five hoverboard brand company are developing  2nd generation electric longboard Koowboard which so welcomed by people.

The Electric skateboard range distance is 15 miles.  Now pre-order can be accepted.

What’s special?

1. New mainboard

Maybe the most stable mainboard for electric skateboard

New DC Charger port ,easy & friendly

New solid PCB housing to avoid broke

Easy link/break wires between PCB & Motors

New design Second generation electric skateboard Kooboard

2. New remote

Ergonomic design, Excellent soft touch

New PCB, NO disconnection issue

Smoother Acceleration & Braking

Lights & vibration to remind power & connection

Koowheel New 2nd generation Electric skateboard Kooboard with replaceable wheels

3. New Motors/WHEELS

97MM Motors/Wheels

New 350W x 2 Motors with Replaceable PU wheels

Unique design will help motors cooling maximumly

Max Speed 42km/h

4. Updated Battery

New connectors of battery avoid connecting issue

New program will protect battery from over charged by regenerative braking. Then Kooboard will breaking slowly and stop. New ONYX deck & Grip Tape, and more…

How Hover boards have grow to be the brand new mode of transportation. Good Balance Scooter is the sate-of-the-artwork technique of transportation adopting aeropsapce angle management principle, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep up steadiness by studying forward and backward. Do some research before buying your scooter because the one which fits another person, might not suitable for you. Quantity manufacture began in China in 2014 and early units have been vulnerable to catch fireplace due to an overheating battery which resulted in product recalls in 2016. When one or more of these sheets are broken, whether or not as a result of the battery is overcharged or attributable to an impact, the battery will catch fire as a result of the massive current that abruptly is flowing by means of will increase the temperature instantly. Discover out extra about Koowheel, feel free to visit www.koowheel.com 

The three tips on selecting electric skateboard

Now more and more people have fashion and technology request when go travel, then electric scooter is a necessity in fashion group travel. But for most new products, the self balancing scooter price is more expensive, so we must be careful when we buy. We have summed up the three elements of purchase electric skateboard:

1. Choose the famous brand.

At present, there are many hoverboard scooter brands. Consumers should choose those that the business with Long operating time, low repair rate, good quality and reputation of the brand. For example, to choose and buy which through the quality management system ISO9001-2000 certification enterprise. The new electric scooter always need to go through a period of market test. The electric scooter brand pay more attention to product quality, vehicle braking safety, balance when the vehicle driving and brake design rationalization. For example, China’s top ten best Koowheel brand is more comfortable and ergonomic design for humans. The following photo by   farbspiel_halstenbek (Koowheel buyer show )

2.Good service.

Due to the current components of electric scooters has not yet universal, maintenance can not be achieved socialization, so the purchase of electric self balancing scooter must pay attention to whether there is special maintenance services in the local area, if cheap and ignore after-sales service, it is easy to fall into the trap. About after-Sale Service, Koowheel has set up maintenance centers in United States, with the support of free maintenance. Oversea maintenance centers in other countries will be set up gradually.

3. Models selection.

Electric longboard skateboard or  Electric scooter can generally be divided into luxury, ordinary type, front and rear suspension type, portable type four. Deluxe fully functional, but the price is high, the general structure is simple, economical and practical; light and flexible, but a short trip. Consumers in the purchase should pay attention to this point.

Commonly used before and after the shock absorption of the scooters really become a kind of enjoyment. Off-road vehicle type handle, it is increase the distance for the car even if the height of nearly 2 meters will not feel crowded. Motor with heat sink, motor stability and service life are improved, coupled with the beautiful shape, so that you become the focus of attention of all the people. The whole scooters make people feel beautiful, fashion, dynamic, acceleration, driving comfort, the operation is flexible and lightweight; vehicle frame with high quality and high tensile steel, the structure is close, strong and durable.

As a new product of electric skateboard, electric scooter is energy saving, fast charging and long range capability. Is a popular short distance travel products. The skateboard scooter has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation and safe driving. For the friends who like convenience life is definitely a very suitable choice.

Now offer you three most basic maintenance methods of electric scooters :

1. Avoid overloading use

2. Avoid use in the water or dusty environment

3. Avoid collision, knock out even violent stampede.

Ride Koowheel Electric skateboard to go anywhere

In a modern fast of life, for most of white collar, outdoor activities is a good pleasure at weekend. Here comes a question: how can they get to the agreed place? KOOWHEEL Electric skateboard will be an excellent choice for those fashionable young boys and girls. It is means that they don’t have to suffer from traffic jams by taking city bus, even far from the crowded subway. those young people hate that. If you choose a skateboard scooter, you can enjoy your wonderful weekends and do what you are interested in. Such as Climb, Play badminton even Pick strawberries. Not only enjoyed a happy weekend but enhanced the relationship with friends. So, Ride Koowheel Electric skateboard will be an ideal choice. Why will you choose Koowheel E-skateboard?

Firstly, it is the most affordable electric skateboard with an easily replaceable battery pack. It has exclusively designed with brushless, dual in-wheel hub motors, bluetooth wireless remote control and 7 layers of durable Canadian maple for flexibility. Its maximum speed is 40km/h and enjoy the freedom to go anywhere in town you choose without guzzling gas or sweating from all the walking or biking. You even can put it in bag and carry it to anywhere, let alone outdoor activities or a coffee house.

The Koowheel electric skateboard was created with the simple thought that everyone should be able to enjoy the convenience that technology creates. We don’t think that the electric skateboard is just a toy for a few geeks. In the future, it will be a brand new alternative form of transportation. It’s an energy-saving vehicle. Surely a new choice for short term commuting, going to class, the supermarket and for getting around and going shopping? What could be more wonderful than being able to travel freely around the city? It’s easier to ride than a regular skateboard. Using the remote control all you have to do is stand up on the board and enjoy the ride.

Koowheel electric scooter promote environmental-protection awareness

There are many famous hoverboard scooter brand, how is Koowheel has been rated as the top ten smart scooter brand for several years? Please open your Google browser, and then search the keywords “balance scooter supplier”, found that the http://www.koowheel.com domain name on the first page.

In twenty-first Century, it can be said that the only constant is change, in this rapidly changing era, the survival of the fittest story is staged every day. In the business world, behind not only means beaten, it means death, only continuous innovation in order to make the enterprise more powerful and more lasting vitality. China’s electric vehicle industry has experienced more than twenty years of development, competition has entered a white hot stage.

Koowheel as the first professional smart scooter brand, has always been known for fierce innovation, the person in charge said that the enterprise is not innovative, there is no development. And innovation can not just stay on the technical level, but also should be reflected in the business model, but also to focus on the consumer’s consumer experience.

As everyone knows, Kodak film, NOKIA mobile phone, they were a business empire, but now reduced to a bankruptcy, a point to face delisting. The reason for their failure is very simple, there is no innovation vitality of enterprise stands. Digital era has come, smart touch screen mobile phone has arrived, they are still enjoying the honor of the past, can not adapt to the new era, to provide a better consumer experience.

Faced with the needs of the new era, electric balance scooter companies not only to create an efficient water treatment effect, but also pay attention to the elements of fashion, combined with the human living environment, to create a better life. At present, the Koowheel electric balance scooter leading brands are aware of this, obviously in the direction of continuous efforts.

In addition, most companies are aware of the consumer has been aware of the existing products can not meet the needs of innovation. This innovation is important, but the lower the threshold, the alternative is relatively strong, can bring the benefits and sustainability of limited. Therefore, the balance wheel scooter enterprises should carry on innovation according to the potential demand of consumers, such innovative products out of the irreplaceable, extremely easy to become the new darling of the market.

The era determines the consumer demand, consumer demand determines the future of the product. In the era of the concept of electric balance scooter, Koowheel electric balance scooter to “low carbon environmental protection, green travel” characteristics occupy the absolute advantage of the product, the potential of unlimited.

This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com

Do you know these useful tips for hoverboard maintain?

How many do you know for balancing scooter maintain tips? Today let Koowheel Editor introduce for you.

The maintenance method for Balancing Scooter or hoverboard :

1. The use of the Koowheel balancing scooter can not be separated from the role of the wheel, so we should the make proper inspection to balancing scooter’s wheel in the daily maintenance. In particular, the component parts of the tire, it should be an occasional perceived its firmness by hand . And in order to ensure safety, we should continue to check the tire screw tightening component, only fully tighten the screws, ensure the firmness of the assembly, in order to give full play to its operating results in the use of it. Of course, the degree of tire wear should be strictly controlled, easy to travel and use.
2. KOOWHEEL balancing car in the cleaning, must ensure that all the power supply is off, can not be directly washed with water, you can use a wet towel to clean, to ensure that the machine does not influent. Must not be wash under the power opening state, so that it will be on the self balancing hoverboard to bring damage, but also a threat to life safety.

3. do not replace the KOOWHEEL balance car charger. Replacing other chargers not only reducing the safety of the car but reduce the battery life. Do not let the battery on the ambient temperature of 60 degrees or more, if long time without use, you need to ensure that to charge once every 2-3 months, to maintain the saturation of the battery. Before the first use, please charge the battery. Due to the transport, resulting in a long time without the use of batteries, the battery will slow discharge. Please keep the charging environment clean and dry. Charging port is wet, do not charge.

4. KOOWHEEL balance wheel scooter in the condition of no use, must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, do not place in damp place and no ventilation, long placed in damp places will lead to the main board, battery damp that cause some trouble.

5. KOOWHEEL Self balancing smart scooter in the use of a period of time, it is recommended to a service center for a maintenance, do a comprehensive testing, testing whether there are some parts of the machine aging, damage. Suggested replacement of the new accessories to keep the balance car’s safety and stability.

By the introduction of the above we can know that the balance car in the daily use need to strengthen the maintenance work, only to ensure that the balance scooter’s performance in order to bring the efficiency for our travel and use. With the balance car travel, bring convenience to people, make life more beautiful. 

For more related information, please visit http://www.koowheel.com

Don’t make these mistakes before you buy a hoverboard

Whether you are a green hand that want to purchase a smart self balancing scooter or novice, want the old driver, in the face of many models, many brands, are in need of some misunderstanding alert when Car Buying, so as not to buy satisfactory car. Below, by the KOOWHEEL company’s suggestion.

Don’t buy it at a glance
No matter which brand you are loyal to, before you buy a new smart scooter you need to make a comparision with other models or brands,to determine which one is more suitable for you, rather than simply staring at a single brand, or with the flow. Often you just need to spend some time,  to understand the various smart scooter brands, under the various models, and finally will be able to get a good result. At the same time, this is also able to let you in the face of business advertising bombing, customer service staff, such as the enthusiasm of multiple bombing, to maintain their own subjective ability to judge, and a comprehensive understanding of the models of the real selling point and disadvantage.

Don’t buy because it is cheaper
In general, before the purchase of smart balance scooter, everyone will have a psychological budget their psychological, when the budget will not be sufficient to buy a electric scooter board when you love best, do not blindly buy a special offer or low-priced products, if you don’t love it, then riding for a long time in the future, you will be more satisfied, or do not have to endure a comfortable ride. If the budget a little bit, can try to relax; if a lot more, then we must consider what is expected if the configuration is entirely their own needs, which can be used as a secondary consideration to compromise, and then slowly to lock the target, did not think clearly before it is best not to do a buy on the spot car.

Don’t focus on the pursuit of simple configuration
Don’t configure high, higher and higher,    you need to understand what must configuration before buying electric scooter board, then such a standard as a reference to select suitable models. After all, if you choose a city riding off-road vehicle, may mean that you spend more money or vehicle is not light and so on, and this will seriously affect the future use experience, this is not a bad electric skateboard, but it is not suitable for you.

Don’t refuse the sales staff
Although you can find a lot of information about smart scooter products on the network, but that does not mean you can not communicate with the sales staff fully on direct orders. In many cases, you can know that the product performance, configuration and further validation from the sales staff, and can consult the customer service well, what kind of problems can get what the product customer service. Through their questions, you can learn more about which the product you want to start, and through the attitude of the sales staff to determine whether the brand or store is trustworthy. This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com