Three safest and best self balancing scooters reviewed


The hoverboard are welcomed by more younger people, because they can gained unlimited happy and enjoyed on riding hoverboard, but how to choose a safe self balancing scooter? Now let me recommend three safest and best self balancing scooter to you. The first one is the KOOWHEEL brand Self Balance Board K7 with UL 2272 Certification and LG smart battery. The Wheel Self Balancing Scooter K7 Bluetooth Two Wheeled 8.5inch Good Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard Solid Tires Hummer- brings better experience to you! It features a slightly different technology than the other hoverboards, allowing it to use more powerful motors, the 8.5inch wheels are fantastic on dirt and grass, even though, not being inflatable, you will still feel a lot of vibration on uneven terrains. After a full day or roving, we were able to get a 15-20km of this hoverboard. Its most velocity is at 12km per hour. It may possibly journey on any surface and up inclines due to the powerful motors. It’s magical potential to seamlessly take you from one place to another, completely unhindered by the floor over which you travel. The hoverboard responds to your commands quite simply and it doesn’t take long to grasp it.


Another launched KOOWHEEL self-balancing hoverboard K5 UL2272 and ASTM certificates with dual Bluetooth and LED lights. It also has a Handle in the middle, very easier to bring. On the technology, Modular structure, much less cables, more safe, much lower defective rate(3 per thousand) and more stable. This self-balancing hoverboard is a unique form of transportation which may go wherever in town as long as your electric battery keeps it going. With the hands-free bike going by the each day tasks like work, faculty or anyplace else can turn right into a placid and fulfilling involvement.


Koowheel lately launched the folding electric scooter with patent Innovative fashionable cool design which allows developers to have the very best innovative. Its LED display screen entirely show the battery and speed. Light but energetic.

Generally speaking, the Segway hoverboard has set glorious requirements in technological advancements and leisure. Lastly the report famous that the Segway may meet numerous mobility necessities for a broad market, could facilitate transfers to different forms of transportation, and serve as a substitute to vehicles.


This trip is both environmentally and inexpensive

Every Monday came, commuters also crowded on the bus / subway, painful life on the way, I think our heart is tired, elaborately to makeup, finally was soaked with sweat in the crowd. Although modern traffic tools are various, but also not meet all the people: drive the car, too block; metro bus, crowded; Bicycle, too tired to walk, too far…. work hard enough, spend too much time on the road again, so wasteful. So these cannot meet our style, Is there a means of transportation that can solve these problems at the same time? The answer is of course.

New fashionable cheap hoverboard smart self balance scooter K8

The Koowheel based on long-term market research, introduced a portable smart self balancing scooter K8, also known as the Hoverboard, this one has a big different and highlights compared to general Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooters on the market, in order to better distinguish we made a special reference to the following figure:

New fashionable cheap hoverboard smart balance scooter K8

1. Voltage:  Regular is 36V,  2 wheel self balancing scooter K8 is 24V (although it is less paid, but the performance is not a bit worse than 36V hoverboard, because on the one hand is used power battery, discharge rate is high, on the other hand K8 on the motherboard, motor, chargers and other power voltage. The same proportion of coordination, so as to get the maximum utilization, so hoverboard K8 has almost the same performance with the common 36V),

hoverboard k8 voltage comparision

2. Speed: compared with regular 36V, the speed of K8 about slow 0.2KM/H, little difference in the battery is reduced by 6, and the domestic battery case, this result is very good.

3. Charging time: one more than 150 minutes, one more than 200 minutes, only 50 minutes apart.

The Advantages of riding a hoverboard

Hoverboards are very popular today and it has become a trend for kids,teenagers and aults to take a short trip with the best self balancing scooter.If you want to buy the hands free hoverboard for children, friends or yourself,you can get many informations from internet concerning the two wheels hoverboard. Also if you don’t know which is the most cost effective or the best quality suitable for you, you can read a lot of reviews to see advantages and disadvantages of using different 2 wheel self balancing scooter.


Most Smart balance wheels offer a similar experience with different size and magnificence. But before a journey, rider is required with lots of exercise and familiar with the hoverboard speeding up, move backwards,turning around, then he can go on the highway, to avoid any accidents.


However, after you riding your hoverboard for a while,you will find out the advantages of using the hoverboard:

1.Ideal for doing exercise and short trip- people living in urban area may not very easy to find a place for doing exercise in the morning , a hoverboard can helps you moving to parks nearby for sports or leisure. Besides, riding a hoverboard can also help to reduce weight and enhance balance ability.


2.Easy for carry- it is very convenient for carry because of its cute size and light weight,with an optional carry bag, you can easily carry it onto the bus, metro,railway, up and down elevators.

3.Easy for maintenance- It is extremely considerably easy to do daily maintenance for your hoverboard. You can wipe the hoverboard rubber pad,shell, wheels with a wet  dishcloth, you don’t need to worry about rusting or water penetration problem. While your hoverboard is lack of power , simply connect the hoverboard to the ac power with an original adapter, you don’t need to pay too much attention while charging as when the hoverboard battery is full, the adapter will automatic shut off ( however, we still suggest you to take off the adapter when you found the adapter charging indicator is green )

  • Easy for storage- it is easy to put away your hoverboard in the shelf or perhaps in cargo area too, without paying too much attention to temperature,humidity around.

Daily maintenance of two wheel self balancing scooter k5

Two wheel self-balancing hoverboard’s main operation principle is based on “dynamic stability”, ie the vehicle itself would find it balance automatically. To Sense the posture of the vehicle via built-in precision solid-state gyroscope and to calculate appropriate instructions through sophisticated and high-speed CPU in order to drive the motor to achieve a balanced effect. The two axis control each side to keep a relative balanced status during riding also can enhance riding stability.

Daily maintenance 

Cleaning and storage

● Please clean your vehicle timely after use to maintain the best performance;

● You can clean the main body using a soft cloth dipped with a little bit of water;

● It’s advised to clean tires and vehicle bottom using household shower or garden sprinkler (water pressure is lower than 1Mpa, or 145PSI). Once done, please dry the vehicle as soon as possible and place it in a dry and ventilated place so as to avoid steel rust;

● For the hard-clean stains on plastic surface, its advised to brush the places with toothpaste then scrub repeatedly and then to clean up by wet cloth. This method can also be used to remove surface scratches;

● When not in use, please place the vehicle in a dry and shady place and try to avoid long time storage outdoor. Exposure under sun and hot / cold outdoor environment will accelerate the aging of its appearance.


When cleaning the hoverboard, please ensure the vehicle is turned off and the charger is unplugged also charger’s rubber cover is tightly buckled! Otherwise it may cause shocks or serious faults.

It’s highly prohibited to wash the vehicle by high-pressure water jet which is used for car-washing and to immerse the whole vehicle into water since it may lead to inflow of water vapor or water which causes fault severity that cannot be repaired.

It’s highly prohibited to clean the vehicle using chemical solvents like gasoline, kerosene, acetone or other corrosive, volatile ones. These substances will damage the vehicle’s outter appearance and internal structure. This information comes from

You need to know a few unique features of the smart self balancing scooter

At present, intelligence with the Internet become a big trend, the these traditional vehicles such as electric self balancing scooter have begun to be intelligent and Internet, more and more electric self balancing scooter has turned into an intelligent electric car. Smart self balancing scooter is a vehicle other than the intelligent transportation. Smart self balancing scooter small size, small start-up companies can control, so not in the scope of this article, this article refers to the Smart self balancing scooter for the car in addition to the intelligent transportation.

The intelligent transportation mainly include:

Smart self balancing scooter: such as the two round of the 2 wheel self balancing scooter, a wheelbarrow, self balancing electric unicycle etc..

Car ownership more and more, the city’s congestion has spread from a second tier cities to the three or four tier cities, parking is difficult for each car driver to encounter problems. This year the government to solve the problem of haze, advocate green travel, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and Hangzhou City Auto Limited licensing also let intelligent electric flat car balance with the new market demand, there will be a product demand, so smart balance of electric cars more and more popular.

The current smart scooter wholesale manufacturers are mainly two categories, one is the original traditional two round of electric self balancing scooter manufacturers; the second category is a number of start-up technology companies. The original traditional second round round balance of electric scooter manufacturers main products is to change the original electric scooter lithium, and to increase the intelligent module, generally retained their original appearance, manned loading and other basic functions also retain. Smart self balancing scooter start-up technology companies, not stick to the original way are generally small, portable, no original satisfactory appearance, such as the current market there are intelligent Two Wheel Electric Scooter, one wheel bluetooth self balancing scooter.

The intelligent electric scooters adults, intelligent hardware installed on the self balancing electric scooter and connected with Bluetooth on the mobile phone , in electric vehicles increase the function of some of the Internet, it seems, intelligent electric vehicle unique function is:

Smart tips: the current situation of the vehicle to do a comprehensive test: including power information, location information, alarm prompt, start information, etc.. When the battery is insufficient electric hoverboard bluetooth alarm information.

Bluetooth speaker, let the music follow your footstep at anytime, you can enjoy the music to bring you pleasure anywhere.

Led Light, when you driving at night, turn on the LED lights, can illuminate your footsteps.

Of course, with the development of intelligent hardware, smart electric car will also increase the balance of new features, such as the Koowheel K3 have the Bluetooth function and LED display lights, Led lights can be turned on at night time.

Smart car driving in the gradual maturity, the product is also being more and more accepted by the user, Koowheel D1 or K3, also allows you to see the future of the smart scooter market. The introduction of personalized products, but also a breakdown of the market, pulling the scale of the entire industry.

Intelligent and miniaturization is the direction of the electric car balance, the State Council has clearly support the development of lithium battery electric balance car. With more and more urban subway opened, the public urban trunk road traffic continues to improve, but regional 1-3 kilometers or people travel pain points, light weight, good design, high degree of portable small smart balance scooter bluetooth will have in the development of the jet. For more detaied information, please visit

Two wheel scooter evaluation: clever wind follow one’s inclinations

Koowheel electric self balancing scooter with easy riding and flexible operation etc., nowadays it become many people’s outdoor recreational equipment. Compared with the traditional roller, skateboard scooter and other recreational way, easier handling and interest sex, etc. For mini smart scooter, however, its interior is equipped with power system, balance system, security system and so on has content of higher science and technology, has a cool appearance, superior performance, moderate price of products will become the darling of the market, such as we tested the Koowheel S3604 – B for everyone, this two wheel self balancing scooter, this is a the electric unicycle which have many characteristic.

And learning unicycle, it is very difficulty for many new entry-level enthusiasts, don’t feel free to say you can play.

Today bring you a 2 wheel self balancing scooter that don’t need you own too much technology. Koowheel Dual Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter driving test will be a little different?

Koowheel electric balance scooter using corrugated packaging, packaging has the character such as environmental protection, light quality, intensity, nowhere not show its strong motivation and superior trafficability.

Because protection product USES lots of plastic foam, although the product packaging is bigger, but who doesn’t want to take it intact, packaging absolute reliable and conscience, the industry out of the can specification, power adapter, remote control keys, handbag away.

Now take off the bubble directly to the board, is the first person, full of fashion breath, science and technology feeling, no fashion appearance is how to capture your heart, beautiful is the most basic requirements.

Koowheel smart balance scooter provides more rich color and pattern choice, can meet the needs of different consumers, compared with other two car wheel balance, Koowheel self balance board is a equipped with a 10 inch large diameter wheels, is both flexibility and stability, has a better performance, split open a case can be used than support bar two balanced car convenient many, small and light body, its weight only 15 kg, go where you want to go, convenient store when not in use, out of the box went outdoors, it is not a product of the stay in the studio.

10 inch wheels is big size in the balance car field, is not only big and there are vertical and horizontal groove, the trafficability is better than general balance scooter, because more stable but also increase the comfort level.

Koowheel balanced car S3604 – B can also be used on rainy day , because install tire shield rain barrier-free trial, rainy days don’t wet shoes.

Foot is soft silicone non-slip, such benefits, one is using silica gel silica gel below contact more sensitive to reflect your feedback more quickly, the second is increased more comfortable riding experience, soft silica gel has better effect of suspension. For more information, please visit

Unlimited fashion health travel “hoverboard”– portable short-distance transport

Nowadays, the scale of motor vehicle development is rapid, the urban traffic congestion has become a top issue, car exhaust emissions, environmental pollution is serious, choice has become the present actively advocate green travel way. Convenient and environmental health movement method has become a new fashion of people’s life.
Koowheel new energy balance smart car, in April 2014, which started electric unicycle, scooters, electric scooter adults and other kind of buzz word followed, Koowheel, there are four series of 2 wheel self balancing scooter product line launched between people from the traditional transportation tools and the final destination of the last journey, including s36 series of smart scooter price is lower than 300RMB, declaring the adult electric scooter products come into the ordinary people.

It is understood that foreign brands self balancing scooter price have been high, high consumption threshold. New energy self balancing electric scooter, electric scooters with high performance/price ratio, and twisting, such as balance models, is more suitable for students and office workers, break the bottom line price, will sharply lowered the consumption threshold of balance car industry.

Talking about balanced car, a lot of friends is not particularly understanding. Balance of the car, as the name implies, is to balance alone free driving car, a two wheels, electric drive, body weight control, but won’t fall, following the body automatically means of transportation. It’s driving almost no threshold. As long as it electricity, people stand on the pedal can balance automatically, lean forward to drive it in advance. Koowheel new energy launched a series of “smart” personal vehicles, core idea is “let a person more freedom” enjoy intelligence bring people convenient.

Koowheel new energy in promoting environmental protection green travel at the same time, the intention to cover the entire people and lines, line and intelligent products chain, from portable short self balancing electric scooter, two wheeled scooter to change of intelligent lifestyle, Koowheel new energy innovation move really feel erupt, a praise. It is understood that Koowheel new energy will also be in the field of intelligent technology for global consumers to develop more products and services.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up riding your balance car to go out for a drive! With the environmental protection, the healthy and fashionable way to feel the beauty of nature. This information come from

2016 NBA dunk contest, stepping on the smart self balancing scooter to dunk

2016 NBA slam dunk contest which may be beyond the 2000 session of the dunk contest. Sina Sports February 14 reported that in the NBA All-Star dunk contest, Zach – Lavin and Aaron – Gordon in the final play-off two (final two each button 4 times), exciting action frequent, eventually Lavin out to the end of the last action, adventure defending successfully. The competition action for two thrilling, exciting. But also appear the 2 wheel self balancing scooter on the spot.

Preliminary heats, 2 action
Gordon found a magic mascot fit. Mascot use the ball on top of the head, foot stepping 2 Wheel Electric Scooter, Gordon mascot head after crossing the ball up, legs dunking after changing hands in the air. He was succeed at the second time, the crowd burst into cheers .

Dunk Contest
In the dunk contest finals Gordon still fit and mascot. This time, the mascot use the left hand holding the ball,  then stand on the self balancing electric scooter, slowly rotating, after Gordon run-up, according to head back to the left, right after the ball in the air turning hand, one-handed dunk, once complete, got full marks .
In the dunk contest, Gordon and the mascot have three time cooperation, including  mascot’s two foot stepping on the balanced car,  at the second time, Gordon dunk the ball dunk successful when the two-wheeled electric car rotation . Because of balance Scooter in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest Finals appears, once again reflects the power performance of the balance car. Thinking car balance to the show, and went to the NBA, the glow of strong vitality.

The Self Balancing Scooter slowly into the adult toys and props market. Therefore, we continue to favor the smart self balancing scooter market balance. For more information related to the balancing scooter, please visit

China Southern airlines banned carry balancing car or due to fire and explosion

Recently, China Southern Airlines to ensure flight safety, a total ban on passengers carrying or shipping lithium battery-powered self balancing electric scooter, specific products including, but not limited to: wheelbarrow, electric scooters, Hot Wheels cars and somatosensory and self balancing scooter. On the grounds that “the majority of the energy equipment lithium flag does not comply with such a balance due to the poor quality of lithium battery car caught fire and exploded over the spate of international events on the feedback.”

Not long ago, the British trading standards bodies remind people not to buy such products because of high security risks. National Trading Standards agency spokesman said the current government has seized more than 38,000 pieces electric scooter, of which more than 80% were identified security risk.

Trading Standards warning mechanism for some large retailers, including Amazon, we have already begun to balance the presence of hidden electric vehicle frame, and to have purchased such products consumers sent a message to inform risk.

Currently the use of electric vehicles equilibrium expanding more and more types. As the electric car lithium battery energy balance is large, and most of the energy equipment lithium flag does not comply with such a balance due to the poor quality of lithium batteries caught fire and exploded car events around the spate of international feedback.

Therefore, when consumers choose these products, be sure to consider the quality of the product, due to self balancing scooter price uneven levels, people do not covet cheap, since ancient times, said no good goods cheaper it, therefore, recommended to buy the car balance , select the famous brand self balancing scooter supplier, and in line with national security requirements, access to the security certificate of the manufacturers. According to industry sources reveal, Koowheel China is specialized in producing 2 wheel self balancing scooter, well-known brand self balancing electric unicycle manufacturers. They only use the original Samsung batteries, “Xinaoma / Hanghong motors (famous brand with best quality), Taotao Intelligent Technology” mainboard, ABS plastic case with UV certification, Charger with UL certification., and they have a 20-30 degree climbing test , and also have the unique testing machines in Shenzhen to test the balance, the speed, the maximum load data for each scooter.
Their Scooter support UN 38.3 (battery) and UL 60950-1 / BS (charger), all of our raw materials comply with national safety production standards If you would like to know more about Koowheel, please visit http://www.koowheelmall .com