How to use Koowheel self balancing board K4

“How to use Koowheel self balancing board K4

“A:Turn on the board, press the “”power on / off”” button;The board is on when hearing the honk sound and LED indicator light is on. 2. Step on the board and keep balance. Firstly put one foot on the foot pad then slowly move the body’s focus on the foot pad, and then raise another foot slowly from the ground and place on the foot pad.

Best seller Self balancing scooter k4

B:  Forward / Backward / Brake:

  1. Lean the body Slowly forward and feel the balance of the board to move forward, and then stand straight and feel slowing down and braking the board. Keep the speed not too fast.  2. Lean the body backwards slowly to go backward, and then stand straight and feel slowing down and braking the board.   3. When moving forward or backward, keep the body vertical with board to go forward or backward or stop the board. Put the weight of the body evenly in the center of the pedal to achieve a stable braking.

C: turn: the balance scooter will be in accordance with the direction of your movement and turn. The rotation of the feet to the left or right can make the balance scooter to achieve the corresponding direction of the turn.


D: keep the balance scooter to maintain balance when you are ready to get off the board,, only one foot at a time. Control the body center of gravity, do not shake, especially do not move your body to make the board turn while getting off.


Meet all your riding needs—Koowheel Balance scooter

Not the same as the Koowheel balancing scooter, more convenient on riding, more exciting ride tour, you want to start it?

Want to experience  riding pleasure in the city? Just give you a KOOWHEEL balance car, you can freely walk through the ride for a long time without worrying about the high streets and back lanes, more tired, also not to worry about the parking problem, fully enjoy a pleasant and comfortable city.


Forget the wind free riding in the street, forget the walk in the high streets and back lanes pleasant, even forget the bustling streets always appear in front of fragrant snacks…… In the hearts of many small partners, riding tour is not only beautiful scenery, there is such a rich side of life breath. However, as the city continues to expand outward expansion, with the car as the main body of the city to travel equipment, the traditional bike is no longer suitable for such a casual ride. So, we should choose what kind of travel equipment?


Although the city riding is a pleasant and easy thing, but for busy office workers, a rare weekend to rest and not more natural motion, while riding very pleasant, but riding for a long time will let the body become very tired. If is the Koowheel balance scooter, so you can completely rely on riding electric drive, take the effort, is not to go out more energy? Even the city road widened a lot, there are too many routes worth exploring, but as long as the Koowheel Electric skateboard, do not have to worry about their own physical strength, easy riding will let you enjoy the wonderful experience of riding on the way.

Although the trip is faster the better, the fastest speed 40km/h of Koowheel Electric skateboard is the most challenging self, not too busy to make the ride tour becomes boring.

Because the car has become the main means of travel to contemporary city, thus supporting the change, for the site of bicycle parking has become less and less, and the lack of specialized care personnel, so the safety of parking is not as good as before. KOOWHEEL riding products are very easy to carry.

Not only can the portable in the side, even take the bus, subway or other travel equipment is no problem, so when you have finished a day’s riding, can also choose other way to travel more quickly home. If there is a sudden situation, such as something, rain and so on, but also the first time to stop riding tour, direct switch to other things up.

Why did the electric scooter or skateboard so welcomed on the market?

Enter the new year, the electric balance scooter field competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Major manufacturers have launched their new products, continue to consolidate and expand its influence and status in the consumer. The author has always considered that one of the most important conditions for the development and expansion of the balance car is its easy to learn. It is the user’s learning cost, which directly determines the user purchase behavior.

Easy to learn the product

Koowheel smart balance scooter 7inch wheels K5 with dual bluetooth and smart led lights

The first is the product itself, the balance  car and electric scooters have to learn good. But this type of electric scooter products is long-standing, many people are already familiar with, you can easily get started riding. No. nine in millet after the injection, the acquisition of balance Segway, and achieved numerous balance wheels patent. Some time ago by the public, WeChat said, has been open to airwheel etc. the car manufacturers filed a patent lawsuit.

I think this is the reason for IPS, music and other manufacturers has not launched the double wheel vehicle. S series of the airwheel the patent has been suffering from the problems in the future nine, constantly under pressure, believe that the day is certainly not. In this case, electric scooter is a good way to avoid the above problems. At the same time taking into account the easy to learn, but also to avoid a patent lawsuit. Thus airwheel and music such as domestic manufacturers in this area have also begun to launched a new product each. The wheelbarrow is not easy to popularize, but the car was under the control of the No. nine tight force, electric scooter is a reasonable choice. So we will see a series of airwheel in electric scooter on the micro innovation, and I believe it should be just the beginning.

User groups

Followed by starting from the user, the author mentioned in the previous paper directly determine the most important condition of the purchase behavior of the user is the car’s easy to learn. Good quality, high technology content of the car, if the user can not learn how to ride a short period of time, it will give up the idea of buying. So this is why the balance of car manufacturers than other electronic technology products, more need to experience the next line shop.

We try to analyze the electric balance scoter users will find that it is mainly divided into three kinds: outdoor riding players, ordinary workers and white-collar workers.


Firstly ,outdoor players are mostly the pursuit of extreme speed and fancy riding, so for these two points, they generally choose the limit speed can reach E skateboard 42KM/H. The game player will organize collective action similar to our outdoor, so Electric skateboard can also be a good fit for the users.

Secondly, for kinds of ordinary workers, their scenarios are mostly used in the work or out of the subway, which belongs to the electric car balance tool for short distance travel in their eyes. They do not stress the car’s limit speed and fancy riding, only the car is safe and stable, quick to get started. Starting from this demand, it is not difficult to see that this group of users will be more inclined to choose an electric car balance, which is what we can often see in the street to balance the car’s sake.

Thirdly, most of the white-collar crowd will choose two wheeled scooter, as a result of this type of mature product prices are more expensive, you can highlight the rich status symbol. It can be installed in the car trunk, remove the use of in car travel when necessary. The perfect solution to the balance car wheel portability problems.

From the balance scooter began to enter the market, more and more manufacturers were given such a concept of transport.

With sales of our physical store, many people reported a strong interest to buy, but because the moment cannot learn to give up buying the wheelbarrow. The scooter and double wheel vehicle would be much better. Because consumers get started, a short period of time will be able to ride their own ride, but it will greatly aroused the curiosity of the consumer, which led to the purchase behavior. If you have the same idea of walking, then the preferred scooter is. Secondly, if you want to earn some novelty, or turn some heads in the street, then add some proper budget, buy two wheel balancing scooter is a reasonable choice. Finally also reminded that if you want to buy that holds a single wheel balance car idea, or want to buy before going to the store experience riding around the factory test time, and make a decision. If you learn it easily, it is definitely worth buying cool degree. Anyway, then, still do not buy back home for good.

Finally, from the technical point of the self balance scooter and the relevant national policy, in China, the definition of the electric car is not very clear, all around the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions. This leads to some provinces and cities is prohibited by the balance of electric cars traveling in the vehicle lane, and some provinces are very vague or not related to specific instructions.

What concerns you most before you buy Self balancing scooter ?

In twenty-first Century, the development of science and technology is very fast, now have many choices to travel to work. The Self Balancing Scooter is one of the more practical portable transport of. However, consumers must pay attention when purchase the balance car, do not buy a bad balance car. What you need to pay attention to before you buy Self balancing scooter ? Now the sale manager of Koowheel introduce for you.

1. Don’t try to choose a less known and inferior brand

The technical level of balance car on the body is relatively high, generally no name manufacturers do not have good production technology and solutions, the balance car might cut corners, so that users in the safety of some hidden dangers.

2. Parameters

The Balance wheel scooter has several important parameters.
First is the waterproof level, transport tool for outdoor use can easily meet surface water or rainy days, waterproof level is very important, because it will make you use in certain scenarios not;
Second is the endurance mileage, according to your travel distance to pick the product;
Third is the highest speed, different product speed is not the same. Speed may be more important for some people who want to save time.
The last is the charging time, some products when charging a longer time, to pay attention to when buying.

3. After sales, to understand clearly

This is also very important, to buy any one of the goods is to value after sales and warranty. To put aside the balance scooter‘s quality control does not say, after sales is very important, it directly affects your experience in the use of. Koowheel has set up maintenance centers in United States,with the support of free maintenance so very convenience for overseas customers.
Recently, they also developed a new product, that is E-skateboard, if interested,please visit

How to pick a good smart self balancing scooter?

With the rapid development of science and technology, a new type of short distance transport – the smart self balancing scooter into the people’s vision, a new era of choice for young people. But the balance scooters types on the market range, as consumers, how should we judge whether it is good or bad? Here you don’t  worry about this, Koowheel as one of the leading smart scooter brand, has been committed to the smart balance scooter product development of hardware and software, is a leading R & D, production, sales and service in one of the intelligent transport equipment suppliers, which has a deep understanding, below I will introduce how to pick a good smart balance scooter:

1. motor power
Motor power shortage will make us feel very difficult in the process of riding. In addition, the current electric balance scooter is basically adopt latest magnetic levitation motor, it should be no noise in the process of riding. Noisy products, generally not very good.

2. endurance
Life is our primary concern parameters, here need to beware of false bad business, so it can be in accordance with each 10wh can travel 1 km from line conversion.

3. chip motherboard
A chip motherboard is good or bad is related to security, security is not the size of the tire, but rather the control board of the smart system settings, the more intelligent system is relatively safe.
4. material conditions
Look at what the quality of materials used. Look at its shell materials, the surface luminance, edge touch test, wheel, surface material is good or bad is that can see.

KOOWHEEL Hoverboard K5 gives you a different experience

The riding is not over pedal domination, and the traditional motorcycle and Electric vehicle are appear. As a personal transport, speed is there, but the pollution problem has become the center of conflict. KOOWHEEL Hoverboard scooter K5 bring people to a new vision, energy saving and low carbon, to make an example on green travel.

Travel tools experience the thousands of years evolution, people’s way of life had a huge impact. Although now the four wheels car has become the dominant Road, personal riding tools are still in the effective direction development. In addition to play skills in a particular line, innovation consciousness gradually into the design. Elwe, early on personal travel conducted a thorough analysis and discussion, the balance scooter K5 aim at carbon-free behavior, load into the advanced intelligent technology, not just to ride to the destination of the way, has become the pursuit of life fun and outdoor media.

The smart scooter K5 completely subvert the people’s understanding of the traditional means of transport, it has the following characteristics:

1. It is with three parts structure design which keeps balance by itself and wont fall. the most important point is that we have got our own patent of this model
2. Removable battery
3. There is grip on the board, then you can carry it freely.
4. With display screen.
5. Dual Speaker
6. Induction lights, will light up in a dark place
7. Will get UL2272 soon.

Koowheel is sure to the power of the Balance scooter  and gives you a different experience, to make a reasonable optimization for some obvious technical defects.

Compared to the balance car riding need to have the basic balance of the balance car, smart scooter K5 is more like a pragmatic law-abiding. There are structural features of Smart balance scooter already, just to play by walking, KOOWHEEL‘s contribution to its own level of the comprehensive grasp of product. K5 has a solid base support and a suitable speed configuration, showing a convenient and smooth ride experience. Standing on the KOOWHEEL, considering the human comfort factors, that does not increase the storage space, and standing more in line with the people’s daily habits.

Two wheel electric scooter
 K5 to be innovative in the attitude to flexible characteristics of the product, to convey the unique thinking on security issues, provide a sensible solution; on the basis of saving time and labor and increase the pleasure to the awareness of environmental protection.This information comes from

The balance scooter’s development in China

The balancing scooter was born in the early part of this century, the first smart scooter brand for the Segway, it was born the first is cause to Dean. Carmen Deka and the large medical equipment maker Johnson & Johnson subsidiary of independent technology, cooperation in the development of an automatic balancing type power wheelchair. Today, they are the main production of electric balance car manufacturers, but also the largest u.s..

Although the electric self balancing scooter production, design, which has the longest history, brand influence is relatively larger, but due to the influence of a variety of reasons, Segway electric balance scooter in China is not smooth, 2008 Olympic Games on a balance car at about 8 million yuan, now the self balancing scooter price also at around 4 million yuan, this price let most consumers prohibitive. Therefore, the production of products to meet the needs of the Chinese market, is an important choice for balance car production enterprises to make a breakthrough.

Appear on the market of China smart balance scooter of different brands, in addition to the high prices of foreign brands, domestic enterprises have also entered the market. Today, China’s electric scooter brands include Koowheel, ninebot etc., the various brands of cars have characteristics, occupy the major share of the Chinese market.

Compared to foreign brands has the advantages in technology and design, domestic brands from the design and production, emphasize on the adaptation to the domestic market, without prejudice to the vehicle performance and safety, and reduced costs, the Chinese consumers can afford. At the same time, the difference between the different brands, so as to form a subtle competition.

Current feedback from the market point of view, China’s smart scooter brand reputation is good, two rounds, such as music, in the new century, ninebot, passenger ride, Koowheel, single wheel such as cable Lowe, airwheel leggewie such a balance car brand is widespread acclaim, although each smart scooter brand design style is different, but does not influence consumer acceptance of brands in China.

In the role of the market mechanism, a good product will continue to grow, with more excellent quality to win the favor of China and the world balance car enthusiasts. I believe in China outstanding efforts of enterprises, Chinese will have a brilliant future in the balance of the car market. This information comes from

The best hoverboard scooter supplier-Koowheel

Koowheel is a professional enterprise with perfect design concept,excellent service and high quality products, which would be your best long-term business partner. We are committed to manufacturing the products which could bring more happiness, such as hoverboard, two wheel scooter, skateboard scooter etc. Comfort and convenience for human beings, also they could improve the quality of life. In short: Make better life for human beings.
Now let me introduce our new factory to you. In order to expand the scale of the company and provide sufficient stock for the customer from domestic and abroad. We established a new factory this year, it is located in dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our factory is over 30,000 square meters. The office environment of the factory is also very beautiful.

Besides,we have a very high-end and elegant sample room for display our stylish and cool balancing scooter.

Especially, there is a very wide runway field on the second floor for testing the smart self balancing scooter, looks very professional, the customers can go to experience and enjoy the fun of the riding in the area.

We are always strive to provide the best product and service for all the customers.
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The reasons for frequent accidents of electric scooter

Self Balancing Scooter accident, battery quality problems and lack of battery insurance measures is the main cause of the accident. However, the problem of smart self balancing scooter the supply chain of each link has an inescapable responsibility, and interests are the source of all problems.

In recent years, an upsurge of electric car balance is gradually on the rise in in the bookshops, balance of the car industry in the rapid development in recent years and get wide attention. However recently in the United States, Britain, China, Hong Kong spate of the balance of the car spontaneous combustion and explosion accident, Britain and Australia has banned the electric self balancing scooter, at the beginning of December 2015, the British confiscated 1.5 million vehicles imported from China “unsafe” balance of electric cars, these things happen inevitably China’s vigorous development of the electric self balancing scooter industry to cast on the shadow.

Behind the “unsafe” the balance of the car, with the balance of good and evil people mixed up, hoverboard scooter industry and its use of lithium battery safety, some of the battery industry also involved bad circumstance.

According to the results of a multi car accident investigation shows that most of the time during the night charge, the cause of the accident and the battery has a close relationship.

Koowheel company in “Chinese business newspaper” reporter the interview said that “the balance of the car in the charge explosion, the key problem is that the battery quality problems, and the battery and charger without protection. An accurate explanation is that the battery battery is not qualified, the battery protection board is not qualified, the charger is not qualified.”

However, Koowheel company has been adhering to the “Customer Supreme, Quality Foremost“. They have been engaged in designing & producing best outstanding products for the customers. Their Self Balancing Scooter are made up of XIN AO’MA or HANG HONG brand motor(top 2 motors), SAMSUNG or LG battery,American ARM board chip and high quality solid rubber tire. They also gained the Certification of Ul2272, is your reliable hoverboard scooter brand supplier. All the materials of our items are the best in self-balancing car industry. The have fulfilled over 100 OEM orders for 50 VIPs located in 5 different countries, also owned oversea warehouses in United States,Germany,Australia and United Kingdom,which can guarantee fast shipping. At the same time, set up maintenance centers in United States,with the support of free maintenance. Oversea maintenance centers in other countries will be set up gradually.


What is the advantage of different smart scooters brand

Koowheel balancing scooter is superior in performance, has very good climbing ability, thanks to imported high-performance 32-bit RISC processors gyroscope, powerful surge of 500w motor power (although great but the sound is very light or even silent), the highest speed: 20 km/h range: 15 km to 20 km, the machine only 15 kg weight Koowheel the highest load balanced car reached a staggering 120 kg, the obese people those who more than 200kg , also can relaxed and free riding.

Self balancing hoverboard was equipped with a remote control key, the configuration, I’m a little surprised, it has four patterns: lock, unlock, alarm, start, function is no problem, but if you do after you lock it, regardless of the back was destined to live lonely lives, and the car might get carried away.

On the road, of course, want to be safe, Koowheel balance car is equipped with two warning light , warning light inside each equipped with two high brightness LED blue light bead, running lights up, very nice at night.

Again good, the battery will run out of, in particular, there are some self balancing scooter supplier humanized when electricity is less than 5% or less is alert, how to prepare for the user, if the distance how far back, Koowheel smart scooter brands will warning when the power remaining 15%, green to red light and a prompt, but 15% you have plenty of time how to solve the problem of low battery.

Now people become lazy, shopping, play, shopping, etc. I can take it, many people define balance car as a toy, but it can do many things, you have to learn how to correct it, there will be a very high lead, good handsome, good lovely, most people believe Koowheel smart balance scooter evaluation, Koowheel balanced car internal powerful system performance, to a great extent determine actual experience and balanced car safety, good and inexpensive, easily the balance of the tens of thousands of cars I can’t afford to play, but more than 1000 RMB Koowheel balance car could be acceptable, whether in performance or safety are doing well, have a need to consider it, it won’t let you down. This information from