The Advantages of riding a hoverboard

Hoverboards are very popular today and it has become a trend for kids,teenagers and aults to take a short trip with the best self balancing scooter.If you want to buy the hands free hoverboard for children, friends or yourself,you can get many informations from internet concerning the two wheels hoverboard. Also if you don’t know which is the most cost effective or the best quality suitable for you, you can read a lot of reviews to see advantages and disadvantages of using different 2 wheel self balancing scooter.


Most Smart balance wheels offer a similar experience with different size and magnificence. But before a journey, rider is required with lots of exercise and familiar with the hoverboard speeding up, move backwards,turning around, then he can go on the highway, to avoid any accidents.


However, after you riding your hoverboard for a while,you will find out the advantages of using the hoverboard:

1.Ideal for doing exercise and short trip- people living in urban area may not very easy to find a place for doing exercise in the morning , a hoverboard can helps you moving to parks nearby for sports or leisure. Besides, riding a hoverboard can also help to reduce weight and enhance balance ability.


2.Easy for carry- it is very convenient for carry because of its cute size and light weight,with an optional carry bag, you can easily carry it onto the bus, metro,railway, up and down elevators.

3.Easy for maintenance- It is extremely considerably easy to do daily maintenance for your hoverboard. You can wipe the hoverboard rubber pad,shell, wheels with a wet  dishcloth, you don’t need to worry about rusting or water penetration problem. While your hoverboard is lack of power , simply connect the hoverboard to the ac power with an original adapter, you don’t need to pay too much attention while charging as when the hoverboard battery is full, the adapter will automatic shut off ( however, we still suggest you to take off the adapter when you found the adapter charging indicator is green )

  • Easy for storage- it is easy to put away your hoverboard in the shelf or perhaps in cargo area too, without paying too much attention to temperature,humidity around.

Some problems must be noted in using the hoverboard power adapter

In the power adapter (hereinafter referred adapter) above generally have several labels need to pay attention.

First, adapter models, such as the adapter model is the JY-420201, it tells us some information, it is the manufacturer, wattage, etc., JY beginning of the company in general is ## code, 420 201 is to explain this the adapter is 84W;

Second, the adapter INPUT (input), common in China is generally 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz, indicating adapter can work at a voltage below 100V-240V;

Third, the adapter’s OUTPUT (output), two numbers can very quickly have to figure this adapter wattage, such as the adapter, voltage 42V * Current 2A = 84W (power), indicating that the power is 84W adapter.

Most of the balance car power adapter suitable for 100 ~ 240V AC (50 / 60Hz). Basically most of the balance of the car regarded external power supply, use a power cord and connect the body, so the body can reduce the size and weight.

In the power adapter has a nameplate above marked power, input and output voltage and current amount and other indicators, with particular attention to the input voltage range, which is called “travel power adapter,” if the mains voltage is only 110V countries when this feature is very useful. Some smart scooter brand power charger is not compatible with this voltage design, or even only a single input voltage, it will use the presence of a great security risk at a low voltage in addition to the production of other countries or high voltage.

The Self balancing scooter
 power adapter is the home of the high voltage into a stable low-voltage work, so that they can work properly. The best self balancing scooter charger can be fully controlled, such Koowheel hoverboard scooter brand charger, choose high-quality raw materials, the development of high-quality production technology and processes, using a unique construction process, in strict accordance with quality and safety standards, the final product safety testing. These management and technical means can be manipulated, so that the balance of the car charger to become safer and more efficient. For more information, please visit