Koowheel 8.5inch Off-Road K7 brings better experience to you

Exclusive appearance patent smart balance wheel hoverboard 8.5inch

The KOOWHEEL 8.5inch Smart balance scooter K7 is one of the newest hoverboard on the market. It features a slightly different technology than the other hoverboards,allowing it to use more powerful motors, the 8.5inch wheels are fantastic on dirt and grass, even though, not being inflatable, you will still feel a lot of vibration on uneven terrains.


New smart self balancing scooter hoverboard 8.5inch on the market, they think that the board  started it all. Bigger, Faster, Stronger than the competition. Take a ride on the board built to do more today.

hoverboard K7 UL2272certification


1. UL2272 certificated, safe standard and available selling in US market; CE certificated in EU market;
2. 8.5inch big wheels, the most comfortable ride;ride on the beach, much better experience;
3. Water proof, you can ride it through mud, snow and puddles no problem, you just can’t submerge it in water;
4. Big power with 500W*2 motor to support customers’ riding request;
5. Overseas warehouse warranty for EU and US market;
6. Bluetooth available if request.

Why NOT?

1. Good price;
2. Best warranty;
3. Best quality;
4. Large factory production line and perfect quality management system;
5. Professional selling team brings you all the best hoverboard you want;
k7 user's instruction





How do you spend your Leisure Time?

How do you spend your Weekend Time or Leisure Time?

In recent years, young people in order to pursuit fashion and exciting lifestyle, riding on a smart balance scooter is even more becoming popular today. It has become the easiest way of movement. This is all attributed to the comfort and reliability that is associated with riding them particularly a smart balance scooter. However, it is important to know some of the advantages of going for a smart balance scooter over others. These advantages include the following: It is easy to use. A smart balance scooter is very easy to learn and use. If you are new hand on riding scooters then a smart balancing scooter is definitely the perfect scooter to begin with. It is stable and will only take you hours to learn depending on your interests. They are affordable.

Most of smart balance scooters are durable and can be used for years if properly maintained. Those who have used it have termed it is a strong and versatile scooter. If you really need a good scooter that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations, then electric balancing scooter is definitely the best scooter to go for. It is simply the best kind of a scooter available in the market today. Koowheel new smart balance scooter K8 is a great way to explore with friends or your family in the weekend or leisure time. However please always wear the helmet for your safety.

What do you like best between E-scooter,smart scooter and E-skateboard?


Appearance, the appearance of them are different, but basically rely on the balance of people to achieve, about the balance ability need for a certain learning process, no one will be good at riding these since they there born .



Electric scooter compared with the latter two, it is easier to learn and control as weel as more safe, because the handle level can reduce the possibility of crashed, especially the novice, while relying on its grasp the direction.

Brake, they all have brake function, but the braking method is different, electric scooter’s brake is mechanical brake, on the left of the hand lever has a brake button, you can also step the wheel behind you, it is passive brake.


The Smart scooter and Electric Skateboard’s Brake depends on the reverse balance, while the inertia of people and vehicles will disappear with the brake, no matter what speed is, the brakes can be easily controlled, they are active brake.

Speed, under normal circumstances, the speed of electric skateboard is fast, climbing ability is better than the other two.  Normal speed is 30km/h, top speed is 40km/h,go faster

 Koowheel Electric scooter L8, the max speed is 25 Km/h while leave factory( The max speed can be adjusted to 30KM/H thrugh APP setting by user)

The max speed of Smart balance scooter K5 is 15KM/H.


It can be seen that electric scooters L8 and Electric skateboard are faster than smart scooter on the speed. We can carry it go anywhere. Electric skateboard is more efficient, more obvious during the rush hours. All of them are good tools for short trips.

Above fashionable and cool short-trip tools, which do you like best?


Electric balance scooter – Show your fashion life

Traffic jam is a big problem in city, its very difficult for searching a parking space, therefore “congestion” has become the most common adjective for those people living in the city. So, in this metropolis, the electric hoverboard make travel easier, especially in summer and winter, the shorter the time on the road, commuting travel has become more comfortable, the time saved can also be used to do more.

A electric balance scooters is more like a sport device than a travel tool, and it can bring you a more interesting life after a busy life. You ride it for the morning excise, although compared with the bike, riding it up more labor-saving, but can also contribute to the development of our ability to response agilely, help you to relax your muscles, but also to shape the ability to form. Of course, it can not only linear cycling to and can also be some fancy riding, you can ride it around the pile, one leg riding, can even try to use the handstand riding, as long as the guarantee of good balance, you will find a lot of different riding style.


Perhaps the noisy urban environment, with the day after day life,  so that you become extremely anxious. But sometimes, the Koowheel hoverboard electric scooter ride, can help you change the living atmosphere, let you out of those such as “jam” “Parking” trouble, for applications in different variety of the balance car, get to interpret their enjoyment of life.


Koowheel is committed to the investment focus on balance scooter, smart balance scooter is China leading product development, R & D, production, sales and service in one of the intelligent transportation equipment suppliers. Recently launched K7, L8, such as a variety of electric balance scooter, product marketing around the global market, well received by consumers of all countries. And always in the China even the world’s top smart scooter brand as the goal, to bring intelligent means of innovative equipment for users, users bring extraordinary experience and enjoyment, to become a part of the people living in a shadow.

For more information, please visit KOOWHEEL official website http://www.koowheel.com or follow the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/koowheelboard/


Let the smart balance scooter accompany with you at Christmas.

  Merry Christmas

Due to the every year’s Christmas nearly, Christmas familiar to China Spring Festival, on this day, most of people can do what their want to do and buy their most favorite gifts in a very affordable price. You cannot wait it to try? In the fast pace of modern life, most white-collar go to and leave work every day with a happy mood, under the increasing traffic jam situation, no matter in what kind of transportation will have inconvenience, while walking or riding a bicycle is a waste of time, you need an intelligent vehicle to balance change your life, you need to make it to upgrade your feelings of happiness.

  Here, I will recommend a good gift for you— Koowheel Smart Balance scooter.


  Patent 7 inch wheels Koowheel dual Bluetooth and smart LED lights K5.

Koowheel patent hoverboard 7inch wheels K5 with dual bluetooth and smart led lights

  You Can riding by stand or sitting posture, sitting riding easy to holding the balance car, so it is easy to learn, master, standing riding will also have no difficulty, for those people who interested in the balance car but afraid to difficult.

    Key features:

    Removable battery

    Samsung battery

    Bluetooth technology: play music and be entertained during your ride with 4.0 bluetooth speakers.

    Speed & Range: Travel at speeds of up to 12 mph fora range of 10 miles per charge.

This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com

How to pick a good smart self balancing scooter?

With the rapid development of science and technology, a new type of short distance transport – the smart self balancing scooter into the people’s vision, a new era of choice for young people. But the balance scooters types on the market range, as consumers, how should we judge whether it is good or bad? Here you don’t  worry about this, Koowheel as one of the leading smart scooter brand, has been committed to the smart balance scooter product development of hardware and software, is a leading R & D, production, sales and service in one of the intelligent transport equipment suppliers, which has a deep understanding, below I will introduce how to pick a good smart balance scooter:

1. motor power
Motor power shortage will make us feel very difficult in the process of riding. In addition, the current electric balance scooter is basically adopt latest magnetic levitation motor, it should be no noise in the process of riding. Noisy products, generally not very good.

2. endurance
Life is our primary concern parameters, here need to beware of false bad business, so it can be in accordance with each 10wh can travel 1 km from line conversion.

3. chip motherboard
A chip motherboard is good or bad is related to security, security is not the size of the tire, but rather the control board of the smart system settings, the more intelligent system is relatively safe.
4. material conditions
Look at what the quality of materials used. Look at its shell materials, the surface luminance, edge touch test, wheel, surface material is good or bad is that can see.

The Report about hoverboard outage people falling down

First, the motor problem

1.A serious shortage of motor power

 Electric balance scooters is different than other forms of vehicles, motor power has two functions: (1) maintain the speed and acceleration; (2) to maintain the balance. The power required to maintain the balance is greater than the power required.
For example, the electric bicycle motor is only used to maintain speed, the motor lost power or power shortage is only unable to speed up or speed is not fast. And the electric self balancing scooter needs to maintain balance every hour, must have enough power margin to maintain a balance in the highest speed in case of an emergency, otherwise it will show the motor lost power lead to fall.

So, under normal circumstances, the electric bicycle 150W can guarantee a 80kg of people 15km/h speed, but the smart balance scooter needs more than 500W to ensure safety. If you want to maintain an instantaneous acceleration and deceleration, need for greater power.  At this stage, there are some serious shortage of motor power of some electric balance motor vehicles, and there is a serious shortage of power. And in order to cater to the user, the speed is too high, resulting in not enough power margin to maintain balance and throw the car. Therefore, we recommend production enterprises: according to the appropriate power of motor speed, increase the margin of power; (2) the maximum speed limit in the 20km / h, also according to different maximum velocities determined motor power.

2.The quality of motor Holzer
3.At present, most of the motors are brushless motors, and Holzer has become an important sensor for the control of the motor. Holzer’s quality has become one of the important factors to determine the quality of electric balance scooter.

The main problems: the poor quality of the installation of Holzer; and Holzer wearing process. According to Holzer signal detecting abnormal, no parking security mechanism. The final performance of these problems, once the Holzer signal abnormal, the balance car on the fall. Even low speed or zero speed status will fall.

Therefore, we suggest that production enterprises: strictly control the supplier; the setting detection mechanism to detect the Hall state; 2-3 set emergency handling mechanism to make safe parking.

Second, controller problem

There are two kinds of problems in the design and production process of the controller. Problems existing in the design of controller and high current conditions, interference and leads to the disorder of a system; (2) in order to reduce the cost, choose the PCB manufacturer, production process exist large areas of rosin joint phenomenon.

1. Over current protection of a controller
In general, the controller will have over current protection, such as electric bicycle, when there is a large current output, the controller will reduce the output current, to protect the motor and controller. But for the smart self balancing scooter, current protection may cause body weak or motor disability, performance for the vehicle body can not to maintain the state of equilibrium, lead to the user directly fall. Recommendations: to do a good job in the protection and early warning mechanisms, rather than simply limit the current output.

2. Two MOS tube / fuse burned
In normal riding condition, the working current of the driving plate is in the normal range. When emergency acceleration and deceleration, and over the ridge, platform, etc., there will be a very large current impact, so the impact current if MOS tube or the fuse current exceeds the limit value, have burned the possibility of very large.
3. low power trigger under voltage protection
The output voltage of the battery, encountered large current will have a significant drop in, if the battery design range of normal working voltage is too low, encounter large current, battery voltage reduction may leads to a controller to trigger the undervoltage protection or power output abnormal, resulting in power of the body.
4. controller process is poor and easy to wear.
In order to reduce costs, supplier quality can not be guaranteed, resulting in production process of rosin joint phenomenon, and production process quality inspection and outgoing quality detection are inadequate.

Third, the battery problem
1. Insufficient discharge performance of a battery
Electric scooter board in the actual use of the process may often encounter very large current, if the battery power shortage of the discharge performance is not enough, can not achieve a large current output, easily lead to a car crash. In addition, large current discharge if the battery voltage is low, weaken the discharge capacity of the battery, no obvious prompt and alarm, urgent user speeding, voltage will quickly pull low, power supply shortage, resulting in crash.
2.  over current protection value of the battery is too low
In the case of rapid and sharp turns, the electric balance scooter battery discharge, if the battery is too low, it will lead to the car body in the process of cycling to trigger the battery over current protection.
3. battery under voltage protection value is too high
Under normal circumstances, the normal operating voltage of the controller should be higher than the discharge cut-off voltage of the battery. In the normal operating voltage range, the controller’s voltage is lower than the discharge cut-off voltage of the battery, it will be very easy to trigger off the battery output, leading to the hoverboard power outages.

4. poor consistency of battery
During cycling, the battery appears over a single section, resulting in battery output off.

The last, the strength of the vehicle

Part of the overall structural design of the balance car is defective, resulting in the strength of the floor is very poor. Through bumpy road and over the stairs, leading to the floor break, a car broke.

Besides, others

There are many kinds of balancing scooter power outages. But the balancing scooter running and other means of transport is not the same. Because the balance car is a kind of system which has high stability requirements of system, requirement on overall product reliability is extremely high, any problem may have lead to imbalance in the balance system, therefore, the requirements of the whole system not only to in product design, production focus on quality, focusing on reliability, and requires the entire system provided enough detection mechanism, makes for products in the operation of any possible problems can be timely detected, and be able to make the product safe parking. This information comes from http://www.koowheel.com

Hoverboard refused to cottage, innovative technology to highlight the brand value

Hot electric scooter market, it can be described as a dark horse in the electronics industry, its explosive growth and development, beyond the imagination of a lot of people. Recently, KOOWHEEL released the latest electric balance scooter products which push the industry’s development to a climax. For this emerging industry, the patent is “point weak””.

Market at present, the smart balance scooter products are mainly exported to overseas, mainly in the United States, Europe and other markets. The domestic market demand has not been completely strip, is still in the preheating stage, KOOWHEEL released perhaps will bring a certain role for the China electric skateboard market, after all, by virtue of the advantages of its brand, gather up some loving fans into it.

As a new type of product, it is still a “toy” “. Electric balance scooter publicity is a new generation of new toys. The Balance car by the love of young people, consumer groups or in a second tier cities, or some specific application scenarios. The balancing scooter is no right of way, not travel in a motor vehicle and non motor vehicle lane. The Self Balancing Scooter roller skates and other similar, not on the sidewalk. Last year, the establishment of the “China’s new intelligent transportation industry alliance”, but also the Electric self balancing scooterElectric Unicycle, skateboard scooter as new kinds of transportation.

The business model Electric self balancing scooter make the gyroscope and the traditional motor control perfectly combined, hot products also triggered a hot”cottage”, some electric skateboard manufacturers seized the opportunity to enter the balance scooter market. The limitations of the cottage is: is a product function with changes in demand, which is the cottage “helpless”; the second is the yield rate of products and after-sale cost; 3 is the overseas market demand fluctuations cannot hold, may bring the production of inventory risk. In fact, “cottage” is not unique to China’s manufacturing, the same as the developed countries. “The world is coming for profit, world is go for all benefits”. How long will this copycat mode maintain?.

China made electric scooter focus on the foreign market, the domestic electric balance scooter market is not warm. KOOWHEEL launched by virtue of industry influence, it may bring some new changes in the electric scooter market, to promote the development of the electric scooter market. Development from technological innovation, the market will not be a sustainable development of the continued cottage, innovative research and development is the fundamental development. In addition, in the application of the electric balance scooter scene, you can expand more new business models, such as recreation projects, to better enrich and develop the electric scooter board industry. This information comes from http://www.koowheeelmall.com

Koowheel Smart Scooter make travel insert creative wings

In this pluralistic society, creativity has become the first productive force. There is no sense of innovation in the industry simply can not be based on society. Popular in Europe and America, hot the Koowheel Self Balancing Smart Scooter, with its unique creative design, and low carbon environmental protection sports and health concept, won the favorite of teenagers and fashion white-collar crowd, become today’s street the most innovative consciousness of street fashion products.

Koowheel smart balance scooter‘s success lies in its innovation. Koowheel best self balancing scooter to the “scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, look to the global marketing philosophy, adhering to the” living science and technology services “business philosophy, to the market demand as the criterion, from the consumer demand of, advocating” green environmental protection, low carbon travel, riding fitness, Yue enjoy life “fashion sporty riding on philosophy. As China’s first independent innovation production intelligent travel equipment, Koowheel electric skateboard also called smart drifting scooter easily break the market cognitive limitations, a widely respected consumers of a product in a short time. Koowheel skateboard scooter is popular, also let the experiential marketing strategy of Koowheel electric scooters are fully implemented.

Koowheel smart self balancing scooter not only on the product concept innovation, but also pay attention to innovative marketing mode. Koowheel Smart Scooter experience marketing detonated new thinking today.  Koowheel electric balance scooter experience marketing is to allow consumers don’t pay, you can experience the feeling products use method and characteristics. Compared with the conventional marketing mode, the experience type marketing can more quickly to win consumer trust, which can not be said is the domestic enterprises in the way of marketing initiative. Intelligent Koowheel scooters in its experience to support the operation of the marketing quickly push all over China, become open up the market and win the consumer attention to the high technology products. Koowheel Intelligent Scooter innovative consciousness and innovative ways to bring a lot of entrepreneurs entrepreneurial inspiration. As an innovative and highly concerned about the brand, Koowheel Intelligent Scooter has opened the market completely, become the trend of today’s most popular travel tools. Koowheel electric Scooter is the core idea and market influence, it is worth every sportsman’s trust.

Ten big taboo to ride an electric scooter

Since the electric self balancing scooter as the current fashion green environmental protection means of transport, compared with other traditional means of transport, its light, small, fashion, to meet the needs of the daily white-collar workers.

Recently, most of the young people to buy this stylish transport, now let me share the following ten points neet to be attention when you riding the electric balance scooter :

1. Drunk driving was prohibited. (although the electric self balancing scooter speed is 18~25KM per hour, but after all, on the road, when you have been drunk, the unexpected things will happen)
2. You’d better not ride on the road which has too much sand. (if you are a junior player)
3. The novice must take padding. (the novice to start learning to drive, you’d better to wear stockings, otherwise easily lead to skin friction because of foot injury. )
4. The new hand should not be uphill.
5. The novice should not travel too fast.
6. Stop fooling around when you riding the self balancing hoverboard .
7. You should not use a self balancing electric scooter on a rainy day.
8. You were suggested that riding on the bicycle road or sidewalk.
9. 60 years old under 12 years of age people,please don’t play it.
10. As a beginners, you’d better find a companion to learn.
Study of smart balance scooter should not underestimate the low speed, the consequences are unimaginable.

This information comes from www.koowheel.com